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Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. You can learn just about anything from YouTube…if you’re willing to dig through millions of videos.
Rather than put you at the mercy of long-winded professors, Course Hero trims videos and articles down to their most important teachings.
Course Hero’s CEO and co-founder Andrew Grauer tells me he wanted to find out “what would the Internet’s version of university look like?” He commends Stanford and MIT for putting offline learning online, and  thinks Codecademy (which also crowdsources some of its programming tutorials) and Khan Academy are great at what they do. Over the last six months, a slew of online learning startups have turned education into a consumer product. Course Hero is a digital learning platform that provides a suite of online educational resources, including crowd-sourced study documents, expert tutors, customizable flashcards and online courses. Course Hero, an educational technology platform for course-specific study resources and tutoring Installing the app is free, as is browsing, previewing, and saving resources, and viewing all flashcards. Course Hero has unveiled a new Android app featuring crowdsourced study resources for students users to sync documents across devices and access them offline.

Luckily, Course Hero has done the work for you, offering coherent classes by hosting collections of the best educational YouTube videos and other content.
By drawing from YouTube and other openly available education, Course Hero plans to set up courses for anything it, or you, can think of. Pick one of Course Hero’s learning paths, and start with the Core Classes, like Web Programming’s Intros to CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, or Business’ Intros to Microeconomics, Personal Finance, and Marketing. Along the way you’ll answer quiz questions, take tests to complete chapters, and face a final exam to finish a course and earn proficiency badges. Courses and flashcards are free, but the community-based tutoring Q&A and access to user generated study guides are premium. Grauer asks “Why do I need to pay $40,000 a year when I can get the information somewhere else?
The newly launched courses section of the eduTech startup’s site now has classes in entrepreneurship, business plan development, and programming in a variety of languages.
Each course breaks down into roughly 6 chapters of 6 concept YouTube videos, videos, articles, and more.

In general, though, Grauer thinks it’s too painful to find an efficient path through all this content so you can actually get a deep education in something. You can pay a steep $40 for a month, $95 for a year, or earn access by uploading 40 documents a month.
There’s the credential, but is that really worth going into debt for?” He sees Course Hero and The Minerva Project as part of the next step of online education —  namely schools that don’t have crappy brands like University Of Phoenix and Cappella.
Unlike Udemy‘s one-teacher-per-class approach, Course Hero courses are compiled from content by many teachers. With many people questioning whether expensive traditional higher education is worth it, a free alternative for learning crucial career skills has big potential. It’s still a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for university, but I think Course Hero should reduce its rates to help it gain traction.

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