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City University London provides short courses and professional development programmes for individual learners as well as employers seeking staff development opportunities.
Study commercially relevant and up-to-date short courses in Computer Science and Design Software. Develop a solid understanding of the legal systems and the complex issues surrounding the law. Courses for translators and language professionals who want to develop further skills and improve their career prospects. Develop your writing skills, whether novels, short stories, children’s books, articles or blogs.
A land-use image of Rondonia, in the Amazon Rainforest, showing the clearing of forests over time.
MIT OpenCourseWare is a free & open publication of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum. MIT OpenCourseWare makes the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT's subjects available on the Web, free of charge. Your use of the MIT OpenCourseWare site and materials is subject to our Creative Commons License and other terms of use. The Postgraduate Certificate in Jewish Studies is designed for those who seek a postgraduate qualification in Jewish studies that could be extended to a Master’s award, those seeking CPD opportunities and those wishing to extend their knowledge out of personal interest in the subject. The Certificate is delivered through a range of courses in Jewish history, religion and culture. The Jew in Nineteenth-Century English Literature (Dr Rachel Schulkins) - This module will address and re-evaluate the interpretations of Jewish life and Jewish identity as they were set into fiction by both non-Jewish and Jewish writers.
The course will provide a basis for both specialist RE teaching and further academic progression towards an academic career. Training and development case studies: ideas from real, recent and effective training courses. We're usually busy delivering to our clients, but, in the gaps, we thought it would be valuable to share our experiences with you. Please click on the picture or title next to each article to read more, or use the search box below.
Even if you're not in sales, the business-to-business presentations you give are about selling - your product, your ideas, yourself. We thought it was vital to properly launch our Leadership Academy, so we set the group a series of tough, stretching challenges.
We were delighted to be asked to re-design and deliver an annual "train the trainer" programme for graduates who'd joined one of the world's biggest companies. Being asked to create and implement a programme to develop one of the best teams within an organisation was an honour. For the best part of seven years, we've been designing, delivering, reviewing, redesigning and re-delivering a company's Leader Development Progamme. Setting up a brand new distribution centre, with a brand new team, in a brand new location was going to be a challenge, and these clients were smart enough to realise that. As our business is run by a trained accountant and ex-finance manager (amongst other rather diverse skills!), we feel able to cheekily use stereotypes of finance people. One of our clients, making a very smart decision, decided to link a significant investment in a new trade show stand to investment in developing the people who could make a success of it.
Having made the decision to use the Lominger Competencies model as the framework for performance assessment, and bonus payments, our client wanted to ensure that all managers knew how to deliver the assessments properly, and that all staff knew the basis on which they were going to be reviewed. The effective way to prioritise projects - and photographic proof that it can be fun as well. Of the three primary objectives of this programme, project prioritisation for an incredibly busy, in-demand team, was the major one. Home working, outsourcing, and the sheer size of some organisations means that face-to-face communication is often replaced by less personal means of communication.
Approved accompanying technical material from the 2016 South East Asia Flow Measurement Conference, these are available to view until 31 May 2016. We appreciate that time and company approval are issues for many of you, so there are two options in which you can deliver material for the Workshop.
Due to the high number of submissions expected, some contributors may be invited to present their work in a different format from that initially submitted. Abstracts are now invited from operators, regulators, engineering contractors, service companies and research organisations. Your abstract should be 200-600 maximum words in length with optional supporting material of tables and figures. Email your abstract submission(s) using the Submit Abstract button on the event listing webpage (click here). To address significant concerns about flow measurement using densitometers, NEL set up a Joint Industry Project (JIP), in collaboration with the Oil & Gas Regulator. However, the discovery of errors in measurements using densitometers, along with limitations in various calibration procedures, led to a loss of confidence in this technology throughout the UK oil industry. Key concerns were based on the fact that the standard for the measurement of density was based upon ambient conditions (20degC and 1bar). Restored confidence in the measurement of the density of oil produced in the North Sea by providing traceability to National Standards. Accurate determination of the density of standard reference fluids across extended temperature and pressure ranges.
Detailed investigation of performance characteristics of liquid densitometers, using reference standard fluids. Development of procedures for the traceable calibration of liquid densitometers at high temperatures and pressures. Prior to the JIP, densitometers were calibrated at ambient temperature and pressure and then used over a wide range of conditions. The manufacturer of the most commonly used liquid densitometer invested in two completely new calibration facilities to address the new procedure and launched a new, improved-performance design as a result of their involvement in the JIP.
The JIP concluded that the errors caused by the old approach could have resulted in a financial exposure of approx.
One of the few primary density standards facilities in the world capable of the process conditions required. Using fundamental thermodynamic principles of flow through a restriction, NEL has developed a method for estimating Reynolds number in real-time.
It is widely known that many flow measurement technologies are heavily dependent on Reynolds numbers, which are used to help predict similar flow patterns in different fluid flow situations.
A significant improvement in measurement performance can be achieved using this technique as it allows the correct discharge coefficients to be applied.
The method can be applied to any high viscosity fluids such as crude oil, olive oil, honey, glycerine, tar, ketchup and molten chocolate. For higher Reynolds numbers the pressure profile remains steady across a wide range of Reynolds numbers.
Pressure Loss Ratios (PLRs) can track the changes in Reynolds number and highlight changes in flow dynamics.
Calculating PLRs allows for Reynolds numbers to be tracked in real-time and gives three calculations of each Reynolds number. ISO 5167 is the international standard covering the measurement and computation of the flow rate of fluids by means of pressure differential devices (orifice plates, nozzles and Venturi tubes).

In the UK, most natural gas is measured at least once using an orifice plate or other type of differential pressure meter. The International Standard ISO 5167-1 specifies the design of a number of different differential pressure flow meters that are used to measure flows within specified uncertainties without the requirement for calibration. Thanks to research at NEL, the ISO 5167 standard delivers the required levels of precision and accuracy for both industry and the regulators. New NEL research has just been published that will underpin and facilitate any future revision of the standard.
In the last few years, both equations have been assessed at NEL and shown to deliver what they promise. A systematic record and an analysis of the experimental data on which ISO 5167 is based have been undertaken by NEL’s Michael Reader-Harris. Reader-Harris’ work has been published at Orifice Plates and Venturi Tubes (Springer, 2015).
Orifice Plates and Venturi Tubes enables the reader to estimate the effects of deviation from ISO 5167. The book will be particularly useful for members of standards working groups and committees tasked with revising ISO 5167. It shows where the data can be found to justify each clause and how the data has been analysed. This has led to a requirement to establish suitable technologies which can be deployed subsea to allow the continual monitoring of water quality during production and eliminating the need for costly sampling using ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). The availability of a subsea water quality measurement device will eliminate the need for taking subsea produced water samples using ROVs, which can cost $250,000 per day.
More importantly, if such a device is commercially available, it would allow for the wide uptakes of subsea separation and produced water re-injection or discharge systems, which will have huge impact on subsea oil and gas production from economical, operational and environmental perspectives. Contact us for more information or to find out how NEL can help with your measurement challenges! If you are interested in attending any of the training courses listed below, or if you would like to discuss your training requirements, please contact us. Provides integrated engineering services in process design, control and instrumentation design. Firstly, detailed modelling of the gas supply system alongside analysis of the site demand pattern needed to demonstrate that the restriction orifice was not going to constrain site operation.
Contact us for more information or to find out how NEL can help with your flow measurement challenges! In the oil and gas sector, metering a field indirectly can be attractive with regard to investment cost, but can result in increased uncertainty in the measurement of hydrocarbon flow, causing increased financial exposure for the operator. NEL developed an uncertainty model to assist an operator in making the optimal economic decision with regard to metering strategy. Using the model, annual savings of $1.0m per year for typical gas fields can be made by obtaining accurate knowledge of the financial exposure caused by metering uncertainty.
With the deregulation of oil and gas operations in many parts of the world, companies which share processing facilities and pipelines have to enter into allocation agreements, where the quantity of produced fluids for sale is determined by an allocation calculation. NEL built a calculation model of the allocation system, including uncertainty budgets, for each partner’s allocation meter and the fiscal meter.
Reduced density uncertainty resulted in 3 per cent more gas being allocated to the operator, representing a $27 million gain per annum of previously lost revenue.
A regular, maintained calibration and verification regime for the newly installed chromatograph meter minimised both meter drift and uncertainty levels, delivering vastly improved financial planning capability and consistent revenue levels.
NEL recommended an upgrade to a Coriolis metering system to meet their specific flow measurement needs. The new Coriolis-based system requires up to 50 per cent less maintenance than the turbine-metering system. Reduced meter uncertainty, to 0.1 per cent on the new Regulator-approved Coriolis solution, represents a reduced financial exposure of $500,000 per year.
NEL offers a full range of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) consultancy services to the oil and gas industry as well as other sectors.
NEL use ANSYS Mechanical and SOLIDWORKS Premium to ensure the highest quality modelling results are achieved. NEL are also involved in developing models which can be used to analyse eroded pipe work, valves and other components (erosion calculated using our CFD Software) to determine whether the pipe's integrity would be affected. The aim of this work package is to acquire the experimental evidence that will lead to the establishment of comparability between flow measurements made in different multiphase test labs.
The aim of this work package is to improve the theoretical and experimental mapping of multiphase flow patterns. The parametric modelling method most appropriate to the prevailing flow pattern, can be adopted (in WP3) when measurement sensitivity to other parameters are analysed for a given flow pattern. The aim of this work package is to improve the description of the quantitative influence of relevant flow condition parameters and to contribute to an essential reduction of measurement uncertainty in multiphase flow measurement. The aim of this work package is to evaluate and improve experimental methods of flow visualisation that can be used as tools for investigation and verification of flow patterns. Typical multiphase flow measurement systems can have an uncertainty on component flow rate of 20 % or greater under field conditions [1].
In stark contrast to single phase flow measurement metrology, where there is a well-established metrology reference network with mutually supporting programmes of intercomparison, harmonisation of test methods and uncertainty quantification, no such network, norms or standards exist for multiphase flow metrology.
This JRP will advance state-of-the-art in multiphase referencing by undertaking the world’s first comprehensive intercomparison study on multiphase flow measurement, the basis of a sustainable reference network. Canalta Flow Measurement Ltd will be exhibiting their recent innovations in Orifice Metering.
The Workshop is the ideal platform to showcase these innovations to delegates who fully understand the environment of metering, the applications surrounding their selection criteria and can appreciate the benefits we now have to offer to them.
Hobré is an international leading company in the field of design, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of on-line process analysers, sample system solutions and complete turnkey analyser systems for the oil, gas and process industry. On our stand we are featuring the HIFISC gas and LPG sample conditioning system which is a big step forward in performance, safety and environmental impact. The HIFISC greatly improves the response time of an analyser system, protects the analyser against liquid carry-over and particles, reduces gas flaring and venting by 90% and results in considerable cost savings by higher availability, lower maintenance and safety. The HIFISC provides reliable sampling and conditioning of gases and LPG to protect any analyser system and gives fast responses. The company was established in 1978 and its main focus is serving the oil and gas industry and petro-chemical sector worldwide with a variety of innovative solutions and has built up a proven track record in the industry.
KPS will launch its new state-of-the-art sustainable sampler, KPS Auto Samplers for Liquid and Gas. By continuing browsing this website without changing your cookie settings, we assume you agree to this. It critically examines concept of sustainability as a process of social, organizational, and political development drawing on cases from the U.S. With more than 2,200 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge.
Those in the latter two categories may choose to take a sample of courses rather than register for the complete award. Suzanne Knol) - The module will discuss the historical development of the concept of conversion into Judaism, the various reasons for converting either in and out of Judaism and the halakhic (Jewish law) consequences of either conversion.
Philip Alexander) - This course covers Judaism from the return of the Jews from the Babylonian exile in 538 BCE to the time of Judah the Prince, editor of the Mishnah, in the early 3rd century CE.

It will also provide expertise for a range of activities (paid and unpaid) relevant to inter-faith relations.
By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the Liverpool Hope Privacy and Cookies Statement. These are simple, real examples of training and development courses we've run, covering a wide range of areas and with a wide range of clients. The most important challenge would be to look coldly at their performance and be critical of themselves and each other. We also feel able to undermine those stereotypes through great communication skills training. One smart team decided this wasn't a smart approach, and so asked us to develop and deliver a programme to help them. The necessary corrections for measurement at elevated pressure and temperature were unknown. The JIP generated a revised calibration procedure that accounted for actual operating conditions. Supported by NMS, the method has been tested and analysed and has been shown to deliver more accurate flow measurement results than previous methodologies. Without an accurate knowledge of Reynolds numbers in real time, incorrect calibration factors can be used and inaccuracies can occur in the measurement of fluid flows. Such high viscosity fluids offer significant challenges to flow measurement because of their complex fluid dynamics and issues relating to increased pressure loss. However, at low Reynolds numbers the profile changes as the flow takes account of the larger frictional forces. The PLRs all clearly show the transition points between laminar to transitional to turbulent flow. Over the last few decades, NEL has been at the forefront of the development, testing and validation of this standard and of the science and technology that relates to it. Users of this technology range from the water industry through process and petrochemical to the oil and gas industry – and all industries in between. In addition, they are robust, can meter a wide range of different fluids and are simple to operate. The analysis is based on an understanding of the physics of flow that the author has gained from experiments and computational fluid dynamics research undertaken during his career at NEL.
By more accurately reflecting the increasing temperatures and pressures at which flow meters must operate, the uncertainty of meters deployed in the field will be minimised.
The EU emissions directive for large combustion plants greater than 50MW demands that emissions levels are controlled below a certain value.
NEL helped to design and validate the restriction to ensure the maximum calorific value to the burners was limited, and below the 50 MW threshold. Secondly, since the restrictor relies on the burner (gas supply) low pressure switch to limit output, the optimum downstream pressure for the orifice design needed to be established by system modelling. This is particularly important for high pressure gas applications where structural integrity is critical. As well as establishing data to confirm comparability, it is inevitable there will also be anomalies highlighted by the data.
This should also improve the understanding regarding flow pattern formation in multiphase flow. Specifically, to realise real-time cross and through-sectional imaging for mixtures and flow velocities appropriate to multiphase oil and gas production.
These figures are cause for concern by themselves but the implication in financial exposure is staggering in the context of the global production values above. This is a huge metrology issue affecting a vast global industry that appears over-reliant on technology developers to solve what is, in effect, a fundamental issue of metrology standardisation. State-of-the-art in multiphase reference metrology is characterised by numerous stand-alone test facilities with little or no common referencing or standardisation between them. This combined offering now gives additional benefits in Safety, Capex, Opex, Environmental and performance to the operator and industry.
Canalta has been established for 30 years as the OEM for DP metering products within Canada and the Americas. It is an advanced combination of components and provides safety by full DBB process isolation, superior response time, accuracy, low emissions, close to zero maintenance and high availability and reliability.
Using a proprietary sealant system the KPS auto samplers allow for an unmatched accuracy and reliability in the long term. The Hejre platform will represent the largest oil and gas project in the Danish sector of the North Sea for years. Oil flow is largely measured by volume and conversions involving density are necessary for financial reporting, fair trade and taxation. This will have particularly relevance for the high-viscosity fluids associated with many of the world’s remaining oil fields.
Real-time knowledge of Reynolds numbers is therefore especially important when measuring this type of flow.
Anomalies identified in the experimental intercomparison will require rigorous investigation and rationalisation.
The main tools used for this will be computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for the flow simulation and the spectral method, and the polynomial chaos approach, for the uncertainty quantification. Based on stakeholder feedback the JRP will focus on electrical tomography as the technology most likely to yield applicable results. This JRP will advance state-of-the art in multiphase referencing by undertaking the world’s first comprehensive intercomparison study on multiphase flow measurement, the basis of a sustainable reference network. The project aims to have the highest standards when it comes to safety, reliability and accuracy. It also explores pathways to sustainability through debates on ecological modernization; sustainable technology development, international and intergenerational fairness, and democratic governance. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA For more information about using these materials and the Creative Commons license, see our Terms of Use. Each sub-period will be examined in turn from three angles – its political, its institutional, and its literary history (including in each session the study of appropriate texts), with particular emphasis on those elements which became a permanent part of Judaism as we know it today.
Part of this is due to the intrinsic complexity of the fluids and the relative infancy of the technology but another contributing factor is the lack of a proven reference network for independent evaluation of multiphase meters.
The biggest challenge was to come up with a solution that coped with the limited space and power supply on the platform and not compromise on performance. We spent a whole day being very, very honest with each other, so that we can work better, together.
The former enables measurements to be made across the range of oil-continuous and water-continuous phase mixtures, the latter is more specialised for use with oil-continuous mixtures. More than a dozen industrial‑scale multiphase flow laboratories exist around the world, more than half of them in Europe, but only one of these is an independent EURAMET DI.

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