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These unique courses bring together students and adults for shared adventure and learning that breaks down age, racial, and cultural barriers. I can reflect on my experiences and think critically about how it applies to my everyday life. We provided participants with a short, vivid taste of Outward Bound in an urban context and gave them a first-hand sense of how Outward Bound can transform lives. We provided adult participants with the opportunity to make a positive connection with the urban youth on the course and vice-versa.
Online powerhouse Mashable delves deep and wide into our College March, which has become a growing, nationwide ritual that celebrates the perseverance of seniors as they navigate their college readiness and application process.

Education Week's Learning Deeply series devoted an entire week of blogs to the topic of college success, and to the College March. Considered the gold standard of golf in the five boroughs, La Tourette’s open fairways appear as warm and inviting as a slice of New York pizza.
ABC NewsMeet Bassem Youssef, the Jon Stewart of EgyptABC News“The whole show was hilarious. As a New York Golfers Club member you'll receive perks like two hour early twilight access when riding and one hour early twilight access when walking. After filming the morning segments, he continued to follow the day's events and compiled them into a full segment, which ran throughout the day.

However, the real challenge of this John Van Kleek-design lays in the greens, which are as small and exclusive as the trendiest Manhattan nightclub.
People were laughing their asses off,” Youssef told “Power Players” during an interview in Queens, New York.
In addition, play for $22 seven days a week at all participating courses when you ride during Super Twilight.

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