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Introduction to Near Eastern Art and Archaeology – Free Online Video – Free iTunes Video – Dana D. Economic History of the Soviet Union – Free Online Video – Guinevere Liberty Nell, Marginal Revolution U.
The University of Maryland is pleased to offer free online courses in collaboration with Coursera, an online education platform. To acquire an understanding of the fundamental concepts of genomics and biotechnology, and their implications for human biology, evolution, medicine, social policy and individual life path choices in the 21st century. Much of our daily life is spent taking part in various types of what we might call “political” procedures.
The purpose of this course is to help individuals and organizations survive when confronted with disruptive technologies that threaten their current way of life. By highlighting the reasons for the decline of firms and industries, participants can begin to understand how to keep the same thing from happening to them.
This course introduces you to the design and implementation of Android applications for mobile devices.
Integrate the tools and concepts from the specialization courses to develop a comprehensive business plan. With this course, students experience a sampling of the ideas and techniques explored in the University of Maryland's master's degree in technology entrepreneurship, an innovative 100% online program.
In the capstone project, you will combine the skills you’ve learned in the prior four courses of the specialization to polish your elevator speeches, complete your resumes - including multiple versions for different targets - complete your story file, identify possible jobs or careers, perform the research you have learned to do, write suitable cover letters, and ideally land a job! As the specialization has focused throughout on the real-world skills you need to research yourself, the market, and a company and has given you strategies and tools to prepare for and succeed in an interview, the capstone project should align with what you have been trained for and position you to land the job you want! This course will cover the steps used in weighting sample surveys, including methods for adjusting for nonresponse and using data external to the survey for calibration.
In this course you will learn how to use survey weights to estimate descriptive statistics, like means and totals, and more complicated quantities like model parameters for linear and logistic regressions.
The Capstone Project offers qualified learners to the opportunity to apply their knowledge by analyzing and comparing multiple data sources on the same topic. At the completion of this capstone, students will have demonstrated hands-on data analysis capability, evaluated the quality of different data sources using the Total Survey Error approach, involving at least some of the following: comparing weighted non-probability samples to data collected from probability samples, using sampling techniques to correct for coverage errors, and tracking and analyzing social media postings relevant to the project’s topic. This Capstone MOOC gives students who have passed all previous courses with Verified Certificates in the Mobile Cloud Computing with Android Specialization.
Create production-quality apps that communicate efficiently and securely across multi-core Android and cloud platforms. This course, the first in the "Interviewing and Resume Writing in English" specialization, guides you to discover the interests, talents and competencies that you can use to find and do work that leverages your strengths, passions and who you are as a person, so you can start doing work that matters to you and to the world. This course will introduce you to the foundations of modern cryptography, with an eye toward practical applications. The Cybersecurity Specialization covers the fundamental concepts underlying the construction of secure systems, from the hardware to the software to the human-computer interface, with the use of cryptography to secure interactions. People interviewing for jobs today often fail because they are using yesterday's strategies. Identify the objectives of the hiring organization is using behavioral interviewing techniques.
Use your responses to behavioral and competency-based questions to communicate your personal values.
Identify the objectives of the hiring organization in asking situational and wild-card interview questions. Develop an optimal strategy for responding to the weaknesses question, based on recognizing why a hiring organization asks these questions. Demonstrate your personal strengths and maturity through your responses to the weaknesses question. Ask questions to determine how well an organization fits with your personality, career goals and salary objectives.
Produce a strong resume in a format (including the CV format) that is suitable both to your background and the position you’re interested in. Use your accomplishments inventory to strategically assemble the most relevant evidence of competency for a specific position.
Compose a career development plan that considers future and immediate job prospects together with strategies for further English language development. This course assists aspiring and active entrepreneurs in developing great ideas into great companies. Using proven content, methods, and models for new venture opportunity assessment and analysis, you will learn how to identify and analyze entrepreneurial opportunities. Develop insights on navigating the innovation process from idea generation to commercialization. We establish a framework for examining the innovation process, and quickly transition into exploring how to successfully bring innovations to market. What innovation strategies are valuable for new ventures to establish and maintain a competitive advantage? This course is for aspiring or active entrepreneurs who wants to understand how to secure funding for their company.This course will demystify key financing concepts to give entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs a guide to secure funding. This course will provide you with an overview over existing data products and a good understanding of the data collection landscape. And this is not a case of “fake it until you make it.” You have to be genuine about your belief in an organization and its mission. This course can be thought of as "Interviewing I", while course #3 is "Interviewing II." Course #3 covers more advanced interview formats, including behavioral and situational interviews - along with the special case of telephone screenings. Prepare for those critical first 3-5 minutes of an interview (when many recruiters say an interview is either won or lost). Use persuasive speech techniques to present professional accomplishments and qualifications in a manner that conveys benefits to a potential employer.
Use persuasive speech techniques to convince a potential employer of your interest, motivation and preparation for a particular position. Adapt your nonverbal communication style to the expectations of English-speaking interviewers.
The capstone course, offered 1-2 times per year (starting in May 2015), puts it all together. After the sixth week, the winners are declared, with separate categories for the best "builders" and the best "breakers". Participating in the course gives learners the chance to be part of research on understanding how to better build secure software. Quantum physics is the foundation for much of modern technology, provides the framework for understanding light and matter from the subatomic to macroscopic domains, and makes possible the most precise measurements ever made. The basic principles of quantum physics are actually quite simple, but they lead to astonishing outcomes. Richard Feynman once said, “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.” We say, that’s no reason not to try! Laura is a writer and recent Cambridge graduate with particular experience in the area of education technology. The recent surge in free online courses, led by top universities such as MIT, has opened up a whole new level of distance learning to students all around the globe.
A fabulous video instructional series of eight one hour programs on archaeology, suitable for high school and college students.

A fabulous free opportunity for beginners to grasp the basics of the Spanish language, this course offers 52 half-hour videos divided into different topics and vocabulary categories.
Part of MIT’s incredible K12 video library, this clear, engaging course aimed at elementary age children takes students through the three different types of rocks, their properties, and how one morphs into another during the stages of the rock cycle.
Another brilliant offering from MIT, this video course is perfect for introducing students to the geology of the different layers of the Earth, and the formation of earthquakes and volcanoes, using the delicious analogy of a layered sponge cake!
These 24 free, interactive videos from the BBC will take students from complete novices to French speakers faster than you can say un, deux, trois! A brilliant, funny, engaging and irreverent crash course taking students through more than 15,000 years of world history! Ideal for teaching about the founding fathers and the history of America, this great video series introduces students to colourful characters and takes them through American history step by step. Fractus Learning participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon. It takes a little know-how to get the best out of your camera and free online photography courses with certificate have a number of advantages over going to study in a classroom or college. Digital or DSLR photography courses for beginners will start you out with a solid foundation, help you find your way around your digital camera and all its functions before moving on to more advanced topics for taking creative photos in all different conditions. Although photographic terms such as exposure, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, ISO and f-stop may seem a little daunting to you at first, with a free DSLR photography course you will soon have the basics mastered.
Whether you plan to take up photography as a career in the future, or whether you just want to take better pictures as a hobby, it really is worth investing a little time to learn about all the things that your camera can do.
Give yourself a break and take it slow, patience; try to get a hundred hours of shooting under your belt.
The idea of offering free online courses was difficult several years ago mainly due to a lucrative business platform that has come to be known as college education. Coursera – With more than three million people using Coursera free online courses, there is no doubt it is massive. Academic Earth – This was my first ever site that I stumbled upon when I was looking for alternative resources to learn computer science. Alison – I enrolled in a diploma programme a few months ago from Alison and I was impressed. Harvard Extension School – Maybe, just maybe for some reason you have always wished that you could attend Harvard University.
Online Courses – This free online courses repository boasts over 500 courses from top universities across the globe.
In summary, the choice is most certainly your own; you can enroll in one of the above universities and earn the skills you need to get the job done or go to school where you will be paying it by getting into debt. Elisha Chirchir is a software developer at Essential Elements LLC and founder of Simple Developer Blog. Please DonateIf any of my blog posts helped you solve a problem, please consider donating to support the hosting of this site! Examples range from voting in a national election to deliberating with others in small committees. We will look at a general model of survival and use it to analyze companies and industries that have failed or are close to failing. Through the study of successful organizations, we will try to tease out approaches to disruptions that actually work. You will develop an app from scratch, assuming a basic knowledge of Java, and learn how to set up Android Studio, work with various Activities and create simple user interfaces to make your apps run smoothly.
You will build upon concepts from the prior course, including handling notifications, using multimedia and graphics and incorporating touch and gestures into your apps. Choose to enhance new venture concepts previously explored in specialization courses, or develop a new concept for this capstone project. We will consider important software vulnerabilities and attacks that exploit them -- such as buffer overflows, SQL injection, and session hijacking -- and we will consider defenses that prevent or mitigate these attacks, including advanced testing and program analysis techniques. We will look at basic principles of human-computer interaction, and apply these insights to the design of secure systems with the goal of developing security measures that respect human performance and their goals within a system.
Upon completing the course, students will understand the vulnerabilities in current digital system design flow and the physical attacks to these systems. Among the techniques discussed are adjustments using estimated response propensities, poststratification, raking, and general regression estimation. Students will develop a research question, access and analyze relevant data, and critically examine the quality of each data source.
It is an opportunity to integrate and demonstrate the knowledge they've acquired across the six earlier content area courses. This Specialization covers user-facing apps, middleware, and services running on and across Android devices and network-accessible cloud services. Whether you already have a career and are looking to move forward, whether you’re looking to change careers, whether you’re starting out in the world of work, whether you’re coming back into the world of work after some time away – this course will help you see your path more clearly and will teach you how to communicate your value to an employer in a way that he or she can immediately recognize.
These concepts are illustrated with examples drawn from modern practice, and augmented with hands-on exercises involving relevant tools and techniques.
Recruiting technology has become more sophisticated, and the best employers are constantly changing the way interviews are done. How can you present yourself to prospective employers using the language they already speak inside their company?
With strong economies presenting rich opportunities for new venture creation, and challenging economic times presenting the necessity for many to make their own job, the need to develop the skills to develop and act on innovative business opportunities is increasingly vital.
Entrepreneurial mindset, strategic decision making, and business modeling are core elements of the course. With the help of various examples you will learn how to identify which data sources likely matches your research question, how to turn your research question into measurable pieces, and how to think about an analysis plan. It’s to hire people who believe in their organization, its mission and the work that’s involved in the job position. That means you have to have researched the industry, the company, and the position – and be able to show how your goals in life align with the company’s mission.
The logic for including telephone screenings - which happen at the start of the interview process - late in this specialization on interviewing is that those screenings, while happening early in the process, involve all the skills that you'll learn from course #1 through course #3. We don't teach you salary negotiation techniques, but we do teach you how to avoid putting yourself in a weak negotiation position. Student teams design and build a secure system, and expose weaknesses in systems built by other teams. They may also submit resumes accessible to corporate sponsors, for potential internship and employment opportunities. More than just a theory, it offers a way of looking at the world that grows richer with experience and practice. What Feynman was referring to are some of the “spooky” phenomena like quantum entanglement, which are incomprehensible from the standpoint of classical physics. She has worked with a variety of different education companies and is active in the 'edtech' community on Twitter, so she prides herself on always being in touch with the latest developments and exciting new tools in e-learning. As well as entire degree and university courses that can be pursued online, it’s also possible to find fantastic shorter courses on specific topics that can be ideal for use in the classroom, or for students to follow in their own time, whether researching a specific project, or as part of a flipped classroom model. Taking a humanistic approach to archaeology and anthropology, the different videos, on topics such as ‘Artisan traders’ and ‘Signs and symbols’ make connections between past civilisations and modern societies, looking at how societies function and change. Watch the lot over a series of weeks or use the videos on one specific period to complement a topic you’re studying in class.

Taking a photography course online gives you a great deal of flexibility and allows you to study at your own pace and when you receive your photography certificate at the end of your studies you will be rewarded for your efforts. After the first few lessons you will be amazed how much you have learned and you will find that there are many photography tips and tricks for beginners that will help you take stunning images in no time at all.
Fortunately, with free online photography courses, you only have to invest your time, and not your money. The more images you capture while playing and testing the various programs and features of your camera the better. Once at a thousand hours or so, of practice you should see a night and day difference in your photo works quality. Although there are more than enough resources today, so many people cannot afford a college education, thanks to ever increasing tuition fees and ignorant politics. There is some light at the end of the tunnel – the birth and growth of Free Online Courses through big name universities across the globe. You probably can’t go wrong with names like Harvard, MIT and Stanford just to name a few. Many people wish the same thing until they realize how difficult it is to get there – both financially and academic performance. You might start to think that they are all over the place but you can’t argue with their resources. Many interesting philosophical and mathematical issues arise when we carefully examine our group decision-making processes. Examples of companies that have not survived include Kodak, a firm over 100 years old, Blockbuster and Borders. Our ultimate objective is to develop a strategy for survival in a world confronting one disruptive technology after another.
Develop a comprehensive, customer-validated business model and create an investor pitch for the concept. Importantly, we take a "build security in" mentality, considering techniques at each phase of the development cycle that can be used to strengthen the security of software systems. They will learn that security starts from hardware design and be familiar with the tools and skills to build secure and trusted hardware. The course will also cover the basics of record linkage and statistical matching—both of which are becoming more important as ways of combining data from different sources. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll apply the skills you learned by building a powerful mobile cloud computing application from the ground up.
Successful participants will develop a way of thinking that is security-oriented, better understanding how to think about adversaries and how to build systems that defend against them. This course gives you detailed strategies for handling tough competency-based, or behavioral, interviews so that you can communicate the knowledge, skills, and abilities that you have and that employers demand. Our goal is to demystify the startup process, and to help you build the skills to identify and act on innovative opportunities now, and in the future.
Understand capital structure for new ventures, term sheets and how to negotiate them, and the differences between early-stage versus later-stage financing. Furthermore this course will provide you with a general framework that allows you to not only understand each step required for a successful data collection and analysis, but also help you to identify errors associated with different data sources. Having done so will shape the impression you convey as a candidate, the way you answer traditional questions, and the way you demonstrate that you’re the right candidate for the job. Course #4 - on resume and cover letter writing - can be taken in any sequence, while course #5 is the capstone for the specialization as a whole.
Our course will provide some of that practice and teach you "tricks of the trade" (not found in textbooks) that will enable you to solve quantum-mechanical problems yourself and understand the subject at a deeper level. Another familiar phenomenon, magnetism, had been known since antiquity, but only with the advent of quantum physics was it understood how magnets worked, to a degree that made possible the discovery in the 1980’s of ultrastrong rare-earth magnets. Even though they have been thoroughly tested by experiment, and are even being exploited for applications such as cryptography and logic processing, they still seem so counterintuitive that they give rise to extraordinary ideas such as the many-world theory. No doubt about it, in photography practice makes, if not perfect, at least much better images. Perhaps the only thing remaining is for companies to finally hire their potential employees not by looking at a paper but skills they have earned. When Udacity launched and then Coursera soon after, I started thinking about what might happen – both good and perhaps the eventual death of Udacity (the small guy being crashed by the big guy). One thing to remember before joining might be the fact that they now charge a fee of $100-per end-of course exam for those who can afford it.
All required courses are then listed under that category like they would normally do in college. Note: Student Loans interest rates are doubling TODAY in the US because congress failed to stop them. During his 'free time', he offers training to those interested in learning how to code in php, java, python, javaScript etc. It is likely that each of us has done business with all of these firms, and today Kodak and Blockbuster are in bankruptcy and Borders has been liquidated. For both weighting and imputation, the capabilities of different statistical software packages will be covered, including R®, Stata®, and SAS®. You will learn how to convert a boring resume into a dynamic asset statement that conveys your talents in the language that an employer understands. Develop an understanding of how to develop winning investor pitches, who and when to pitch, how to avoid common mistakes that limit the effectiveness of the pitch, and how to ‘get to the close’.
You will learn some metrics to quantify each potential error, and thus you will have tools at hand to describe the quality of a data source. However, lasers, antimatter and magnets are areas of vibrant research, and they are all encountered in the new field of ultracold atomic physics that will provide much of the material of “Exploring Quantum Physics”.
Quantum physics combines a spectacular record of discovery and predictive success, with foundational perplexities so severe that even Albert Einstein came to believe that it was wrong. Now let us take a quick look at my favorite list of free online courses you could start with today.
Another great thing about it is that you can watch the courses using a device called Roku – which hooks to your television and streams media from the internet. Getting a certificate will cost you upwards of a hundred dollars and without that, it can be harder to show a documented proof of your attendance if that is important to you.
Either way, you can check out great free online courses provided through the Harvard Extension School and feel like you have been there. Disruptions are impacting industries like education; Coursera and others offering these massive open online courses are a challenge for Universities. Finally we will introduce different large scale data collection efforts done by private industry and government agencies, and review the learned concepts through these examples. In addition to firms that have failed, we will look at some that have survived and are doing well. This course is suitable for beginners as well as those that know about one particular data source, but not others, and are looking for a general framework to evaluate data products.

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