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When you think about a custom garage you'll need to first consider exactly how it will be used. Organization is number one in the serious garage, and with it any storage challenge can be met.
You’ll need to shop around for cabinetry that fits your needs and aesthetic tastes but one key aspect to look at carefully drawer-load capacity. A great way to keep all your stuff organized and off the floor is to hang strong shelves and use overhead racks for rarely used bulky items. If you are thinking about a car lift, then take a look at the awesome PhantomPark® by American Custom Lifts.
Better models will hold up to 7,000 pounds, with some units sitting on casters to allow them to be moved around the garage as needed. These are just a few of the design elements that could help you create a Dad's dream garage. But Ford has taken the art of selling merch to the next level by teaming with PremierGarage, a company specializing in design and customization of garages.
Hi, Unfortunately the Lightning had to go, it was becoming too costly to keep running and racing (mostly the racing part).
Remember that a guy never has to come down out of the clouds if he keeps filling the valleys with peaks.
I am in the process of planning a garage organization project and that online planner is a great resourse.

Garages have evolved over the years from simply a place to park the car and the snow thrower to a genuine work space, and in some cases may even become an extension of your living area. Garages are of course great for storing and working on your cars and bikes, and larger spaces offer options that may not be obvious at first glance.
This is particularly important when storing heavy tools like impact drivers and large hammers. Cabinets work great but if you prefer to keep things out and available, then look for wire wall racks.
You may have seen these at your mechanic’s shop or your dealership, and now it's available to anyone who wants to maximize their space and bragging rights. Keeping tools and parts organized and adding a little bit of luxury will make it a space you will love and want to spend time in.
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. From Ford-themed wall art to cabinets plastered with the image of a tire-smoking Shelby Cobra, they got it.
By partnering with Ford, PG is able to legally use all of Ford's historic logos, names, images, etc. I have never used anything beyond MS Paint before, but after watching some of the tutorial videos I was able to create this in about an hour and a half. A one-car family might take advantage of the extra space in a two-car garage by using some of it as a home office or a spot for the treadmill and weight bench.

If the garage is used as a shop to work on cars and other wrench-spinning tasks you'll need space to store tool boxes and hang shelves for larger tools and parts. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. It still needs some tweaking and I will add things as I think of them, but this is the basic design of my modest 25'x50' garage that I would like to have! When considering layout, it's usually best to use longer spaces for large tools such as a lathe and for work benches. I have seen a couple garage designs posted on here made with this program so if you already have one post it up! I've tried Sketchup a few times and can not get the hang of it and will never have the patience to learn.
And with the high-tech products available today you can build a mechanic’s true dream workspace.
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