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You can do quite a lot with a sufficiently large catalog of semi-popular footage, but original content is king, and today the Wall Street Journal is reporting that YouTube will sink $100 million into original programming. Whenever unsubscribed viewers arrive onto your channel page, you can set it that they will see your channel trailer first.
This is where you let the visitors know who you are, what the channel is all about and get them to connect with you.
I have recently made a video discussing the reasons why you should create a channel trailer and I even included my channel trailer so that you can see what one looks like. If you’re interesting in creating a brand and building authority into your YouTube channel, then adding a channel trailer is a good option for you.

Kjellberg’s audience is mostly teenagers that watch him play games and respond to what he is doing. Founded in 2006, Pulse 2.0 is a leading technology news website that covers startups, big tech, mobile tech, and gadgets. The idea, according to the usual anonymous sources, is that Google will reshape the home of Keyboard Cat into a television network of sorts -- with channels for different topics -- and a good number of them featuring "several hours of professionally produced original programming a week." That sounds like a drop in the bucket compared to the raft of footage that YouTube's amateurs put out, of course, and it wouldn't be the first time we've seen Google invest in original work, but we'd be lying if we said we wouldn't enjoy kicking back with even a smidgen of the pulse-pounding possibilities that some 4096-pixel-wide footage could offer. To do this you simply need to enable the channel trailer view and upload a channel trailer.
PewDiePie signed a deal with Maker Studios in December 2012, which is a producer of online content that takes a cut of the ad sales that sold to Disney for nearly $1 billion.

YouTube is reportedly attracting talent right now, say the WSJ's spooks, and intends to ease users into the idea of channel surfing starting later this year. The video will autoplay, so this is your opportunity to let new visitors know what your channel is all about.
It simply needs to introduce who you are, and tell the visitors about your channel as well as giving them the opportunity to connect with you.

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