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Shapes in JMP are defined by two different data tables that work together, a name file and an XY file.
The process of creating the shapes by hand is tedious at best, but the Custom Shape Creator add-in allows you to create the different shape boundaries with the click of a button.
The official blog about JMP software from SAS, which links rich statistics with graphics, in memory and on the desktop. The blog content appearing on this site does not necessarily represent the opinions of SAS. MapBox is a suite of open source tools for creating custom maps in Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. All you have to do is drag the image that you want to model into the Custom Map Creator window and use your mouse to define each boundary.

The Custom Map Creator has a few different visualization options to help you make your boundaries. If you have any awesome maps that you created and would like to share I’d love to see them in the comments. MapBox’s TileMill toolkit is a fully configured open source tile rendering engine designed to create maps using any data set, whether your private data or freely available public sources. Combining TileMill and these data sets together, MapBox provides the framework that we use to make some of the most beautiful custom maps in the world.
The line width and color can be changed, in addition to being able to fill the shapes in with a random color (as enabled in the picture below).
JMP can also work from user-created shapes, which can be imported from ERSI SHP files or created from scratch.

Could you create an algorithm that automatically determine the fastest path to take from one office to the next?
For example, if you were defining Hawaii, each island would be a part, and all of the islands would have the same shape ID.

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