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Whether you’re developing WordPress themes for yourself, for a client, or to sell commercially, having the ability to customize aspects of your theme via the WordPress control panel makes your theme infinitely flexible and many times more versatile and appealing.
By giving backend users access to options that otherwise would involve delving into the php template files to change layout, logo image, colors, and any number of other options. Before doing any coding, we need to decide what elements of the theme we want customizable. Starting with WordPress 2.8, a number of hooks have been added to facilitate the creation of custom admin menus.
Our first block of code calls the functions to store our new option values in the database as well as initiating the display of our HTML code for our options page and creating the “Theme Options” menu item in the WordPress backend. Here we will display an icon and title for the page and some confirmation code for the user to confirm that their settings were saved when the form is submitted.
Now, we create our form our theme options, retrieve the existing values for each option and specify the settings group name.
Next, we add a bit of code to load a remote file that can display up-to-date information for the theme user as well as links to support forums, help documents, or other supporting files. This is a handy way for theme developers to keep your theme customers updated with your latest information, include tracking code to see who is using your theme to combat theme piracy, display ads or special offers, issue warnings about theme bugs or any number of other possibilities. Now that we’ve got the admin side squared away, let’s integrate these custom settings into our theme.
Now, we’re going to locate the part of our template where the intro text will go and analyze whether or not to display it.
Now, we can find where we would like to display a link to our Facebook profile and display the data in a similar manner. These are very simple examples of how to execute custom options but anything about your theme can be modified in this manner so the possibilities are endless.

A maker of excellent WordPress themes, WooThemes‘ options panel provides access to a number of customizations, broken up into subsections using their own custom layout. Clear links to theme documentation cap a tabbed interface on the Theme Warrior options interface.
Another uncluttered, well-designed options page that uses some very nice jQuery options for theme color selection. Kreative Themes is one of the few premium theme developers that actually shows screenshots of the custom options panel to promote their themes. Many premium theme developers spend a lot of time creating custom styles layouts for their options page. You may choose to further extend your options panel by integrating Ajax and jQuery so that your options can be updated without having to refresh the page. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! Padova [Padua en.] It’s almost embarrassing to have to admit that we went to yet another Christmas market! A 360° panorama taken from a roof-deck in the ex-Junghans residential area of the island of Giudecca.
With the Befana out of the way, tradition has it that all the Holiday decorations should come down.
Compared to a few years ago, the mosquito situation in Venice seems to have improved tremendously. Buying a place in Venice may appear an impossible dream but is actually not as difficult as it first may seem. This can be anything from a list of selectable color schemes to an entirely new layout for your homepage.

We will use some of these to create our custom theme settings menu for the WordPress backend. First, we display a checkbox to specify whether or not to display the intro paragraph on our theme. We now have 3 settings at our disposal – a checkbox that tells us whether or not to display the intro text, the actual intro text, and our Facebook URL.
A well-designed options panel can be used as a selling point for your theme and can make a very well designed theme even more attractive and versatile. Their options panel is clean, well-designed and includes links to documentation, support forums and the changelog for the current theme. While this may make them stand out from the crowd when looking at a page of screenshots, I feel it detracts from the WordPress UX. While this is a small tweak, it makes the page appear much more slick and refined without potentially confusing your user. For our example, I’m going to keep it simple but the same method can be scaled to any degree of customization you’d like. Remember, the user of the theme may not be very saavy and you don’t want someone to be buzzing through the WordPress backend to suddenly stop and wonder why the interface is suddenly drastically different. Keeping your design consistent with the standard WordPress admin layout is, in my opinion, the best option.

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