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If you want to copy the text rather than move it, simply hold down the Ctrl key while you drag the text to its new (duplicate) location. If you want to copy and move text with menu commands instead, you use the Edit menu’s Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. This entry was posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 12:08 am and is filed under Internet, Webpages, Website. So long as you stick to this structure, WordPress will handle all of the option creation, update, saving, and redirection for you. This function replaces the nonce magic, action field, and page_options field required prior to Version 2.7. Then obviously close the form tag after your other options, and if you like, include another "Update Options" button, this is the WordPress default. Note the use of the _e() function to handle translation of the text, see Localizing WordPress for more info.

The register_setting and unregister_setting functions add and remove options from a whitelist of allowed options that the form is able to save.
The register_setting function should be called in an admin_init action, which runs before every admin page and in particular, options.php, which receives this form. Your plugin probably has a section with an add_action that adds a new menu item to the administration menus.
The name of myoption-group doesn't matter but it has to match the name used in the settings_fields function above.
The Settings name, the second parameter in the register_setting() function, MUST match the name of the option being updated in the database! For example, say you have add_option( 'foo_bar', 'isfoo' ), you MUST use foo_bar as the second parameter for the register_setting() function.
To solve it, use the solution in this WordPress Answers post, or alternatively the one in this blog post.

Moving and copying text by dragging takes some getting used to at first—especially if you are sitting in an airplane and doing it on a laptop computer. To move text by using commands, select the text, click the Edit menu, and then click Copy (if you want to copy the text) or Cut (if you want to move the text).
They can also name a sanitize callback function as a security measure to check each option's value. Then position the cursor at the exact location where you want to move or copy the text, click the Edit menu and click Paste. Many Web-authoring programs include toolbars of clickable buttons that you can use to format your text as you enter it.

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