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Anyone who has experienced crisis knows that moment when catastrophe happens and everyone in the room looks at each other wondering how to respond.
There are many niche training programs that focus on behavioral health, talking to the media, protecting brand identity, and so on.
If you haven't found what you're looking for among associations in your profession, don't get discouraged.
Highly regulated industries often require crisis management certifications for new employees to complete, or as part of a continuing education standard. School-specific training: The Crisis Management Institute offers a full menu of crisis management training opportunities for schools.
Corporate training: For the business sector, DRI International has a strong offering of crisis management courses for business continuity and disaster recovery. Keep in mind that the best fit for your organization is someone who has some experience working with or in your industry. Once you filter your list of potential trainers this far, turn your attention to needs that are more specific to your organization. Industries like healthcare, aviation and education sectors all have stringent regulations to consider when selecting a crisis management trainer. If you are in the beginning stages of creating a full-scope crisis management plan, on-site training is likely going to be the most effective method for training all staff and identifying potential candidates for an effective crisis management team. While some small business owners may have need to do the training on their own, it is recommended is to hire a qualified trainer. Your investment of time and resources could pay a high return when you and your staff are prepared for whatever comes your way. Electronic learning technology can assist with resilience training requirements from individuals and small groups to multi agency bodies. Crisis and Risk Management UK Ltd use Adobe E-learning software in-house to produce e-learning modules for clients. Learning about basic emergency planning principles help individuals to understand why organisations and individuals in the UK need to plan for emergencies and how being prepared is an important part of their every day work and home life. A Simulation & 3D Virtual Reality training portfolio solution that supports Procedure, Scenario and Simulation training for strategic, tactical and operational management.

Every organisation and environment has unique characteristics and interests that determine the vulnerability for security risks. When there is a clear picture of realistic dilemmas, scenarios and associated risks, measures have to be agreed and implemented. The management of risks, crises and emergencies is an area in which many parties have a responsibility and where numerous laws, rules and regulations are applicable. Such situations present complex issues and many challenges to organisations, which is why security professionals understand the value of scenario development, rehearsals and exercises as the best means of developing an adequate security response.
With a 3D Virtual Reality training centre one is capable to build competences through experience and to focus on human behaviour.
The BSS 3D Virtual Reality solution supports the complete security management and crisis response cycle. When seconds count, having a leader with the training to identify a serious situation, assess the risks, and react with authority and direction becomes invaluable. While effective media management and protecting your brand identity are crucial components of a successful crisis management plan, for the purpose of safety, it's most beneficial to find a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of successful crisis management. Schools have different needs than businesses, an organization with international employees has different needs than a hospital, and so on. The National Center for Crisis Management provides extensive listings of on-site trainers, speakers, certification programs, and online course offerings.
Their array of programs supply training for domestic companies and multinational organizations alike.
View the websites of your specific regulating agencies for a list of suggested trainers and programs. If, however, you need to take a course to brush up on specific skills, become up-to-date on changes that impact your current crisis management plan, or gain certification in required courses, then online programs are convenient, and effective. Most have a background in the industries they specialize in, as well as specialized training in crisis management theory and effective models. Training can be given virtually in real time through web conferencing facilities or on-line training software as well as hosted on Learning Management Systems for anytime access. These can be easily updated or modified for different audiences and most importantly are cost effective.

These were initially designed to raise awareness of a potential pandemic and infection control principles. The Introduction to Resilience module was developed over several years of running training courses for various levels of staff in a wide range of organisations.
Completing crisis management training well in advance of an emergency situation is the key to getting prepared. For example, the Educators School Safety Network was started by educators and provides a wealth of training and resources for teachers and families.
Their members come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and are located in more than 30 countries.
Hiring someone to train your staff allows you to focus on what you do best, while protecting all you have worked so hard to create. We can also provide content to external software companies to provide more complex animated software to meet clients needs. The module content was developed with NHS Public Health professionals and software programmed by Sponge and later adopted by NHS London and the Department of Health.
The module provides a background to the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and the principles of integrated emergency management (IEM) and is an alternative to video based introductory modules. Better still, find one that has experience working with other organizations within your industry. The International Air Transport Association not only provides suggestions, but offers training through their website. The module has interactive features and ends with a quiz to test the participant's knowledge.

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