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KIWI PUMPS has adopted ISO 9001:2000 system and the main aim is to take care of the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. As a part of ISO-9001:2000 system, the company collects feedback from the customers at regular intervals. We also send the information, such as ACTION TAKEN, based on the feedback received from varioussources. The company receives CUSTOMER PROPERTY, such as LABLES, INSTRUCTION BOOKLETS which are to used before dispatching the products. It is very important to have good communication between the unit & the CUSTOMERS for the growth of the business.
Installation & maintenance booklet gives broad guidelines and helps in carrying out minor service requirements. In general the company offers warranty for the products for a period of one year, for any kind of manufacturing defects.
The company has adopted ISO-9001:2000 system and has informed all its customers about this fact. All the pumps purchased from KIWI PUMPS or through our nationwide distribution network has the backup of our customer service facilities.
To provide better service to our customers, we provide specialized training to the technicians, installation personnel on our products, care to be taken during installation, how to analyze faults & carry-out rectification by carrying our minor repairs at the site etc. KIWI PUMPS is committed to provide the highest levels of customer service and welcomes the feedback. Kiwi has been involved with V3 submersible pumps, water pump and submersible pump for over a decade and offers you world leading design.
We’re entering a new era of customer communication, and adequately preparing for the transition can position your company for great success. For decades, most businesses have worked to turn their customer communication strategy into gigantic funnels, one for inbound communications and one for outbound communications.
The advantages of this model are clear; by concentrating all your effort into one channel, you save time and money and produce a much more efficient system.
Along with this, consider the fact that each individual customer has different communication preferences. The sheer availability of technology has also created more problems for the funnel approach.
The best approach for the modern era is to capitalize on the number of channels that are available. Begin your strategy by offering as many mediums as possible, but do monitor their progress over time. Our managed SEO and social campaigns and high domain authority link building will increase your presence and organic search engine traffic. Check out our new Resource Library, with over 100 expert articles spanning all aspects of online marketing, divided into 16 chapters.

Learners listen to audio of the calls and exercises in the program will help them develop the skills to identify key information and introduce ways to handle the calls.
In this exercise, learners practice their speaking skills by using a built-in voice recorder. At the end of each unit learners can evaluate their performance in each topic area covered.
Great relationships = successful teams however the interpersonal skills necessary for great relationships are not a given. Ava Lucanus takes a proven, practical and refreshing approach to helping organisations create exceptional customer experiences that align with their brand promise and generate more business. Winning Techniques for a Winning TeamApril 14, 2016 By Ava Lucanus A huge congratulations is in order for Derek Olsen and his team at Olsen Environment. Focus on the Customer Experience and Profit Will FollowApril 16, 2016 By Ava Lucanus What area of your business is most important to you?
Prompt action is taken to remove any irritants so that grievances are reduced at the first place. In case of any manufacturing defect, the company does the necessary rectification, free of charges.
Most of the time, it is observed that the products fails due to 1) Low voltage and 2) Improper installation. Our aim is to offer you the support you need to keep your pumps working efficiently to ensure long, trouble free operation. You may send your suggestions & comments as to how we can improve our service or what additional services are required. Your customers will dictate the success of your enterprise—keep them happy and informed, and they’ll keep coming back to you for all their needs, telling their friends about the pleasant experience. No matter how perfectly constructed your business is, something is eventually going to go wrong—you’ll miss a shipment, you’ll send out a defective product, or your service won’t go as anticipated. At the mouth of the inbound funnel, the entirety of the customer base would be ushered into one channel for further service.
For example, a company would work to ensure that every customer was signed up to receive email blasts, and then rely on the power of those emails to reach the entirety (or majority) of its customer base. You can invest exclusively in your inbound customer hotline, making new hires and establishing new processes, and eventually, your team will become masters at handling inquires.
Because there is no redundancy, a failure in this line of communication is an instant and non-rectifiable failure across the board. Too much has changed, both from a communications technology and from a customer needs perspective, to allow this approach to continue. In a world once exclusively dominated by in-person visits, direct mail, and phone calls, a funneled approach could be feasible.
The majority of modern users have a smartphone in their pocket at all times, capable of using multiple forms of communication instantly and reliably.

It’ll take some extra work up front, and in some cases, more managerial expenses, but the flip side is that you’ll be able to please a larger percentage of your audience a larger percentage of the time. You’ll likely find that some of your channels perform better than others, and some are flat-out duds. She works closely with our writers, editors, and publishers to make sure client work is completed on time. Knowing how to make your business the obvious choice will convert those valuable enquiries into precious sales – and boost your profits. Stay ahead of the game by teaching your people how to diffuse difficult customers and convert them to raving fans. If your organisation is to succeed your people relationships must be monitored and maintained.
This crucial decider could make or break a customer’s attitude, affect a pivotal sales opportunity, your bottom line and your reputation.
Drawing upon four decades of knowledge and experience, Ava works with companies Australia wide and is recognized as an authority in her field. When those things inevitably do go wrong, communicating quickly, politely, and accurately is the only way to remedy the issue. For example, a company would have a single “customer service” phone number that would accept all requests, no matter their intentions. Because you can never be sure that you’ve made this channel available to the entirety of your customer base, you’ll have a few stragglers that never realize its benefits. However, once you add in emails, online directories, instant messages, video chats, and about a thousand different social media platforms, that once-narrow path becomes much wider.
Feel free to eliminate the duds in favor of routing those expenses to your more popular channels. Through her company Edge Communication she provides consulting, training and coaching programs for every level within business to fully optimise their relationships.
This number would be listed on product packaging, promotional materials, emails, catalogs, ads, and would be given out to anybody who inquired using a different channel. Ostensibly, these channels are so diverse in function, advantages, and disadvantages, that it would be inefficient to forward each one to a singular final destination. If they are forced to go through multiple steps, or are forwarded to different communications channels, they may become impatient and abandon the process altogether.
Having a multi-channel approach doesn’t mean you have to invest in all those channels equally—it just means you have to make those channels available. Each demographic and each individual will have unique preferences, so funneling them all to one communication channel will instantly alienate the majority of them.

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