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Treat people the way they want to be treated — not the way you want to be treated.  I call this the diamond bond of customer service!
Continuously improving your people skills prepares you to effectively handle any customer service interaction with dignity and success. What thoughts would you like to add to this list to celebrate improved customer service people skills? Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach, shines her energy, inspiration, and experienced insights about truly memorable customer service and teamwork on teams in the Fortune 500, governmental agencies, and non-profits.
And of course, #1 is great – it’s amazing how easily a customer can pick up a smile over the phone!

In leadership, teamwork, and customer service experience, Kate's people skills sessions move all from inspiration to action! As your customer service teams celebrate with contests, parties, and picture taking, celebrate people skills (aka soft skills) with a thought for each day! On the phone, in person, and even the words you use in text, chat, emails, and your website design should smile at the customer.  It helps ensure that the customer interaction goes well. True listening of your customer.Try to get an answer from each customer, a feedback about your service provided. In this way you will gain a friend which will come to you again, this will grow your business.

Adapt to each customer — personalize and localize including personality type, culture, geographic differences, and generational differences. Kindness to the customer ensures a continued bond while you work to overcome the challenges.

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