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Days of Our Lives newcomer Paige Searcy has made headlines since 2015, and even more when she came out just days ago as Joey's new love interest in the hit drama series. In 2009, Paige moved to Los Angeles and discovered the beauty of acting in a musical theatre program at Millikan Middle School and was inspired to pursue an acting career.
To save you from hours of cyber-stalking, we have gathered 10 very "important" bits about the budding TV actress.
Well obviously, it's just a fun selfie, but we can't help but admire this beauty's fun antics.
The actress is obviously a full-package - with mean acting skills, a great dancer, and with a hot bod - this rising TV actress is surely one to look out for this year. Y&R's Jason Thompson (Billy), had a reunion with his former on-screen daughter and co-star, Daytime Emmy nominee Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma).

Born in Katy, Texas on July 18, 1998, her ethnic background is a mix of Mexican, Irish and French.
The actress landed her first major role in 2015 as "Jade" on NBC's Days of Our Lives" and continues to work towards her dream role. As seen on the photo, she can do some mean stretches and crouches that only ballet dancers can perfectly achieve.
As seen on the photo, Paige supports the Juvenile Myositis fund raising awareness that helps people with the disease. While not filming for Days, she loves to play dress-up with her friends as an anime character.
She loves spending time with friends, lounging in the pool, taking selfies and just having a really good time.

We know you fans want to know more about this beauty - what she is like off screen, what she does in her spare time and more.
This was a sentimental moment, for sure, for any longtime fans of Thompson's Patrick, and his on-screen daughter, Emma.

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