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Andre has a nefarious plan to get back the money Sami stole, and it's centered around her sister, Belle. Chad and Abigail wake after their night together and everything seems to be headed in the right direction.
Nicole runs into Maggie, who surprises her by not objecting to Nicole reaching out to Brady as a friend. Eric prays for guidance at the monastery, confessing to Brother Timothy that he hates the attraction he feels for Nicole, given all she did to him. Clyde forces Jordan to face a memory she's long repressed - that her mother was pregnant the day Jordan crashed that car into a tree, killing not only her mother, but the unborn baby.
Melanie and Brady are full of anticipation over their "date to discuss having a date" - both leery of making that step towards commitment but excited, too.
John arrives at Marlena's office to find her passed out in her chair, her office ransacked. Steve moves back in with Kayla and Joey, and the first order of business is buying a Christmas tree. Kayla reveals to both Abigail and Ben that it was Chad who got Abigail reinstated at her hospital job. Kayla tries to talk sense into Sami, but she can only convince her stubborn niece to allow Abigail to resign. Later, she runs into EJ, who's worried she and Sami are going to harm DiMera Enterprises beyond repair.
It makes him worried about taking the trip to Rome with her, even though he knows she's the only one who can clear him with the Vatican and allow him to return to the priesthood. Clyde insists it was intentional, and a rocked Jordan, swimming in uncertainty, is unable to refute it. They labor to keep all this from Daniel, wanting to know how it will all work out for them first.

Belle arrives, and she and Brady talk privately about the money Sami deposited into her account. Kayla's nervous but excited to have Steve back, and Joey, over the moon, texts Ava to let her know the great news. Rafe confides in Roman that he doesn't believe Hope did it, but he doesn't understand why she won't give him an alibi or the truth so he can help her. Daniel realizes Kristen wants to use him to lure in Brady, and she happily confirms that will happen - tonight. Ben arrives and Jordan must act grateful for Clyde's generosity in funding her new charity project. Jennifer, talking to Maggie, realizes that her son needs help but it may be hard for him to open up to his mother, so she calls Daniel and asks if he'll help. Ava decides it's time to put Phase II into action, putting on the makeup she tried out previously, making herself look sickly and pale. However, in private, Will makes a secret (one-way) call to Sami, revealing he was let go from the screenplay job.
Brady's grateful for his honesty and is glad he's alive, but he needs time apart to process all this. Later, Hope is questioned by Rafe, and when she won't give him any answers, he has no choice but to arrest her.
Theresa overhears this part of the conversation and her ears perk up over Belle's extra money. Meanwhile, Sonny admits to Adrienne that even though he put a good face on it for Will, plans for the new club are not going well at all. Earlier, Victor tells Kate that Sonny's business is going to fail because he's being duped by Chad.
In the meantime, he suggests John go to Europe to handle an important business transaction for Basic Black.

She gets Brady alone and wonders if Belle would want to buy out Kate's share in Basic Black (and be the silent partner Kate never was). Kate isn't all that thrown, but Eduardo tells Kate he'd understand if she wanted to distance herself. Later, Chase and Ciara go to help decorate the town square Christmas tree, but when Theo arrives, Chase is clearly the third wheel.
She's reluctant to even speak to him, but EJ surprises her with his emotional honesty, regretting what they did while hoping Abigail can find a way past it all, and most importantly not to think any less of herself.
Earlier, Chad corners Kate and says it's obvious Clyde is playing a game with this "anonymous" donation, and he had Kate's help making it happen. Later, Theo receives some disparaging remarks on his cell phone - and Ciara goes ballistic. Andre follows his brother to Marlena's office, where he chloroforms Marlena and hijacks Chad's hypnotherapy session - encouraging his brother to dump Abigail for Belle. He warns her to back off Jordan - but Kate warns that Jordan's using Chad, he just doesn't see it. Later, Eve confronts JJ and warns him how badly Paige will be hurt if she finds out it was Eve.
Earlier, Stefano calls Marlena, and she blasts him for his part in Kristen's latest antics. At the same time, Abigail tries to make Ben feel better about everything that happened at the hospital but manages to upset him when she defends Clyde's intentions a little too strongly.
Theresa floats her idea of buying Kate out, but Nicole doesn't think it's a good idea at the moment.

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