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Comcast and NBCUniversal went purple on Thursday, October 17 to spread the word about SpiritDay to show support for LGBT youth and stand against bullying. Founded in 2010, Spirit Day is an international, united stand against bullying and show of support for LGBT teens and young adults everywhere.
Singer and actor Justin Gaston has joined the cast of NBC daytime drama DAYS OF OUR LIVES in the contract role of Ben, Jordan Ridgeway's (Chrishelle Stause) brother. A casting call from last summer described Ben as "early-to-mid 20s… midwestern or southern (very slight southern accent) country boy.
Will blasts Paul when he finds him with Sonny, accusing him of making excuses to stay in town.
Kate stokes Ben's jealousy of Chad by suggesting that the young DiMera is now free to pursue Abigail now that Jordan is gone.
Kate complains to Lucas about Stefano's treachery, but Lucas calls her on her own machinations.
Kristen and Brady come close to kissing but he ultimately stands firm and tells Kristen while he will always be grateful for what she did for John, what they had is over.
EJ tries to make Chad realize that by ratting him out to Stefano, he's all but put a mark on EJ's head.
Eric tells Caroline about Sami and EJ's reconciliation, and she asks him to take her over to visit her granddaughter.
Eric wants Serena to tell him the truth about her and Xander, but she refuses to say anything. Clyde warns Ben about the article Will is writing for Sonix and that the DiMeras are using their new acquisition to do a hatchet job on him.

Stars from NBCUniversal networks and shows, as well as NBCUniversal employees, sported purple and shared Spirit Day on air and through social media including DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Meanwhile, Chad makes a connection with his old flame when he shares some quotes he found about Jack's book.
He then realizes that's not the case but he still doesn't know how to tell her so he covers. Kristen tries to argue but Brady gets a call from Marlena, who reveals that John would like to see him and Kristen. Daniel then lures her to the park, where he demands she tell him what's going on between her and Xander. Clyde assures his son he has it under control, but when it comes to Abigail, he wants Ben to be wary of Chad. Wallpaper images in the Days of Our Lives club tagged: peter reckell bo brady bo actor days of our lives.
Later, Ben's pride is wounded when Abigail seems to be avoiding giving him an answer about moving in together. She then confides to Maggie her suspicion that Brady's attack and Theresa's pregnancy scare are somehow linked. After John and Paul leave, Sonny slams Will for focusing on Paul's motives instead of Will's own mistakes.
He flares when he sees Chad emailed Abigail the quotes and makes a hurtful remark to Abigail about EJ. Will tries to be understanding but tensions arise when Sami realizes Will is doing a story on Chad.

Eric privately recalls how desperate Serena was about getting his statue, and he returns to confront her.
At first Abigail is resistant and runs away, but she comes back and gives in to the passion.
Maggie gets a call from Sarah, and Melanie remembers her grandmother was once a surrogate - and this privately sparks a crazy theory. Meanwhile, Adrienne and Lucas discuss their sons' marital discord, and things get a little testy. Then John tells her, Marlena and Brady that he remembers what happened the night he was hit. Earlier, Serena rails on Xander for sending the photo of the two of them in bed, informing him that Eric saw it.
Daniel says he loves her, too, and they share a kiss that is secretly witnessed by a livid Xander. While she and Chad make animalistic love, Ben assures his father he and Abigail are doing just fine. Later, Paul expresses his remorse to Adrienne, while Sonny learns from Chad that it was Paul's blood that saved his life.
Sami goes home and is about to tell EJ about the article, but EJ interrupts and warns her that Stefano is out for blood.

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