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Check out day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on Days of our Lives during the week of July 21st. He wants revenge for his daughter's shockingly violent death at her Italian castle, and now, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) will have his chance on Days of Our Lives. He wants revenge for his daughter's shockingly violent death at her Italian castle, and now, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) will have his chance on Days of Our Lives.
Kristen (Eileen Davidson) had managed to kidnap Theresa (Jen Lilley) and Brady's (Eric Martsolf) embryo before leaving Salem months ago, and was holed up in her Italian castle raising their son as her own. Now, a heartbroken Stefano is grieving the loss of his second child in just a few months time--and since he knows who was responsible for his daughter's death this time, he has everything he needs to ensure the revenge he seeks happens. Now, when a kidnapped Marlena arrives back at the Italian estate, she will be confronted by the angry DiMera patriarch, who will accuse her of intentionally killing his daughter, citing their emotionally charged history as enemies.
Barry will take his father's death hard on 'The Flash,' and his grief could throw his other personal relationships into turmoil. Jeff Goldblum just joined the 'Thor: Ragnarok' cast, and his character might have in interest in a certain Infinity Stone.
Check out day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on Days of our Lives during the week of July 28th.
Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal there will be an unlikely partnership popping up this week on the NBC soap opera. However, according to an all new DOOL spoiler video, it looks like that is exactly what will happen during the week of October 6th.
Either John and Marlena are up to something and trying to get Kristen right where they want her, or else John is not thinking clearly since his coma. Well, even if John does forgive Theresa, she is still going to have to answer to Daniel and Kristen.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Summer Wedding But Coming But Not For Sami And EJ – Which DOOL Couple Is Getting Married? Days Of Our Lives Spoilers June 23-27: Sami Wants Revenge on EJ and Abigail – Will She Shoot EJ Again? Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Evil Stefano Grooms Chad DiMera For Arrival – Sami and Kate in Trouble as Billy Flynn Debuts? Harry Styles Has Wild-looking Eyes On The Set Of Dunkirk — One Direction Star Getting Into Character? According to the Days of Our Lives About Page, Kristen blames Marlena for stealing John Black from her all those years ago, as well as turning Brady Black against her causing him to call off their wedding.
However, Brady will come in at just the right moment to find Kristen holding his step-mother at gun point.
According to We Love Soaps, the entire week on Days of Our Lives will be interesting, as Chad and Abigail will continue to be drawn closer together, and Theresa Donovan will finally be reunited with her son, a baby boy whom Kristen DiMera stole from her and named Christopher. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Serena Mason’s lies will also be harder and harder for her to cover. With May sweeps right around the corner everyone can expect the drama on Days of Our Lives and on their other favorite soaps to be at an all time high, so set those DVR’s because it should be a fun month for our favorite soap characters. Her plans came to an end after Brady and Melanie (Molly Burnett) arrived at the estate armed with the truth and a determination to get the baby back. And though Marlena will try to explain herself and will insist it truly was an accident, and she had no plans to kill Kristen, Stefano won't believe her-and as a result, he will sentence her to death--via the same way Kristen was killed. Days of Our Lives spoilers are teasing that John Black is awake from his coma and recently remembered that Theresa Donovan is the person responsible for hitting him over the head and putting him in a coma. The unlikely duo has put two and two together and figured out that Theresa is responsible for John’s coma, and they plan to make her pay for it whether John wants revenge or not.

It looks like Marlena will show up in Italy to confront Kristen and make it a party as Brady, Melanie, and Theresa will be there as well. Brady’s entrance will distract Kristen just enough for Marlena to grab the gun away from her. However, the story line with Serena, Xander, and the diamonds will soon be coming to an end as actress Melissa Archer was recently fired from the NBC soap and fans were less than accepting of her somewhat confusing story line. However, Marlena (Deidre Hall) also arrived there by mistake, thinking she would find John (Drake Hogestyn) and Paul (Christopher Sean). On the Tuesday, September 7th episode of Days of Our Lives, John called Kristen into his hospital room and announced he wanted to bury the hatchet and make amends with her, after all of the hell she has put his family through. In an all new Days of Our Lives spoiler video, Daniel confesses to Kristen that she has been right all along and he thinks Theresa is the one that hit john, and then she framed Brady. When the two women struggle, Marlena will push Kristen away and Miss DiMera will lose her footing and fall out a window.
After a struggle with Kristen, she wound up pushing the DiMera heiress out a window, plunging 500 feet below into the water. Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

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