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Certainly these are the “big choices” and the ones that anyone would say have an impact on who you are at a given point in your life. If you buy my idea that daily decisions are important, then which of them are among the most important? Og Mandino wrote in his wonderful book, The Greatest Miracle in the World, that we should “use wisely our power of choice.” The five choices above are among these choices that we all make all day long. Potential Pointer: Your life (and success) is made up of the choices and decisions you make. Interesting when you talk to leaders there are constant themes that keep popping up and most them are in here.
Kevin Eikenberry is a world renowned leadership expert, a two-time bestselling author, speaker, consultant, trainer, coach, leader, learner, husband and father.
101 Ideas You Can Do Today to Improve Productivity & Unleash Your Leadership Potential! In fact, one way to look at your life is to consider it as the sum total of all the choices you have made. However, while these are important questions, I do not believe they are the most important ones we make.

Here are five I believe will have a tremendous impact on your future – meaning that your choice will impact your future results. Think about it, you tend to get what you expect – in terms of results, responses, and the performance of others.
This could be considered a part of the last bullet point, but it is so important I’m separating it. If your goal is to lose weight, then choose to leave the pantry and the refrigerator door closed. Making these five choices will improve your personal and professional life, your results and your relationships in both the short and long term. I believe the most important choices are the ones we make every day – in many cases subconsciously. This isn’t a complete list, and after reading these I am sure you will think of others that are especially important to you (I hope you will share those with me!). If you want more trust in your life (at work, at home, anywhere), then choose to be more trusting. But for the most part, those decisions are a part of your past and cannot be altered from the past perspective.

And choosing to listen (rather than talk or do something else while someone is talking) is a choice we all make all day long.
But there are thousands of decisions you will keep making every minute of every day of your life.
If I told you that you could make a choice that would consistently improve your results, even if you “did” nothing more, would you be interested?
Sure, but by making this decision a conscious one, you are improving the likelihood that you will have more trust and more trusting relationships in your life.
These are just some examples of the daily (actually minute-by-minute) choices you can make.

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