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Training and development is an essential part of any company that will allow the business to survive and grow. Extensive training may also be required to bring existing employees up to speed when companies update systems or when training needs are altered due to external or internal changes.
Many vendors that supply training software for different areas within organizations are beginning to offer deep discounts at the end of the year. Some vendors that supply training software are now offering options that provide a superior solution to the dilemma of how to extend the 2014 training budget into 2015 while keeping the training relevant and current. HRIS Vendor Match ServiceWatch our short video to find out how our free match service can help you find the perfect HRIS payroll system solution for your company.Trusted By HR ProfessionalsWe are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.
KNR is committed to provide human resource training services for helping organisations increase their productivity through better use of their human capital and to enable client companies to achieve the real competitive advantages.
Twenty-nine per cent of the small business owners surveyed reported that training and development takes budgetary priority over most strategic and operational initiatives. At B-Consult we’re committed to the development of organisations across South Africa through effective and targeted training programmes. With our help your staff will gain the skills they need to work more effectively, helping your organisation to operate at a higher level and implement a culture of life-long learning that improves the prospects of even the most disadvantaged workers. Talk to B-Consult about skills development and training for your organisation and we can help you to obtain grants from SETA and tax concessions of up to R60,000 when you enrol your employees on a Learnership. Whether you need technical skills training for manufacturing and production or critical skills training for project management or marketing, our skills development specialists will be able to find the best courses for your individual needs.
Our Human Resources Blog receives contributions from an array of HR professionals who have a passion for human resources and are knowledgeable in their respective specialties.
During some years, companies may require a greater number of new employees to be hired due to cyclical changes, growth, or expansion.

Training needs should be continually evaluated and adapted as needed in this rapidly changing world. Training generally cannot be purchased in advance and stored, as can most products and services that are needed for the business to function. This can help companies to use up the last of the training budget for 2014 and invest in a bright future for 2015.
Learning credits may be purchased in advance and used to procure training software or spots in training courses as needed. In view of this we design Human Resource Training and Development programmes by thoroughly considering each and every aspect of the client business, and customising solutions accordingly.
We develop Training Programs, processes and systems that fit into the cultural fabric of the organisations and meet their requirements. To combat this, owners are investing in training and development to create the employees their business needs to thrive.
On average, small businesses spend eight per cent of revenue on training and development, and expect to nearly double spending on training in the future (anticipating and average increase of 7.5 per cent over the next two years). We can help you to find the most beneficial and cost-effective Full Qualifications, Short Courses, Health and Safety Training and Public Courses from the country’s leading training providers. Skills development Training has a domino effect for both the employer and employee – with affordable training having a dramatic impact on both productivity and accuracy.
We’ll find the most appropriate training solutions and providers for your specific needs and move you towards higher BEE scoring and certification. Click through for more information on the range of courses available or contact us now and we’ll be happy to help. However, not every year is equal and some years may see a significant portion of the training budget go unused.

These employees will all require training in order to become productive members of the company. However, this may cause training costs to spike when swift and monumental changes occur and may cause lulls in training costs during years that relatively few changes occur. Some companies that sell training programs and software are realizing the benefit in helping companies to easily “roll over” their training budget, however, and are making it easier for companies to extend their 2014 budget into 2015 and beyond. If no monumental changes are expected to occur in the industry or organization, it may be wise to purchase training for the following year while these sales are in place.
These learning credits can be purchased in large or small amounts as desired, which will allow companies to take advantage of bulk discounts without immediately having to book the courses or specify which employees will be attending training. This in turn benefits the employer with an improved return on investment in the employee, and as a result your business increases profit as training is implemented.
When the amount that is allotted for training goes unused, it can be counterproductive and harmful for future years in which more training is needed.
However, expecting training programs that are purchased to stay relevant throughout the coming year may be unrealistic for organizations that have a huge basis in technology or other rapidly changing industries. Companies may find this to be an extremely helpful and efficient way to plan for future success.

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