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An infinity Diamond is more than a temporary symbol of affection, it’s the only diamond that unites your past, present, and future in a real and meaningful way.
It’s not a vegetable… The metric carat, which equals 0.20 gram, is the standard unit of weight for diamonds and most other gems.
These stones have no imperfections inside or on the outside of the stone under the magnification of a loupe of 10X magnification. This grade is awarded to diamonds with no internal flaws and only minor external blemishes. Very Very Slightly Imperfect—These stones have very, very small inclusions, which are extremely difficult to see under a loupe of 10X magnification. Very Slightly Imperfect—These stones have very small inclusions, or imperfections, which are slightly difficult to see under a loupe of 10X magnification.
Slightly Imperfect—These stones have inclusions, which are fairly easy to see with a 10X magnification, and can be seen with the naked eye. Imperfect—These stones have inclusions ranging from moderately visible to very easily seen to the naked eye. If you’ve thought that diamonds are colorless, you may be surprised to learn that most diamonds have at least a trace of yellow or brown color.
Note that the color of a diamond has the second biggest impact on its price, after carat weight.
Rare colors such as blue, pink, purple, or red also tend to be very expensive—and very beautiful—and are known as “fancy color” diamonds. The word “cut” doesn’t refer to the shape of the diamond (when has trade jargon ever been clear and simple?). The width and depth can have an effect on how light travels within the diamond, and how it exits in the form of brilliance.

For the most beautiful diamond, look for a symmetry grade of excellent (EX), very good (VG), or good (G).
Since 2007, Willowbrook Design has become the premier upscale kitchen and bath design firm in Pittsburgh's South Hills. Custom Kitchen DesignFor discriminating clients, the key to any quality Pittsburgh custom kitchen design is a unique approach to their particular issues. You were the only designer that did not use computer generated drawings and who added personal design elements. From a simple lock of hair, we gather the carbon required to create a diamond that’s unlike any other, a diamond that encapsulated your memories and your life. Infinity Diamonds are graded of the highest quality, clarity, beauty, and strength which makes them the ideal keepsake and conveyor of your life story. To simplify this further, it’s the size of the diamond when it’s loose, meaning not in the mounting. A perfect stone with perfect clarity (clearness) is rare, although some flaws cannot be seen without using a loupe for magnification. The reason colorlessness is most highly valued is that diamonds in these ranges act like prisms, separating white light passing through them into a wide spectrum of colors.
The ‘polish’ grade describes the smoothness of the diamond’s facets, and the ‘symmetry’ grade refers to alignment of the facets. Three stone diamond rings that symbolize past, present and future are a popular choice for an anniversary gift.
Willowbrook Design has worked in fine greater Pittsburgh neighborhoods such as Nevillewood, Diamond Run, Hickory Heights, Upper St. An Infinity Diamond is a real, permanent symbol of the people you love and the relationships dear to your heart.

In a well-cut diamond, light enters the diamond and reflects straight back to the viewer’s eye. Combine unrivalled hardness with brilliance and fire and you have the world’s most popular gem. Gems with the least amount of color and the fewest imperfections are the most rare and valuable. It has morphed far past its original purpose to a place of relaxation and release from the stresses of everyday life.
Some cutters will sacrifice cut to create the largest possible diamond, thus making too shallow or too deep of a cut and not allowing light to reflect as well as it might. Body spray systems, rainhead showers, luxuriously large shower enclosures, private commode areas – are all part of everyday current bathroom design.
Cut is arguably the most important value factor because the quality of a diamond’s cut gives it its life and sparkle. Willowbrook Design also creates outdoor kitchens as well as custom entertainment units, libraries, home offices, bars and closet systems. While […]Outdoor KitchensIs there a more relaxing feeling than sitting outdoors at your own home, watching a summer sunset, enjoying a glass of wine, and savoring the day’s accomplishments?
To put it bluntly, SIZE DOES MATTER but it’s less important than the quality of the diamond.
The above example could mean there were 5 emeralds, 7 sapphires and 50 diamonds as easily as it could mean that there were 2 emeralds, 2 sapphires and 2 diamonds.

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