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Agents and specialists have asked us how they can text their clients about meetings, projects, and cancellations without having to send individual texts.
These methods require some initial information-gathering and participation by your clients, but they allow you to keep their information in-house (you do not have to provide it to a third party). This blog is designed to accept comments, so please discuss: If you are bulk-texting your clients, tell us how you do it, what services you’re using, and what the service costs.
The responsibility to communicate research has not changed since the Morrill Act passed in 1862, but the methods have.
At the 2012 K-State Research and Extension Annual Conference, we unveiled a three-part session to introduce experiment station researchers and extension educators to communication strategy basics. The hope is land-grant communicators will be equipped with communication strategies for their individual plans of work.

This blog will provide us the opportunity to share resources and continue the conversation on strategic communication basics with land-grant communicators.
There are services that you can set up to send out one text to a group, but some of these services can be quite expensive.
This requires you, as the agent or specialist, or your office, to create a Twitter account. Let’s share our ideas and information to and possibly find better ways to send group texts.
We are left trying to determine the best way to reach our audiences and advance our legacy. We identified appropriate short-form, medium-form, and long-form communications, with examples from successful organizational communicators.

With this information, you can create an email address for each person and place these addresses in a distribution list or group. Extension educators face challenges every day to inform and educate a variety of target audiences as communication channels change and devices proliferate. These forms included both traditional and contemporary communication methods, with examples of different strategies — from news releases and publications to Twitter and blogs — for communicating a timely issue.
Incorporating new communication tools into our everyday work may be seen as overwhelming rather than an opportunity to streamline and repurpose traditional communication methods.

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