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I will be sharing some of the FREE gifts in the coming weeks but here is what was provided by The Real Estate Masters Guild. Many agents are aware of disc profiling yet very few will adapt their business practices to the different personality types. In real estate- house will have more clutter, will want to be in social or trendy neighborhood, good clients to call because they will refer you and move often, like amenaties and neighborhood gatherings. As agents- Can intimidate clients by coming on too strong, need to watch dress and slow down. Many agents will fall victim to presenting to clients based on their own personality type rather than that of the client.

From multiple versions of the disc profile to the Myers-Briggs approach there are many ways to classify people and adjust to their needs. Today I would like to share The Real Estate Masters Guild. One of the things that I like about the site is the Home of the Mastery Minute video tips.
Here is one example on how to adjust your request for a price reduction based on the different personality types.
Another feature of the site that might interest you include Ten GREAT Reasons to Call Your Past Real Estate Clients & Customers and Sphere of Influence. I found out about the site from the Agent Success Summit which is a virtual program that is coming up on the 20th of this month.

If you sign up for the Agent Success Summit you can download 21 FREE gifts from the speakers.

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