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Everything you wanted to know about physics, biology, and the world at large becomes straightforward once you understand the life-organizing principle.
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Self-acceptance is a critical element of self-esteem, particularly in today's culture where we are more valued by what we do and what we have as opposed to who we are.
Barbara and Hal have been married for over 30 years and both have enjoyed writing-only they have done so separately. AuthorHouse is the leading provider of supported self-publishing services for authors around the globe, with over 60,000 titles released. Whether you dream of seeing your book in bookstores, on TV, on the radio, or adapted into a film, AuthorHouse is committed to providing the tools and services to help you get started and realize your publishing dreams.
Siblings Adam and Krystal go swimming by their house, and while skipping rocks, they make an incredible discovery: the rocks don’t skip but bounce right into the sky!
EXCEPTION: Motorized vehicles for handicapped persons may be used on walkways and in buildings. So, we chase after some notion of what is going to make us happy with ourselves never finding a truly satisfying answer. Hal, who is a former English teacher and counselor, has written A Dream Within A Dream and, also, Braving the Shadows; and Barbara, who is a psychologist and corporate consultant, has written a number of professional books including My Mother was Right!
He has been writing for his school newspaper for three years and wrote a novel as his project for a school-sponsored program for gifted students. Elsheikh, a mathematician and longtime professor, examines what the principle tells us about nature and life in this academic work.

Elsheikh Publisher: iUniverse, USA This book is about the discovery of life organizing principle, about the discovery of the nature and secret of life phenomenon. Elsheikh holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics from the University of Khartoum in Sudan. With the help of Great Granny Franny Force, the children discover that King Chaos is trying to take over the world and turn it completely upside-down. He proves that the secrets of our world reside in the quantum information contained in our DNA and genome.Discover the inner workings of life, and develop a better understanding of a maximum-action principle that explains self-organization, self-replication, and self-evolution. We accept the main stream biology and main stream physics claim that life is a physical rather than supernatural phenomenon.
He was the head of the math department at Altahadi University in Serit, Libya, from 1998 to 2009.
How dangerous can it be?” “You just want to look good in front of that Vicky.” Krys turned and looked towards the people walking the mall.
Then why do living systems self-organize, self-replicate and self-evolve while non-living systems do not? This is a story lived by all—a tale of love, loss, and the algebra equations of life. Get ready to go on a fascinating journey that challenges paradigms and leads you to the Discovery of the Life-Organizing Principle. But King Chaos is full of tricks; using his terrible henchman, Hap Hazard, the king could turn the children’s world of order into a cataclysm of chaos.
We’ll stay together and I’ll get us out, if it looks too dangerous.” “Like you’re some kind of superhero,” Krys sneered. Adam and Krys are humanity’s only hope, but can they navigate Chaos, or will they get lost in a world without order? The dynamics of a physical system is embedded in phase space coordinates from which the system’s equation of motion can be derived, on the contrary the living system dynamics depends on its bio-information or bio-complexity rather than on the space coordinates it occupies. So how could it be possible to discover a life organizing principle which contains the dynamical essence of a living system irrespective of the phase space coordinates? Anti-reductionism in turn claims that life is not reducible to physics, because Nagel’s bridge law requirement cannot be met. Nagel’s bridge law necessitates that reducibility requires a connection between physical terms (e.g.

Moreover, if biological evolution is not a random process but subject to a life organizing principle then it has to have a goal function or target criterion, what is it? This means it is necessary to discover a fundamental property of matter which escapes human imagination for centuries, what is this property?
To answer all these questions a paradigm shift is needed which includes: - Broadening the concept of information - Identifying life golden ratio based fractal nature - Extension of quantum field theory - Extension of stationary action principle to include a principle of maximum action. The bio-information oscillations, being the new discovered fundamental property of matter, contain the dynamical essence of living systems. In consequence the life-organizing principle (LOP) is a generalized Schrodinger type of system with vitality, a measure of bio-information, as path variable.
The LOP, being nonlinear and non-conservative system, is an attractor; it is a minor attractor when describing cell dynamics and a major attractor when describing multi-cellular organism dynamics. A cell type is an example of minor attractor which belongs to the basin of a major attractor.
A maximum action principle which facilitates self-organization, self-replication and self-evolution is derived on the basis of the life organizing principle. These laws identify a conclusive biological evolution target criterion or goal function which is the increase of total vitality. Total vitality is a product of organism’s total action, genome physical information and lifespan. In addition to phylogenesis these laws also describe ontogenetic development, cellular differentiation and organism growth. This extension of Darwinian Theory substantiates a theory of multi-level selection and facilitates a more dynamic conception of human nature. Let’s just move.” The creatures were buzzing loudly, but it sounded more like a lot of people laughing.

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