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We humans are always reading energy and vibes in our subconscious minds, by tuning ourselves to these wavelengths we can be more aware of our surroundings. Upward Bound Thinking: an efficient way of unleashing a positive whirlwind that attracts a flurry of positive coincidences. Prior to reading the 11 forgotten laws, I have read almost all self help books, and my observation is that the inspiration drawn from such a sources will not last long.
Over hyped and highly discussed the secret video does not encompass all the components of a success recipes. Therefore, The secret could be construed as summary or outline of universal law of attraction. The 11 Forgotten Laws is an online digital 12 CD set that you can download and access anytime, anywhere. Why – if the Law of Attraction is being used by millions – did America just face its worst job crisis since 1974, and a crumbling economy? Well, it’s been twenty seven years since I first attended his program and what he taught me then and continued to teach me over the years has allowed me to make millions of dollars for myself and others while living an extraordinary fulfilling life. Ia€™m the best-selling author of You Were Born Rich, and have transformed the lives of millions of people through my books, seminars, courses, and personal coaching. But perhaps what I’m most famous now at this point is for my appearance in The Secret.
I also want to introduce my fellow teacher Mary Manin Morrissey, who is part of the program I want to introduce to you really soon.
Mary is best known as the author of 2 best-selling books, Building Your Field of Dreams, which was adapted into a one hour PBS special, and No Less Than Greatness.
If I’m one of the main evangelist of the Law of Attraction, then shouldn’t I defend it with my life?
As a result, the Law of Attraction brand that you get today is a really watered down version of the real thing. Needless to say, when you use the Law of Attraction in reduced media-friendly form, you only scrape the tiniest tip of the iceberg when it comes to its immense potential. Upward Bound Thinking: an efficient way of unleashing a positive whirlwind that attracts a flurry of positive coincidences. All that I knew was that he gave tremendous lectures about success principles that actually worked—as attested to his hundreds of students with proven results.
That set me on a path that years later led me to Raymond Holliwell and the book Working With The Law.
You see, there are many well-intended people in the industry, but unfortunately, they do not fully understand the Law of Attraction. Without even realizing it, they teach you only one small part of the truth, but they make it sound like the whole truth. You want to be a cut above your peers and rise up in your career as opposed to fearing for your job.
Or the incredible Law of Increase, where you’ll discover the secret route to tap into higher consciousness and pinpoint accurate answers for all your most pressing questions. And then there were new breakthrough teachings of the Law of Attraction never taught before. The problem wasn’t that the Law of Attraction was deficient, it was because it was incomplete!
The absence of the other laws may be making it harder to break away from that dead-end job and live a recession-proof life.
Can You Picture Attracting Every Single One of Your Innermost Desires in Just An Hour a Day.
The secret to taking control of your volatile circumstances is just a matter of knowing and obeying the forgotten laws. And in these challenging times, you get ahead of the rest of the crowd because you mastered the Law of Non-Resistance, and very, very few know of its existence. Yes, from this moment on, in your own pace and time, you begin to test the wonder-working wealth-generating techniques on every untrained aspect of your mind.
Then whisk out the Law of Thinking CD, just recline on your easy chair, and absorb the easy-to-digest audio. This is a concise, complete system that has been specially formulated to bring you accelerated success.
Because I know that by the time you’ve finished it, you would have mastered every single law. Designed to be a fully integrated learning course, you will have the flexibility to write your notes and track your progress as you listen to each lesson in each section. Transcripts of all 95 lesson tracks in one easy-to-search EBook for your quick reference and revision.
Your mind is your biggest enemy – Why it is important for you to identify and draw a distinct line between the two types of human thought if you want the Law to work for you. The surprisingly simple nature-inspired activity to quickly develop organized, discipline thought. Scientists have proven that your thoughts travels 930,000 times faster than the speed of our voice. How to exploit the Michael Phelps secret to accelerate your own personal and career advancement. The Nelson Mandela secret that ended apartheid, and how you can apply the same extraordinary principle to effortlessly break through your limitations.
How to use this wonderful law to PROPEL yourself out of the place where you are, to the place where you belong. 2 habits to change and you’ll instantly shoot up as the top performer in your company.
The stunning Prickly Nest secret that will disrupt negative thought, boost your tenacity and inspire you to totally OWN life. Once you have this, there will be no more of that a€?Why isna€™t the Law of Attraction working for me?a€? style of complaining.
And another sexier more glamorous Law of Attraction that basically spews lies that you WANT to hear, as OPPOSED to what you need to hear?
All ita€™s going to cost you for a fighting shot at beating the recession for the exclusive price of $199. 1,000 year-old ancient Talmud secret that can steer you clear of materialism and set you on the path to true riches. Listen to the lecture tracks when jogging, while in your car during a commute, on the subway or bus or plane. Listen to the tracks at home or work, when you’re seated in a comfortable way and able to relax.
Because Mary and I believe that the 11 Forgotten Laws will tremendously benefit you, we decided to throw in some FREE bonuses to sweeten the pot for you.
But best of all, his mastery of Reiki and Kahuna will totally transform you in a away like no other.
The single most reliable way to make your spouse take out the trash, even when they don’t want to.
The astonishing technique that’s been turning ordinary people into money magnets since 1979. When money really does come out of thin air – How I earned $5,560 with a mere thought. PLUS: Why I was over the moon when my real estate agent charged me thousands of dollars for a simple errand.
The ticket to unlimited riches – How self confidence will gain you entry into the elusive Universal Bank. PLUS: Meet the only bank teller in the universe who lets you decide how much cash you want! I am 100% confident that this ENTIRE package for only $199 is everything you need to make the Law of Attraction an automatic success in your life! I honestly believe this is the most powerful, surefire, and astounding way to transform your financial life. In this urgent report, I’ve demonstrated how harnessing and knowing the Forgotten Laws can make you a financial champion and cause you to be more successful in all aspects of your life. Mary and I want to help you set the direction for your more successful financial destiny now.
To get a copy of the FORGOTTEN LAWS ASAP, all you need to do is click on the order form to secure one today.
Please—if your financial security means anything to you—let me hear from you right away! Youa€™ll be given a login username and password instantly after ordering to access the digital program. When you purchase, you’ll get instant access (so no time wasted in waiting for shipping) and our customer support will be ready to help you should you have any download issues.
If you’re not satisfied, just shoot us an email within 7 days and you will be billed nothing more.
Personally, I do not know of anything that will empower your millionaire mind like Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws. When I got down to my last few hundred dollars, had no job and no prospects for making a steady income, I had to take a serious look at the failures in my life.  Some of my failures were due to circumstances that I could not control but others were clearly the result of my impoverished thinking.
Truthfully I was tired of being scammed by programs that promised a lot but failed to deliver.
I received an immediate download of material plus an unexpected bonus—an opportunity to turn my $97 investment into an ongoing income stream by becoming an affiliate partner.
The program is a fully integrated learning course delivered in 12 easy to listen to online digital CDs and includes a complete transcript plus a PDF eBook, Working with the Laws by Raymond Holliwell. This program allows you to complete and review the lessons at your own pace in any environment you choose or device you choose.
Within days of completing the program, my attitude shifted from barely getting by to an expectation of abundance.
In order to do justice to the program, you need to set aside 30-60 minutes a day to listen to the audio program, while reading the transcript and then completing the workbook. If you are a person who gets easily distracted and prefers animated videos to lecture, reading and reflecting formats, this program may not be for you.
If you are a person who is looking for a “get rich quick” type of program, this is not a program for you.
Anyone who is serious about prospering, building wealth or becoming a self-made millionaire will benefit from this program.
Before you can become wealthy in any enterprise, you must first learn how to build a rich mindset.
11 Forgotten Laws is my top pick of programs to awaken your inner millionaire genius and set you on the road to financial freedom and prosperity. Sign up for our newsletter!Enter your best email and you'll receive a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to ASPIRE! For The Physical Manifestation Of Your ImageIf it is true that energy, or Spirit, is neither created nor destroyed and everything in its original state is either energy or Spirit, it necessarily follows that everything you will ever want is already here.
If you want to turn your annual income into your monthly income, this is the most important letter youa€™ll ever read. Ita€™s no secret that most of the abundance in the world is concentrated in the hands of a fortunate few. And did you know that in America the top 10 percent of earners now capture a record 48.2% of all the income? There is a way of thinking and behaving towards money that repels wealth, and that is, obviously, how most people act. Zig Ziglar may be the master motivator, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, the master story tellers; Anthony Robbins may be the guru of personal development, but Bob Proctor is the master thinker.
When I met Bob Proctor I was 20 years old, flat broke and heading in the wrong direction in life.
This man has the ability to reduce the most complicated concepts in life to the simplest form.
In other words, Ia€™ve made my name helping others to enjoy extraordinary levels of success. As youa€™ve probably guessed by now, therea€™s far more to attracting success and financial abundance that merely thinking rich thoughts. You could say that The Secret took an amazing truth… and focussed on the a€?sexiesta€? and a€?shiniesta€? parts in order to appeal to the largest possible audience. Thata€™s why when you use the Law of Attraction in its reduced PG-13 form, you are scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of the potential impact on your life. In other words: if youa€™re not using the COMPLETE version of the Law, youa€™re probably missing out.
After 52 years helping people to create extraordinary success, Ia€™ve seen that many people have the most trouble just getting started on what they truly want… their biggest goals and dreams.
All that I knew about Raymond was that he gave tremendous lectures about success principles that actually workeda€”because Ia€™d come in contact with 100s of his students whoa€™d created real, lasting results. Raymond told me that to unlock my full potential, I needed to look beyond the Law of Attraction.
This was my first introduction to studying the 11 Forgotten Laws — and my first introduction to realizing I could create anything I wanted. Now fast forward to the present moment: for the last 52 years straight I have dedicated my life to helping others experience the same changes, abundance and success. And Ia€™ve discovered that no matter what line of work youa€™re in, these 11 Universal Laws will dependably attract money and abundance like clockwork. They are woven together like a magnificent tapestry — in fact, the more you see the patterns and the way they interlink, the more success youa€™ll enjoy.
You know, while there are many well-intended people in the industry, unfortunately, many do not fully understand the Law of Attraction. The unfortunate side effect is students from these teachers find little success… then they turn around and say that a€?the Law of Attraction doesna€™t work!a€?. Laws like the Law of Forgivenessa€¦ where youa€™ll discover a mental trick that transforms debt into abundancea€”almost overnight. Using these 11 Laws, many of my students have transformed their annual income into their new monthly income. Increase your capacity to to attract bigger & bigger things, including ever-increasing amounts of money, happiness and material success. Engineer astonishing coincidences a€” so you cut your failure rate and a€?hard worka€? in half.
Reveals how to boost the amount of abundance flowing to you, easily and effortlesslya€¦ almost instantly. You’ll enjoy finding out how to make your goals manifest in an easy and relaxed mannera€¦ so you can avoid all stress and struggle. In other words, imagine how it would feel when you FINALLY get all the missing pieces to the puzzle… and all the answers youa€™ve been searching for?
A couple years ago, I shared these 11 Forgotten Laws with a small group of my best customersa€¦ and charged them a small fortune for the privilege. Many of the people fortunate enough to have got their hands on these teachings have told me they are the VERY BEST abundance teachings availablea€¦ anywhere. And even though these people have proven the effectiveness of these 11 Laws beyond all reasonable doubt… the fact remains that you and I have an incredible advantage… because hardly anyone else is using them! The 11 Forgotten Laws is a transformative online 12 CD audio program that you can download and access anytime, anywhere. Ita€™s perfect for you because I literally take you by the hand and show you how to implement these 11 Laws in your life… starting today. I can teach you how to become a magnet to the money, success, relationships and abundance that you deeply desire… all by effortlessly applying these 11 powerful Laws.
For your convenience, you can easily download the tracks as MP3s to your iPod, iPad or any smart phone… so you can effortlessly transform every commute, waiting room and spare moment into an abundance-increasing experience. Youa€™re also getting an Innovative Online Training Workbook, which allows you take your notes and track your progress in real time.
And youa€™re also getting a real gift: a RARE copy of Working With The Law, by Raymond Holliwell. The REAL key to success in living an abundant life a€” Ia€™ll give you a simple trick to overcome any problem or adversity… from unemployment to poverty.
Why most people manifest nothing (or what they DONa€™T want!) Everyone is governed by the Law a€” whether they know it or not.
Increase your capacity to to attract bigger & bigger things a€” including ever-increasing amounts of money, happiness and success. The Nelson Mandela secret that ended apartheid a€” and how you can apply the same extraordinary principle to effortlessly break through your limitations. Be in total control of your surroundings a€” Ia€™ll show you some special a€?ninjaa€? tricks to help you become a master of your financial destiny. The TRUE power of emotional freedom a€” imagine if you could LOVE the people who hurt you the most? Become a top performer (in style!) Use The Rubber Bat Theory to take control of your thinking and reach your highest potential.
Over the past 52 years Ia€™ve personally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars improving my ability to create the results I want – learning only from the very best a€” and what Ia€™m sharing with you is absolutely at the cutting-edge. If you were to look for any other solution to improving your life, like therapy or other personal growth events or materials, youa€™d easily spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month in accumulated fees (and Ia€™m confident that none of these solutions would be as lasting and effective as this). And if you wanted to learn the abundance teachings of this program one-on-one with me, youa€™d be paying me over $1500 per hour a€”and thata€™s if you could even get a space on my calendar. But because this is a home training program, and because my sincere intention is to help you live a life filled with abundance, prosperity and success, Ia€™ve been able to dramatically cut down on costs. You can enroll now for only one payment of $97 a€” and thata€™s by far the lowest price youa€™ll ever get access to this life-changing training.
Imagine: attract just $100 extra over the coming weeks, and your investment has completely paid for itself. Whichever way you look at it, ita€™s going to be easy for you to generate a significant Return on Investment (ROI).
You will be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every technique, every lesson and every exercise inside this program.

As you go through the 11 sessions, youa€™ll notice virtually instant results that will only get better in the coming weeks and months. The 11 Forgotten Laws Program will empower every aspect of your life, and turn you into a highly abundant, balanced and successful person. The worst that can happen is you get paid $97 for a€?wastinga€? some time learning how to create the life and income of your dreams. But the best that can happen is you decide to implement these 11 Universal Laws in your life… and experience a huge positive transformation as a direct result.
This opportunity is extremely limited because of the incredibly low price Ia€™m offering to you today. At this price, it is practically impossible for my publisher and I to make a profit, so wea€™re only keeping the offer open for a very short time a€” to reward the action takers who recognize an amazing opportunity when you see one.
Also, you should realize therea€™s a very large demand for personal help from me, and what Ia€™m offering to you is unprecedented. If you feel like this is right for you, click a€?Add to Carta€™ now and leta€™s get started on the path to prosperity right now. You know, I’ve spent more than half a century working on this business and now… Ia€™m offering to give you everything for less than a hundred bucks!
If 2014 is going to be your best year ever a€“ NOW is the time to make important decisions and commit to your success.
The first quarter of this year I enjoyed a 109% growth in business over the same period last year. Bob Proctor taught me that I have a choice: I can either use my mind to my benefit or my detriment.
The principles that I learned launched me on a journey that is leading me to the fulfillment of my dreams. This seminar and the amazing affiliate program that is built into it are the vehicles that the Universe has provided to me for achieving the financial goals that I only dreamed about in the past. I am SO THANKFUL for what I have learned and for the amazing law of attraction that is now at work in my life! The 11 Forgotten Laws is a transformational online course specially designed for people who are passionate about becoming more abundant in every area of their lives, and who want to generate additional income. Whether youa€™re interested in making your current annual income your monthly income, launching a meaningful new business, or even changing other peoplea€™s lives, this program will empower you to transform your life and reach your full potential. And remember a€” youa€™re getting TWO of Bob Proctora€™s best programs for LESS THAN the price of one. Because of Bob Proctora€™s 52 years experience and reputation as the #1 teacher of this subject on the planet, we believe the 11 Forgotten Laws to be the most powerful, easy-to-use, and complete Law of Attraction program youa€™ll find ANYWHERE. This program is the result of over 52 years of research, optimization and experience with literally millions of Boba€™s clients.
Youa€™ll benefit from unique training from Bob Proctor, powerful audio sessions, and be part of a thriving community of ambitious, like-minded abundance seekers. Attracting abundance may be based on ancient universal principles, but the modern scientific proof to support it is overwhelming. A variety of major universities and professors have researched and verified both the a€?observer effecta€? and the power of intention in quantum physics experiments. As Jack Canfield shared in his excellent book The Success Principles a€?if we can believe some of the newer theories of quantum physics… (intention will) send out waves of energy that will attract the people and resources to you that you need to help accomplish your goalsa€?.
There are many variables that influence the speed of your success with the 11 Forgotten Laws. Some people experience results almost immediately and for others, it may take a little more time. What I can promise is that as long as you stay committed to listening to the audios, you will see improvements. I myself have found this sort of thing hard to understand and to put into use successfully. Bob Proctor opened my eyes to the fact that the law of attraction I knew was only one of 12 universal human laws! I keep on finding missing links without these you simply cannot put together the prices of the puzzle. The main problem or hurdle in achieving the success is that we always less deliver and expect much more.
In spite of of that masses of the people could relish the secret as the mainstream media started disseminated and discussed the secret in all the conceivable forms. As the people started understanding and applying this law in their lives, many questions are popped up without any answers. The problem is that any law which is not applied properly would not bring any results what so ever.
Your membership access to The 11 Forgotten Laws means that you will not only have 95 tracks of audio training at your fingertips, but you can also take notes and track your progress in the step-by-step online workbook that guides you through your transformational change.
Your membership access also allows you to interact with other members of the community for peer learning and support. It seemed like a bright future that with millions of new converts to the Law of Attraction, a new era of prosperity and abundance will be ushered in. In addition, I had no idea how I was going to build a life for myself that would have meaning and purpose. Together with the Gandhi and King Foundations, she addressed the United Nations as national co-chair for the Season of Nonviolence. Even though I was doing well in a short period of time, I wasn’t really getting enough. And no matter how much I used the Law of Attraction, I kept getting stuck in debt and wasn’t moving forward victoriously in life the way I thought I deserved. He suggested that I’ll be able to change them once I start studying, once I went beyond the Law of Attraction. The unfortunate side effect of this is that when students from these teachers find little success, they turn away as disbelievers to the Law. You need that magic pill that can pull you out of these hard times and recession-proof your wallet. For example, did you know could exponentially amplify your odds in successfully the things you want with a just a subtle tweak to your practice of the Law? Then, all the things once seemed so out of reach will now be seem as easy as tying a shoelace. When you get your access to The 11 Forgotten Laws, set aside a few moments a day from the following weekend. Traffic Secret, where not only are you at peace when the whole world is running around screaming like headless chickens, you could ACTUALLY be thriving amidst trying circumstances. Open each one at your own pace and start experiencing the sheer wonder of wisdom, be transformed even in the deepest recesses of the soul, and enjoy the rapidly burgeoning abundance that you unleashed just by listening to one module.
You begin breaking through mental barriers—mental limitations that have been hindering you for years.
Are you struggling financially and scrape through with barely enough for your normal bills and debts?
You can then access the lessons and your notes anytime, anywhere for instant and easy revision that will enhance your learning and accelerate your results! Master this and manifest every single one of your heart’s desire with added efficiency. Break your own records and explode through any goal once you know these Olympic-inspired techniques.
This simple exercise acts as a teleportation device to the richest source of abundance on the planet. Just add this small mental fix and you could turn this unalterable pattern around into one that attracts the most amazing things in your life. Tips, tricks, and techniques to affirm your identity and attract wealth as far as the eye can see.
You can take any suppression and turn into your personal profit bonanza when you follow the directions in this module. It was in that moment that I realized that I no longer had to let my circumstances control me, I was in control of my own life and of the future I wanted to create. If you feel you are unloved, maybe this simple action is what you need to unlock the all-encompassing embrace of affection. Why violating this concept is the real cause of not reaping the bountiful harvest you expect.
2 words that will enable you to navigate past the far-reaching failure of the Lehman Bros, WaMU, and Merril-Lynch and live life on your own terms. His remarkable mission to elevate consciousness for one million people has led him to becoming an internet phenomenon.
The gift of irresistible persuasion is yours when you discover the power of the reverse gender message. I would rather you NOT spend money with me ever again if I thought you were even remotely disappointed.
This is the right mentality you must maintain at all cost in order to unleash untold amounts of prosperity.
If you don’t add this other element, your efforts at attracting what you want will be as good as flushed down the drain.
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You will learn the same powerful ideas from Bob and Mary whether you play it on a CD or listen to it on an MP3 player.
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Because of his wisdom and guidance, I was able to make more money my first full year of speaking than I did at the top of my career at Sprint Communications. For just five dollars you will instantly get full access to the entire 11 Forgotten Laws course. Get NOW the Entire program PLUS the bonuses downloaded onto your iPod or computer and save 66%. Let me tell you why I think 11 Forgotten Laws is a must have for any serious money maker who wants to earn money with an online business.
I was tired of the financial struggle in my life so I invested $97 in The 11 Forgotten Laws.
Once I had gone through the learning material, I became a raving fan and an enthusiastic promoter. You can download the program to your Kindle Reader, your lap top or your Ipad.  Or, access the material through your smart phone if you choose. With my elevated mindset, I found myself making the bold decisions I needed to start my online business, close the sales I had been sitting on and finish a money-making eBook. I recommend this program to any one who wants to earn money with an online business for the simple reason that becoming rich requires a rich mindset.
This program is for anyone who is tired of barely getting by and wants to learn how to think like a millionaire and learn the steps to take to have millionaire success.
Bob has mentored hundreds of wealthy people who started with nothing and built their wealth by applying his teaching. Instead Bob and his partner Mary Morrisey pour their hearts into teaching you everything you need to become a success in any venture you choose. In this video, he talks about what Law of Attraction is, and the Law of Vibration that underlies it, and the right way to maximize it for your benefit.
It is simply a matter of choosing the thoughts which will put you into harmonious vibration with the good that you desire.Everything you are seeking is seeking you in return. CNBC just reported in September 2013 that a€?the gulf between the richest one percent and the rest of America is the widest ita€™s been since the Roaring a€?20sa€?. When you behave in this way you are magnetic to opportunity, money and other favourable circumstances. Perhaps you already know me from the hit movie The Secret, or my bestselling books like You Were Born Rich. What Bob taught mea€¦ has allowed me to make millions of dollars for myself and others while living an extraordinary fulfilling life. Ia€™ve empowered countless people who transformed their lives on every level — from finances to relationships and everything in between. You might be asking: If Ia€™m one of the main evangelists of the Law of Attraction, then shouldna€™t I defend it with my life? You are probably selling yourself (and your loved ones) short by not living at your fullest potential. He explained how the LOA was limited… because there were eleven other Laws I was ignoring. My income skyrocketed, my relationships soared and my overall attitude was completely different. For example, did you know you can dramatically increase your odds of attracting the things you want… with just a subtle tweak to what youa€™re already doing?
Youa€™ll start attracting more success and a€?good lucka€? as a direct result, and youa€™ll feel better about yourself and others too. And if youa€™re already successful, youa€™ll discover how to increase your capacity to earn even larger amounts. You see, without knowing about these 11 Laws, there’s no way you can reach your highest potential.
So no matter how diligent and hard-working you are, no matter how much you desire to succeeda€¦ no matter what you doa€¦ without all the pieces you simply cannot get the end result you want. Plus, the way the program is structured means you will immediately start to notice a positive difference in your results. This is the pinnacle of my lifea€™s work on creating a life of abundance, success and happiness. If you simply apply a fraction of what I give you, I promise youa€™ll enjoy breathtaking results.
This means you can refer to your insights and a€?ah ha!a€? moments anytime, anywhere — so you integrate your learnings at a deeper level, and accelerate your results. This is the book that served as one of the inspirations for The Secret… and it reveals all 11 Laws in depth. Find out the reason why most people get it wrong, and discover how to avoid making the same mistakes as the majority. Ia€™ll reveal a surprisingly simple activity you can use to quickly develop organized, disciplined thought. Youa€™ll discover a simple trick which erases unhelpful anxious thoughts and others worries… IMMEDIATELY. Did you know that 98% of your limiting beliefs are rooted in a mistimed word from your parents? Learn how to accelerate your own personal and career advancement with this never-revealed idea. Youa€™ll discover 3 never-before-revealed secrets that will whip open the floodgates of blessing.
Ia€™ll walk you through a simple exercise to help rewire your brain and tune your desires to the vibrational frequency of abundance. Just apply this small mental fix and you could turn this subconsciously programmed pattern around into one that attracts the most amazing things in your life. You may feel that your prayers are being ignored… but did you know they may have been answered already? Youa€™ll discover the amazing Penn State study on the therapeutic power of gratitude a€” and be amazed at how you can use this to attract REAL money-making opportunities. How to quickly generate confidence and raise your self-esteem with this simple action a€” even if youa€™d been struggling with self-image issues all your life.
Ia€™ll explain how to use this wonderful law to PROPEL yourself out of the place where you are, to the place where you belong. Youa€™re getting tips, tricks, and techniques to affirm your identity and attract wealth as far as the eye can see.
Ia€™ll explain a common burnout-causing mistake, and youa€™ll learn an enjoyable way to avoid stress… yet still get your work done. Discover why you should practice psychological aikido and not judo… and why this will make a difference to your bank account.
Practice this counter-intuitive technique and youa€™ll open the floodgates to more wealth and abundance.
Discover how people who ticked you off today can actually inspire you to reach the next level of success. Once you chop it down, you can start to expect unprecedented health, wellness and wholeness. Imagine everyone looking to YOU for advice and support a€” well, this can be your reality when you change just two small habits.
Discover why a€?grow or diea€? is a belief you MUST install in order to remove stagnation and procrastination… once and for all.
Youa€™ll learn how to be ecstatically joyful and at peace, practically within minutes, when I reveal the surprising root of all kinds of happiness. My stunning Prickly Nest secret will disrupt negative thoughts, increase your tenacity and inspire you to totally OWN life.
Youa€™ll learn 2 words that will enable you to navigate past the far-reaching failure of the global banking system and real estate markets. The proven technique to keep your eyes on what you want (despite your past mistakes.) Youa€™ll also learn a valuable lesson from a horse rider on how to overcome a€?action paralysisa€™.
My biggest passion is helping you to get the results you want and deserve, so Ia€™ll do whatever I can to support your success. What Bob taught mea€¦ has allowed me to make millions of dollars for myself and others while living an extraordinary fulfilling life. Ita€™s not going to be easy a€“ but it will definitely be worth it, and ita€™s definitely possible. Today a€“ a year later a€“ I own my business, employ two people and will soon need a third. My wife and I purchased a three-bedroom home in a suburb of New Orleans, and are currently completing a $75,000 kitchen and den renovation.

So youa€™ll also get instant access to *5 Principles for Winning The Mind Game*, which means youa€™ll possess all the skills you need to create lasting success in your life. The enlightening findings are well documented in documentaries like What The Bleep Do We Know and books like The Intention thingy by Jane lady. In fact, science appears to suggest more and more that we create our own reality with the power of our intent. Do an online search and youa€™ll find countless people who swear by the effectiveness of a€?attractiona€?.
Personal circumstances, your mindset and self-image, how often you listen to the audios and the action you take are all factors that can affect this.
If your current mindset is especially a€?scarcitya€? focussed, you may even need to go through the entire program before you see noteworthy results. While the quest for finding missing links continued, I have found this 11 forgotten laws of attraction and felt great relief as 11 forgotten laws could connect all dots. First of all, the 11 forgotten laws needs to be understood well before effective application in your life. And right now they are running a half off sale, so I recommend you go get it while you can! Youa€™ll start seeing the most astonishing coincidences working towards the benefit of your pocket. You will no longer scrimp and save but be embraced by the fullest abundance of the Universe. Again, play it, close your eyes, hold your fist tightly and resist the urge to run because these principles are not easy to learn. Find hidden treasures and gems of wisdom in this positive, powerful book of international acclaim.
Add this secret ingredient to your thought patterns and be finally set free to be the great person you’re destined to be.
I began coaching, which soon turned into public speaking and now I teach workshops on accelerated goal achieving and I have had massive success with my network marketing company and my personal business, as well as being a published author. ALSO: A valuable lesson from equestrian riders on overcoming the paralysis in stepping out. You will want to do this daily, it’s as pleasurable as taking a nice hot bath or receiving a wonderful massage. As the economy collapses and takes down your savings,and job with it, you can choose to ignore it and hope that things will recover and life will resume as normal.
You can get the guidance and advice that will amplify the Law of Attraction and put you on the path to quick and lasting prosperity. It’s time to ACCEPT this risk-free invitation to join me and Mary in THE FORGOTTEN LAWS. The $299 course is a physical course, but today, we’ll let you download the contents for $199.
Bob’s insight enabled me to jump-start my business in a way I would have never been able to do without his help.
The $297 course is a physical course, but today, we’ll let you download and try the digital contents for JUST $5. You were born to succeed but if you fail to believe that, nothing you do in life will prosper. While you are holding it still and are unable to perceive any motion in that arm at all, know that the electrons which compose the arm, are moving, shaking, quivering, or vibrating, at the rate of 186,300 miles per second.The arm appears still to you, but in reality it is in a constant state of motion. Or maybe youa€™re one of the millions of people I have already helped over the past 52 years. And you might even be settling for a life of mediocrity, rather than the extravagant abundance that is your birthright. So youa€™re also getting PDF Transcripts for all 95 lesson tracks (in an easy to search eBook). Youa€™ll find hidden treasures and gems of wisdom in this positive, powerful, life-changing book.
Master this and youa€™ll begin to manifest every one of your hearta€™s desires… with real ease and enjoyment. Add this secret ingredient to your thought patterns and youa€™ll finally be set free to enjoy the abundant beliefs which are your birthright. Youa€™ll be able to smash your own records and explode through any goal once you know these Olympian-inspired techniques. Welcome to the secret principle of systematic giving that unleashes incredible returns a€” time after time.
Let me show you how to notice and fully capitalize on opportunities a€” time and time again. A turnip seed does not produce potatoes… and thata€™s the real reason youa€™re not yet reaping the bountiful harvest you want.
If for any unlikely reason this training doesna€™t live up to any of these promises, drop my team an email and you will be refunded up to 90 days from your date of purchase. Broken down into 11 easy-to-follow modules, Bob will help you eliminate scarcity thinking and install an Abundance Consciousness. However, as time passed people started finding missing gaps and over a period of time curiosity faded naturally.
Bob Procter also admitted that The Secret was actually incomplete, and held a teleseminar introducing 11 extra Laws of Attraction that were not mentioned in The Secret.
As these laws are universal, application of them can bring out best from you and improve your overall quality of life, whether you seek money, fame, or just a comfortable life with friends and family. Two months ago (August 1st, 2008) I opened my first Spa, just 6 months after starting Bobs program. And get ready for one of the most thrilling and exciting weeks of financial and mental breakthroughs that you’ll ever enjoy. Even in the first 10 minutes, you’ll start feeling a jolt of hope coming spark through you, as you participate along to the simple exercise.
Here’s a powerful technique that will give you the keys to bounce back richer and more powerful than before! But at the risk of sounding harsh—with so much at stake, can you really, really afford to do that? The Forgotten Laws will introduce you to a reality where money, health, and love are in limitless abundance. You save a whopping 30% and yet you get the EXACT same contents PLUS the bonuses and the Online Learning System. I wholeheartedly recommend Bob Proctor to everyone who is ready to transform their existing reality. When we desire something we are instantly connected with the invisible side of whatever good we desire. Of course, although such motion is imperceptible to the naked eye, under a high-powered microscope it would become very apparent, indeed.Now, begin to shake your arm. In this life-changing session youa€™ll learn how to properly harness the incredible potential of thought — and start manifesting what you want. Herea€™s a powerful technique that will give you the keys to bounce back richer and more powerful than ever before. You save a whopping 66% and yet you get the EXACT same contents PLUS the bonuses and the Online Learning System.
It was already vibrating of its own accord, in obedience to the Law of Vibration (which teaches that everything is in constant motion). With their faces turned toward the sunshine, they attempt to see the good, even in the bad. To succeed in the best and fullest sense of the term we must, with nature as our model, copy her methods.
Such individuals habitually think thoughts of a positive nature and they are a blessing to the world. In her principles and laws we shall discover all the secrets of success."Keep in mind that everything in this universe you can see with the naked eye and everything you cannot see, is an expression of Spirit. They are in a "Positive Vibration," and therefore attract other positive personalities to them.Negative personalities, on the other hand, habitually look upon the dark, gloomy, and depressing side of life. Everything is in a constant state of motion, and therefore, there is no such thing as "inertia", or a state of rest.
Therefore, Holliwell is right-we definitely should copy nature's methods.For years I have held up an acorn in the seminar and used it as a device for helping people to gain a better understanding of how the law of attraction actually works in their lives. They think about it, anticipate it, expect it, and invariably they receive what they have been seeking. Due to the negative vibration which they keep themselves in, they of course attract other miserable personalities to them. Since thought is one of the highest forms of vibration, it is very potent in nature and therefore, it must be understood by all of us.Now, the Law of Vibration may be explained in many different ways, depending upon the purpose for which it is being explained. In this chapter, however, it is our intention to confine our inquiry to thoughts alone, so we may thereby improve our understanding of the Law of Attraction. Their faces take on the expression, in physical form, of the negative thoughts which they are holding in their minds.
For example, so long as the acorn is kept out of the earth, it is slowly but surely disintegrating. However, as soon as you plant the acorn in the earth, the patterned plan or the vibratory rate of the acorn sets up an attractive force and the acorn begins to attract everything that vibrates in harmony with it.
Having created their own hell for themselves, they seem to enjoy wallowing in it.The law of Polarity and Relativity states that for every positive there is an equal and opposite negative.
If you were able to observe with the naked eye exactly what is taking place, you would see a "parade" of particles of energy-a never-ending stream of them-marching in a very orderly manner toward the acorn. Therefore, both of these personality types are necessary, so you can develop the awareness to distinguish one from the other, and in that manner, choose the one which will advance you in life.You do have Free Will.
As they came in contact with the molecules making up the acorn, they would join, marry, become one, and of course, the acorn would expand, become larger, grow.Now consider this - if you were to put two drops of water and two drops of oil on an arborite table and then you were to move them together, the two drops of water would resonate and become one larger drop of water, as they came in contact with each other. On the other hand, if you were to move the water toward the oil, they would actually repel each other because they are not in harmonious vibration. Likewise, with the acorn, the only things which join with the acorn are those particles of energy which are vibrating in harmony with it.
The human brain, similarly, is probably the most efficient electrical instrument ever created. All the other particles of energy, which make up the earth, are repelled.As the acorn expands from the never-ending stream of molecules which are attracted to it, little shoots begin to come out of the bottom and out of the top of it. Both are truly marvels.The brain is the part of the body where all manner of frequencies are transformed from one frequency level into another.
As they grow or expand and burst through the earth into the earth's atmosphere, this attractive force continues, and particles of energy from the atmosphere are attracted to it (just as the particles of energy in the earth were attracted to it). Sound, heat, light and thought are also, each in their turn, transformed into other frequencies, each affecting the body.Within the brain there are centers which control and regulate the functioning of all organs and parts of the body. As the acorn continues to expand, at some point it ceases to be an acorn and it begins to become an oak tree. By means of the proper stimulation of these centers, the functioning of the organs may thereby be controlled.
The roots, the trunk, the bark, the branches, the twigs, and the leaves, are all in the universe and they are attracted to the acorn, because of the nucleus or the patterned plan which rests within the seed.Now, unlike the human creature, the acorn does not have the ability to change its vibratory rate. In our seminars, we refer to this phenomenon as the vibratory control of the body.In the final analysis, the brain is simply a vibratory instrument.
It can therefore only grow into what it has been programmed to grow into; namely, an oak tree.
However, the problem which we encounter is that the vast majority of people are not aware of the connection between their vibrations and their results in life.It is, unfortunately, a very common sight to see people in bad or confused vibrations, busily attempting-through force-to achieve good results.
However, the difference between you and the acorn is that since you are a co-creator, you can choose your own programming. However, due to the negative vibration which they are in, they are continually being bombarded by all manner of negative people and situations, which by law, are being attracted to them. Therefore, the image you choose to hold, on the screen of your conscious mind, and plant deeply in the treasury of your subconscious mind is the patterned plan or the nucleus which determines what you will eventually grow into. Consequently, at some point, their battle must become overwhelming for them.These people may be likened to a person who is jumping off the top of a building, and trying to go up, at one and the same time. The images which you plant in your marvelous mind instantly set up an attractive force, which governs your results in life.
You must remember though, if your image is continually fluctuating, you will continually be growing into something different and that sets in motion a most chaotic process. Unfortunately, those individuals who are unaware of these very exact laws are planting images of plenty in their minds one minute and then images of poverty the next.
Scientists today support this thesis and every new scientific discovery tends to lend even more credibility to it.However, by virtue of your Free Will and the many other mental factors in your marvelous mind, you have the Co-Creative ability to cause vibratory changes to take place at your bidding in your life.
They are continually "switching" vibrations, so they are attracting good things one minute and then bad things the next. The sad truth is, the vast majority of people spend their entire lives oscillating between these two extreme positions, with the resulting effect that their lives become disordered and chaotic to the "nth" degree.Although it is true that everything you will ever want is already here, it is up to you to get into harmony with it. Clearly, you will never get into harmony with prosperity, if you insist upon holding images of lack and limitation in the storehouse of your marvelous mind. When two objects are in resonance or vibrating at the same speed, the vibratory rate may be transmitted from one to the other through the medium of the electron. Since you are always magnetized toward something, it follows it can never be anyone else's fault, when something comes into your life you supposedly do not want. Understand you have ordered it and it is being delivered to you, right on schedule!(Excerpted from You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor.)[tab:END]What do you think of what Bob taught in this video or the Law of Attraction in general? Still, they are in resonance with one another, due to the fact their ultimate magnetic fields are the same. They are within the same sphere of relative motion, and this holds true, irrespective of their size, shape, or the elements of which they are composed.All electromagnetic waves, or quantums, have their own particular rate or frequency, which corresponds to the number of changes in direction they make per second. The electromagnetic wave spectrum is simply a "Scale of Vibration," and it is subdivided into specific regions.Nevertheless, one must always remember these regions are not actual divisions, but merely arbitrary spaces covering frequencies that manifest in our senses in different ways. Each region actually "blends" into the one above and the one below, and in truth, there are no definite lines of demarcation.Everything Is An Expression Of The Same Thing Everything in this entire universe is connected to everything else in this entire universe, through the Law of Vibration. Just as the colors in a rainbow are connected in such a way that you are not able to tell where one color stops and the other begins, so too are you unable to distinguish where one "thing" starts and another one stops. Everything in this universe is connected to everything else in this universe, just as the water that boils is connected to the steam into which it transmutes, and the steam is connected to the ether or air into which it changes.You too are connected to everything in the universe. The only physical difference which exists between one thing and another, relates to the density or the amplitude of their vibration.Therefore, as soon as you choose certain thoughts, your brain cells are affected.
When you concentrate on those thoughts, you increase the amplitude of vibration of those cells, and the electric waves, in turn, become much more potent.Know that it is you who is originating those electric waves and know that you are also determining the density of them by your own free will. You must also know, since you are originating these electric waves, your whole being is being put in that particular vibration.We have already covered the point that two objects may be of entirely different material and shape, and yet still be in Resonance. This is due to the fact their ultimate magnetic fields are the same, because they are within the same sphere of relative motion. When the "tune in" between you and them has been completed, or when the composite personality has been established between you and the other person, the other person receives and becomes conscious of the vibrating thought which is being broadcast by you.Under the Law Of The Perpetual Transmission And Transmutation Of Energy, the other person, being a low potential of energy, takes on this added energy which is being sent out by you. And, like a weak battery, the other person becomes recharged, more energetic, and more positive as a result of his contact with you.The process of transmitting energy between you and the other person is exactly the same as the process which takes place between the broadcasting station and the radio.
That is to say, laws which are identical in nature, govern both phenomena.Vibrations And Attitude Every physical thing throws off a vibration. Everything which you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch, throws off a vibration because these things, like everything else, are in a constant state of motion. Whenever you get near enough to them to enter into their "sphere of vibration," you will be affected by that vibration, whether you realize it or not.
Have you ever noticed, for example, how peaceful you feel (vibrate) while walking alone in the woods?The Law operates exactly in the same way in the mental realm. For when a person thinks a thought, it means the person has consciously or unconsciously started a group of brain cells vibrating abnormally. Once these brain cells, being things, begin to vibrate abnormally, they throw off a wave of electronic energy which moves out seeking a place to land.If you are in the sphere (space) of their vibrations and you happen to have similar cells which are in rapport (in harmony or agreement) with the ones vibrating in the other person's brain, then you receive these vibrations and are affected mentally by them, either negatively or positively.
A condition of resonance being present, those vibrations will start your brain cells vibrating and your entire being will move into that vibration.
You will become irritated or angry (even though you may, or may not know, the cause of your own anger).
If you do not understand what has happened, you will be at a loss to change the conditions which caused the effect in the first place.The same principle applies to all mental vibrations. Energy is released, therefore, in the form of electrons which travel out according to the intensity of the thought involved. But bear in mind, the only thing which stops a thought, is that which resonates with that thought. This means, if you should run into an electromagnetic vibratory field of negative thoughts, you will, if you are that type of person, become negative yourself. As a result, you could become like a "ship without a rudder," tossed about at the mercy of whatever is vibrating or "in the air." However, once you understand the Law of Vibration, you are in a position to insulate yourself against the negative vibrations. That is to say, laws which are identical in nature, govern both phenomena.Vibrations And AttitudeEvery physical thing throws off a vibration. You can then be in control of yourself, in the true sense of the word, and you will begin to attract to you the things and circumstances that you choose.Become A Mental MagnetAttract What You Need For The Physical Manifestation Of Your ImageIf it is true that energy, or Spirit, is neither created nor destroyed and everything in its original state is either energy or Spirit, it necessarily follows that everything you will ever want is already here. As they grow or expand and burst through the earth into the earth’s atmosphere, this attractive force continues, and particles of energy from the atmosphere are attracted to it (just as the particles of energy in the earth were attracted to it). Since you are always magnetized toward something, it follows it can never be anyone else’s fault, when something comes into your life you supposedly do not want.
Understand you have ordered it and it is being delivered to you, right on schedule!(Excerpted from You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor.)What do you think of what Bob taught in this video or the Law of Attraction in general?

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