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In reality, the local EEOC in 1980 observed that what the agency had done was a "decision to terminate." This had been done without adherence to any of the mandatory notice criteria of law. As not true, indeed the subject of my whistleblowing, I would not change my anticipated testimony!
Devine and Aplin, "Whistleblower Protection—Gap Between Law and Reality," 31 Howard Law J (#2) 223-339 (1988), cite a pattern of universal malice hostility against whistleblowers. Courts do not "subscribe to the oft-repeated contention and argument that the use of the word 'violence' . And of course, says EEOC (Exhibit 4), standard civil rights law, 42 USC § 2000e et seq, and 29 USC §§ 791, 794(c) authorizes such appointment.
Benacquista's conduct violating the rule of law (see details of his deposition), deprives the employer, the U.S. By law, 18 USC §§ 1341, 1343, and 1346, mail fraud defrauding employer of "honest services" is illegal.
Knowledge that Chiang and his KMT were constructing the world's preeminent heroin factory to support their cause would have flabbergasted almost everyone. If such shocking news about the Kuomintang could be kept secret for twenty or thirty years, one has to wonder what might have gone on with Nugan Hand in the 1970s—or what might be going on now—that is similarly being kept secret. If the petty harassment of Mao justified starting a new heroin trade, soon there was a much bigger stake. This intermingling of heroin traders and the government of South Vietnam only intensified under American administration, McCoy shows. Joe Nellis, of the special Congressional investigation: "The CIA did help bring some very powerful cheap heroin into Vietnam out of the Shan States, the northern states of Burma . A former military intelligence noncom tells of a 1960 operation in which an airstrip was hastily built on Borneo as a transfer point for goods going into and out of Vietnam.
Another former officer from the army's Criminal Investigation Division recalls a mammoth heroin scheme he and his colleagues uncovered by accident. The investigator, now a stockbroker, says that his investigation group filed reports to the Pentagon revealing that G.I. Devine and Aplin, "Whistleblower Protection—Gap Between Law and Reality," 31 Howard Law J 223 (1988), cite pattern of universal malice hostility against whistleblowers, including using false charges. Extortioners refuse "to process grievances." United States v Russo, 708 F2d 209, 212 (CA 6, 1983). Christopher Slobogin, "Testilying: Police Perjury and What To Do About It," 67 U Col L Rev 1037 (Fall 1996) cites references on pattern of recurring gov't experience using perjury to win cases. By letter dated April 26, 2001, complainant contacted the EEO office and alleged that he had been discriminated against in reprisal for prior EEO activity when a letter was sent from the agency to a United States Senator containing incorrect information regarding complainant's removal from federal service in January 1982.
Complainant alleges that he was subjected to reprisal when the agency sent a letter containing incorrect information about his case to his Senator. The agency's decision to dismiss the complaint for failure to state a claim was and is hereby AFFIRMED.
Requests to reconsider, with supporting statement or brief, must be filed with the Office of Federal Operations (OFO) within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of this decision or within twenty (20) calendar days of receipt of another party's timely request for reconsideration.
Failure to file within the time period will result in dismissal of your request for reconsideration as untimely, unless extenuating circumstances prevented the timely filing of the request. You have the right to file a civil action in an appropriate United States District Court within ninety (90) calendar days from the date that you receive this decision. If you decide to file a civil action, and if you do not have or cannot afford the services of an attorney, you may request that the Court appoint an attomey to represent you and that the Court permit you to file the action without payment of fees, costs, or other security. For timeliness purposes, the Commission will presume that this decision was received within five (5) calendar days after it was mailed.
We have asked for the $10,000.00 at this time so as to facilitate the completion of litigation. Defendant did not provide requested specifics, thus did not let Pletten reply, did not notify him of review rights, nor allow administrative review access such as all other federal employees are routinely provided as a matter of course, despite Pletten's decades of requesting same. As a party, Pletten did no such thing, was unaware of said allegation, disagrees entirely, and has repeatedly both before and after, been seeking the advance notice and specifics needed to reply, and the review process, each of which any non-whistleblower employee would routinely receive as a matter of course. Pletten never considered the issues "settled," issues of being terminated, suspended, put on forced LWOP contrary to the agency regulation 600-5.14-28 and 29, terminated, removed. This court case was dismissed 30 Jan 1986 due to "the parties" allegedly having "advised the Court" the "issues have been settled.
Such "tampering with the administration of justice in the manner indisputably shown here involves far more than an injury to a single litigant. To protect the public by preventing agencies from doing unjust, discriminatory, unreasoned terminations of employees, Congress requires agencies to state in writing their basis for even proposing to oust an employee 30 days in advance. Although the agency issues 30 days advance written notices pursuant to 5 USC § 7513.(b) to all others, it did not do so for me.
I remain an employee as a matter of law—the status of a federal employee against whom termination is effected without 30 days advance written notice. Until the "condition precedent" for change (re federal employees, proper notice) is met, the status quo ante (employment, marriage) remains in full force and effect.
Subsequent events do not create jurisdiction when lacking at filing, Star Scientific, Inc v R. The Defendant will claim that a major issue is deleterious cigarette smoke; that it treated it as an uncontrollable Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) requirement; and that I don't meet that qualification requirement! Death benefit is the amount on a life insurance policy or pension that is payable to the beneficiary when the annuitant passes away. Attorneys, friends, family members and reporters visiting death row inmates in Livingston, visit with them through the glass in this room. News about Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy allegedly heading for a divorce has been making the headlines as of late. On New Year's Eve, the couple were reportedly together to ring in 2016 with a kiss on the New York Times Square. However, McCarthy admitted she would be kissing just anyone if her husband, Donnie Wahlberg wasn't there. Since she released the statement, some speculators have taken in in a different way and have ignited rumors about an alleged divorce looming over the couple, apart from the other rumored reasons for the couple's differences.
On their first year anniversary back in August, one can remember that Jenny McCarthy revealed just how in love she is with Donnie Wahlberg.
During the previous months, reports claimed that the two were on the brink of a divorce due to many reasons.
On top of that, Donnie Wahlberg's brother, actor Mark Wahlberg and the rest of their family allegedly did not approve of Jenny McCarthy.

His marriage, for the last four years, had been ghastly, and now Einstein, in 1919, was finally getting a divorce - at which point their relationship improved, enough at least, to manage the divorce. Mileva would stay in Zurich, as would the boys; and when in 1921, Einstein won the Nobel Prize, he would send her the small fortune it awarded, as part of the divorce settlement. On the verso, Einstein has penned a fond letter to his boys about their education, his education, and ultimately, the education of the Jewish people in Palestine. Tagged on to this reminiscence of the past, however, is a nascent glimpse of the future - to the thing in life, Einstein said, that gave him the most pleasure. Same is done by ex parte means and criminal acts, e.g., extortion, embezzlement, mail fraud, falsifications, obstruction of justice including even that level of due process given slaves and criminals!
All he [Pletten] had to do was to say, 'I agree that this [the agency job-site] is reasonably free of contaminants.'" (Dep, p 62), Exhibit 1. I am so far in debt, having borrowed to live during these many years, that any other person would have sought bankruptcy relief. But an act which, in itself, is merely a voluntary muscular contraction, derives all its character from the consequences which will follow it under the circumstances in which it was done. Soon, criminologists and police chiefs everywhere were blaming addicts, desperate for money to buy a fix, for the soaring national crime rate and the resultant spread of fear through American cities and suburbs.
So would the knowledge that the heads of the American Legion and the Freedoms Foundation—the very soul of American anticommunism—would help run a bank for the heroin trade (even if Generals Cocke and Black were, as they have said, unwitting of Nugan Hand's dope deals). Curious about the cargos that were being dropped off by the first planes out of Vietnam, awaiting shipment back home, he says he pried open a crate that was labeled "munitions" but was suspiciously light of weight. Government not only promoted this drug traffic, it intervened to make sure the traffic wouldn't be discovered.
He says he and four others from his unit were investigating corruption in the sale of supplies to commissioned- and noncommissioned-officers' clubs.
He found that "[H]alf of the job is makin' up fact sheets and briefing papers—you know, statistical bullshit, how we're winnin' the war [on drugs]—so one of these clowns [high officials] can go on TV or testify before Congress." "Where do you get the statistics?" "Outta yer head, where else? Their pervasive attitude explains why prevention laws, anti-gateway drug laws, are not enforced. I repeatedly return to duty per Bevan v N Y St T R System, 74 Misc 2d 443; 345 NYS 2d 921 (1973) (employee also falsely accused of not meeting non-existent qualification requirement!) Army had provided me a qualifications waiver—then ousted me re 'qualifications'!
The agency found that complainant was not aggrieved by this letter and dismissed the complaint for failure to state a claim.
Furthermore, complainant has not shown that the incident he describes was so severe as to constitute harassment. The appellate decision will have a substantial impact on the policies, practices, or operations of the agency. This sum is being forwarded to our law firm as a partial distribution of retainer and attorney fees for our continuing representation of your claim. Inasnuch as you received sum $35,000.00 plus from the Office of Personnel Management, you were in a position, for the first time in our relationship, to forward a retainer for costs. Significance of Encls 1 and 4 is that this is the Macomb Circuit Court of which TACOM is so afraid, that it feared to appeal there when (overruling TACOM's claim of my inability to do my duties, e.g., write 1? page memos and the verbal contact process for same), the State of Michigan granted me unemployment compensation in the era when TACOM was still pretending that it had not removed me! The second significance includes the fact that a person cannot be a Michigan Court juror if suffering from a medical condition preventing duty performance.
As per my pattern of performance above and beyond, I prepared for voir dire, encl 3, and studied the full range of the historic jury function, and juror rights, via professionally-prepared writings on point, including but not limited to Dictionaries such as Black's Law and Oxford's English; Leonard W. Pletten moves to reopen this case on the basis that it was dismissed by fraud upon the court. Agency terms vary as it issued no 5 USC § 7513.(b) 30 days advance notice of charges and specifics. It is a wrong against the institutions set up to protect and safeguard the public." Hazel-Atlas Glass Co, 322 US 246. Where the agency committed a "gross procedural error" which "prolonged the proceeding" or "severely prejudiced" the employee.
Where the agency "knew or should have known that it would not prevail on the merits" when it brought the proceeding. Even if the claim were true (it is not; the whole claim is a fraud), "the job requirements and qualifications [of my job description, shared with others] had never been formally changed," Sabol v Snyder, 524 F2d 1009, 1011 (1975).
On the 14th-16th of January, he announced, he would be in Basel "in connection with the planned university in Palestine." The very idea of a Jewish University, which had been conceived in reaction to 19th century European anti-Semitism and discrimination - and so brought forth at the 11th Zionist Congress in 1913 - was of this writing, just a newly-laid cornerstone on Mt. If at all possible, I shall let you stay together in Zurich, especially if you can manage with less money.
However, as per the pattern of "universal malice" hatred of whistleblowers, we are the one exception group.
Benacquista could brazenly confess to the extortion (Exhibit 1) as per the policy against prosecuting crimes against whistleblowers.
When the acts consist of making a combination calculated to cause temporal damage, the power to punish such acts, when done maliciously, cannot be denied because they are to be followed and worked out by conduct which might have been lawful if not preceded by the acts.
Smith), for such crimes, but as per DOJ policy and practice, it does not prosecute when the crime occurs by supervisors against whistleblowers.
Officially, they happened only for the purpose of helping our "friends," the KMT, who never had a realistic chance of overthrowing Mao Tse-tung's new mainland government anyway. A former officer who did criminal investigations for the Pentagon in the Vietnam theater, and who now works on the staff of the inspector general for a major federal agency, vividly remembers political interference with criminal justice.
The intelligence gleaned from these people was more important than stopping the drug traffic." At least that's what he was told.
Witnesses were prepared to testify that the heroin-stuffed soldiers bore coded body numbers, allowing conspiring officers on the other end, at Norton Air Force Base in California, to remove the booty—up to fifty pounds of heroin per dead G.I. McCoy, Politics of Heroin (NY: Harper & Row, 1972) cites government role in drugs back to WWII. An agency shall accept a complaint from any aggrieved employee or applicant for employment who believes that he or she has been discriminated against by that agency because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disabling condition. The Commission will consider requests for reconsideration filed after the deadline only in very limited circumstances.
The $10,000.00 will be applied to costs tnat we have forwarded on your behalf over the last several years. In view of the War on Terrorism, the country needs people knowledgeable (as I am), of the underlying process in the drug abuse money trail long reported involved in financing terrorists. He is a whistleblower (in context of prevention of alcoholism, drugs, abortions, etc), citing noncompliance with existing rules that, if enforced, would aid in prevention. However, it has not provided the due process notice, citing charge(s) and specifics as required by 5 USC § 7513.(b).

TACOM fears letting an honest investigator or EEOC Administrative Judge "examine the position descriptions," look for "legitimate job requirements," Coleman v Darden, 595 F2d 533 (1979), Stalkfleet v Postal Service, 6 MSPB 536, 541 (1981).
Maybe I will manage to earn some foreign currency and thus be able to secure your staying in Zurich. No conduct has such an absolute privilege as to justify all possible schemes of which it may be a part. Lansdale and his crack teams of CIA operatives, the United States slowly took over from France the conduct of a war against various Indochinese independence movements.
Opening one, he says, he found small plastic bags of a white powder that he has no doubt was heroin.
If you file a request to reconsider and also file a civil action, filing a civil action will terminate the administrative processing of your complaint. Eventually, at the close of litigation, we anticipate recovering these sums by means of attorney fee awards. A full accounting of all of our fee requests and expenditures will be forwarded to you prior to the completion of litigation so that you can be assured that you have recovered your full entitlement to funds from the defendants.
I remain ready, willing, able, and eager to work, as always, and look forward to immediate RTD. Whistleblowers are known to be subjected to reprisal, fraud, and abuse by agencies, including crimes.
The size and structure of the payment is determined by the type of policy the annuitant held at the time of death. There was much to be done and Einstein, this letter attests, was involved in its establishment from the very beginning.
Cooper, "Handling Tobacco-Related Discrimination Cases in the Federal Government," 118 Milit Law Rev 143, p 35 of 39, n 206 (Fall 1987), pursuant to a long line of case law. The French, McCoy shows, had cooperated in the export of Golden Triangle heroin through Saigon in order to keep the cooperation of the corrupt local elite. By McCoy's and many other, first-hand, accounts, opium was regularly flown out on flights of the ClA's Air America (formerly Civil Air Transport).
All requests and arguments must be submitted to the Director, Office of Federal Operations, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, P.O. The sums forwerded by you as retainers will be offset as against any fees and will be fully accounted to you. Via its policy of not prosecuting crimes against whistleblowers, the Department of Justice consents, aids and abets. When review begins as for others, the 29 CFR § 1614 administrative investigator will apply said case law, thus enabling return to duty (RTD) instanter. Defendant knows there are minimal medical requirements for personnel work, due to the nature of the job, and those few are on the "Health Qualification Placement Form" (use of fingers, rapid mental and muscular coordination, near and far and color vision, hearing, clear speech, and mental and emotional stability), all of which Defendant's own Dr. When in fact Hebrew University opened six years later, in April 1925, Einstein told a reporter that "no public event has given me such pleasure as the proposal to establish a Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
The Commission's federal sector case precedent has long defined an "aggrieved employee" as one who suffers a present harm or loss with respect to a term, condition, or privilege of employment for which there is a remedy. The agency must take action to correct the error.Pletten was not complaining of some "action taken based on the letter," but rather that NO corrective action was taken. Filing a request for an attorney does not extend your time in which to file a civil action. He was an assistant to Hurwitz when I was a fledgling student; at that time I was tested by him in the Repetitozimmer.
The highly-connected tuxedo-clad criminal is left in place to provide intelligence to the [CIA]—and drugs to .
Fleming, et al., Initiation & Progression Of Early Substance Use, 14 Addictive Behaviors 261-272 (1989). Both the request and the civil action must be filed within the time limits as stated in the paragraph above ("Right to File A Civil Action"). Regardless, the qualifications [and 5 CFR § 752 removal-rules] writing agency of the federal government is the Office of Personnel Management, it denies such a qualification requirement exists (Exhibit 2). In the absence of a legible postmark, the request to reconsider shall be deemed timely filed if it is received by mail within five days of the expiration of the applicable filing period. But there is one divorce attorney in Austin who offers her services for free – to a very exclusive clientele. He should, by all means, get his education as long as he is still of an educable age and should not think of a profession too soon.
Overnight our war on drugs became a joke among South American drug traffickers." Ibid, page 36. Don't take much hand-luggage, just a small suit-case, on which you can sit if necessary, or, preferably, take a folding-chair. His ex-wife and 11-year-old son live in Hidalgo County, about a five-hour drive from Austin. He says Felps took care of his divorce, but more importantly, she was able to negotiate on his behalf for a joint custody agreement. Medrano says as much as he wanted Felps to make it to the custody hearing, on his behalf, he “was praying that she wouldn’t go.” Felps recruited her son to help her drive through the weather.
Medrano’s attorney thought Felps wouldn’t make it and asked the judge to proceed without her. But she did make it in – and now Medrano’s son, Dominique, is able to spend some time with his father three or four times a year. And knowing that my son wants to see me and can see me – keeps me fighting.” I visited Mary Felps multiple times for this story. During one visit, we drove up to the Huntsville cemetery where indigent death row inmates are buried.
Why does she spend her time and money tying up loose ends for men on death row, especially now, as she battles cancer?In turn, she asked me, “What would you do if it was your child?” It took a while for the question to sink in. Despite the crime, Felps says she could only see Martinez as a little boy – that abused and neglected eight year-old she tried to help years before. During our last visit, she giggled as she showed me the new hair growing under her carefully-styled wig. She also told me her doctor has OK'd her to go back to death row in Livingston – something she hopes to do this May.

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