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A successful architect meets the woman of his dreams and starts a relationship that will change his life.
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Dream lover reveals the extraordinary story of legendary singer, songwriter and actor bobby darin. Dream lover is a 1993 american erotic drama film written and directed by nicholas kazan and starring james spader and madchen amick. When at last I finished the book, I gathered up the pages and stacked them into a neat pile whose height surprised me.
But that day I left my study and called for my children, and when they came running to me, they embraced me with joy.

The story of Nic and Rachel who live in the present, their journey back in time via their dreams tell the love story of Rochelle and Nicolo who lived over 100 years ago. Both love stories are told seamlessly through the eyes of Nic and Rachel whose poignant love story also unfolds at the same time. Beautiful, endearing and heartwarming, Dream Lover is a must-read for paranormal romance junkies like me. A Renaissance woman, Marienela began her career as a software developer but due to a twist of fate, she became a fashion editor. Stifled by her loveless marriage and the limits society places on her, Aurore leaves her husband for Paris, a new lover and, most importantly, writing. Their love for each other are so deep and true that their sacrifice were rewarded as they worked to right a wrong.

Although she delights in her new life, Aurore is constantly battered by guilt for leaving behind her adored children.
Yet I felt awakened from a deep sleep, energized, right with the world and fully birthed into the proper profession. It might have pleased me I had known at that time that between the years of 1832 and 1835, I would have ten novels published, and in my lifetime, more than eighty.

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