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Throughout their expansive career, you can expect nothing short of an epic ride every time you hear a Dream Theater album. Through the years, the band has experimented heavily and has thrown everything they have into every single record they’ve put out.
The instrumentals are perfect, the melodies are moving and the lyrics are just as deep as you’d expect and even deeper!
The instrumental tracks, especially Enigma Machine, are some of the bands’ best work ever recorded! The album clocks in at just over an hour and will tap into every emotion to the extreme, if listened to as intended.

That’s what Dream Theater sets out to do every time they put out a record, speak to the soul, the mind and the heart as well as make a great record. However, this dream-like state they send you into is anything but ordinary, they can send you into the best dream you’ve ever had, as well as the most horrible nightmare that you can imagine.
It’s all in presentation, all of the instruments have to flow perfectly with one another to create something this euphoric. The band has, once again, pulled out all the stops to bring you something that they can truly be proud of.
From beginning to end, their newest self-titled endeavor is, quite possibly, the best Dream Theater album ever created.

Lose yourself in a euphoric state that can only be triggered by the likes of Dream Theater!

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