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A sick girl in a hospital bed with a doctor checking the medical record and a nurse holding a stethoscope.
Fans are about to lose their minds when it comes to the Jake Doe, Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) story line.
Now that Billy Miller has taken on the role of Jason Morgan (Jake Doe for now), fans have been waiting in anticipation for him to regain his memory, stop messing around with Liz (Rebecca Herbst), and realize that Sam and Danny are his family.
Recent General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jake will have a dream about Sam, which will include flashbacks of their life together. Some jumped on the Silas (Michael Easton) and Sam bandwagon, and there is no doubt that  Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sam make an adorably hot couple.

Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) just put a huge wrench in things after he hired a con artist, Hayden (Rebecca Budig) to pose as Jake’s long lost wife, in an attempt to get him away from Elizabeth Webber. GH rumors have been speculating that these flashbacks will ultimately lead to Jake discovering that Sam is his wife. Leave a comment and let us know if you are excited for Jason and Sam to be a family again with their son, Danny. But the fact remains, that Jason and Sam have YEARS of history, and no other man compares when it comes to being a match for fair Samantha.
This relationship which is just short of an entire decade has had a huge fan following since the beginning.

Every since Jason took Sam in while pregnant with Sonny’s baby, these two were meant to be.

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