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As we continue to support the world’s growing population, this expansion allows us to custom blend and package high-quality probiotic products for our customers in the fast-growing dietary supplement and food and beverage industries. DuPont has launched production at its state-of-the-art probiotic blending and packaging facility in China. In 2011, DuPont purchased a food processing plant north of Beijing and converted it into a new cutting-edge probiotic blending and packaging site to serve dietary supplement and food and beverage customers globally and more specifically China and the Asia Pacific region.
The probiotic formulations offer unique improvements for digestive and immune health and other well-being benefits for the dietary supplement, dairy and beverage markets. According to industry estimates, in 2012 the market for probiotics globally totaled more than $32 billion. DuPont has eight sites in China that provide a range of food ingredients, from emulsifiers, hydrocolloids (blended ingredients), enzymes and sweetener ingredients to food protection ingredients, soy protein, lecithin and fiber, and molecular diagnostic solutions. DuPont Nutrition & Health addresses the world’s challenges in food by offering a wide range of sustainable, bio-based ingredients and advanced molecular diagnostic solutions to provide safer, healthier and more nutritious food.

DuPont (NYSE: DD) has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials, and services since 1802. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. DuPont’s market-driven innovation is helping to enable a more sustainable future for urban societies. As Shanghai hosts the World Expo 2010, DuPont innovations are there to deliver improved energy solutions, safeguard buildings and provide versatile and creative design options for interior design, among other benefits. With the theme of “Better City, Better Life,” the World Expo 2010 highlights mankind’s vision for the future urban environment. DuPont – one of the first companies to publicly establish environmental goals 20 years ago – has broadened its sustainability commitments beyond internal footprint reduction to include market-driven targets for both revenue and research and development investment. Fifty-seven percent of the more than 200 respondents to this question say their efforts to attain sustainable packaging are focused on weight reduction.

DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers manufactures an extensive mix of adhesive, barrier, peelable lidding and sealant resins and provides a globally networked development team to work with customers on packaging programs that help protect the product, environment, improve shelf appeal, convenience and reduce cost in the food, cosmetics, medical products and other consumer goods and industrial packaging industries. The company believes that by collaborating with customers, governments, non-governmental organizations, and thought leaders we can help find solutions to such global challenges as providing enough healthy food for people everywhere, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting life and the environment.
Our innovations deliver benefits that reduce dependence on fossil fuels and protect people and the environment.

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