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55th International Deaf Day Message Rally: Suggested by Ernakulum District Association of the Deaf in Kerala State.
Muhammed Rafeeq (Assistant Commissioner of Police, Kochi City) inaugurated and opened celebrating and rally from Kochi City Marine Drive to Kochi Fort.
And today they donated (Stitching Machine) one Deaf lady who divorced her husband and felt her home alone so starts to work on her own independent and gets her earning life. The Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women was founded on 4th December, 2012, 1983 by a few hearing impaired women under the guidance of Miss.
Today the foundation has 400 members, armed with the ambition of covering all the hearing impaired women and teenagers.
The training provided in stitching and craft leads to employment to those who have artistic talents but have little chance of getting employment. Works of craft and stitching items are one of the regular features of Bombay Foundations activities.
This year the organization is hoping to locate a space where committee meetings and workshops can be held for which we need your support, which we are sure you will extend to us for the betterment of our society. Deaf Entertainment Team performed for two days (Drama, Sign Music, Short Documentary Movies). The university also constructed slopes for wheelchair users outside the hall with its own expense. Many relevant of the Project, family members, students from many schools attended the ceremony. The Project conducted the survey, in which identified 1,812 Persons with Disabilities, and collected the information, made a database and analyzed. The Project conducted the survey, in which interviewed more than 4,700 non disabled persons, and collected the information, made a database and analyzed.
There are 37 poets, which were written by famous local poets, PST member and Project Ex-Staff etc. The Project is preparing a wall and table calendar 2012 for awareness rising on disability issues. Lectures are conducted by Persons with Disabilities members, mainly by Empowerment Group members.
Lectures are conducted by Project Steering Team members, mainly by Empowerment Group members. Trainees easily understand the disability issues, because they participated in the workshops 50 times from Mar. Annual international Leadership conference of Persons with Disabilities was held for 3 days in Islamabad. Day 3Panel Discussion on Implementation of UNCRPD; Challenges aheadPanel Discussion on Mainstreaming disability into development through Inclusive Official Dev. Government of Pakistan and International Agency sent the joing evaluation team to the Project on June 2011. 14 members of SHGs and 17 ex-trainees of Family member Training attended the workshop and had instruction.

Literacy rate in Pakistan is behind other countries and specially illiteracy among women is still serious. The hosts appreciated to all organizations for their efforts for CRPD ratification of Government of Pakistan in July 2011. Output3Information Accessibility is improved-Guide Book for Persons with Disabilities are published-2,400 Guide Book are distributed-Visits to Resource Room are more than 50-Persons with Disabilities get information of disability related organizations after the intervention of the Project-Persons with Disabilities get information of Govt. The line graph show the Participation ratio of PST meeting as example of “Mieruka (Visualization)”.
A STAR Project has conducted four leadership trainings of Persons with Disabilities and family members. 5Disability Model, Social Participation of Persons with Disabilities and Role of Family MembersDr.
DASTAQ Association have been already established only by some ex-trainees of 3rd Leadership Training.
Many PWDs have began to visit his shop next to his house to ask him how to acquire Disability certificate. The Project has been trying to do various activities which cover all sectors shown in CBR Matrix. The Project made a plan of awareness raising through newspaper as effective activity in Ramadan. The major purpose of Pakistan was to bring Harmony and equality to the lives of its people. It is our responsibility to ensure the availability of all those services that can be rendered by us. All those activities should be discouraged where intermingling of all the people cannot take place.
A STAR Project has been training the project staff with disabilities for fifteen minutes in morning meeting. 1) A STAR Project Briefing, Information sharing and referential system among medical organizations. Network between A STAR and Cancer Support Group was constructed through these opportunities.
Cancer Support Group or its group member invited A STAR in the event of other organizations, which they belong. SEWA (DPO, A STAR PST member), Dastak (SHG, Ex-Staff) participated from District Abbottabad. The Project conducted the scavenging activities near two lakes, which are famous for resort.
The attitude of both lakes are more than 3,000 m and people from all over the country visited there.
The Project has been conducting the training of project staff since the beginning of the Project. 2) Information sharing about the problems that they are facing due to the low literacy rate.

The Project conducted the workshop on SHGs, which was targeted for project inside-outside personnel. 2) Gender consideration in disability issue is one of most important matter at international level.
Every participant understood SHG should be small group and there is no necessity of office.
SHG is to be formatted according to their needs and taking the condition of Union Council into consideration. SHG should include all Persons with Disabilities and Non-Disabled Persons as Family member for volunteers.
He was told by the organizers that the stall of A.STAR Project is the Second best stall of the festival. Arti Umrotkar lectured about the history of Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women, and empowered and shared with their experienced and get their goal and gave some games with logically and knowledge and showed some advertisements of Deaf Entertainment Mumbai. Deepa A Virginkar, Aruna J Varadkar, Bakula K Dalal and Aruna A Vaidya managed to bring together about 65 hearing impaired women at Hindu Gymkhana hall, with the ideas of uniting hearing impaired women in Maharashtra.
With the efforts of the managing committee, members are learning new and different things, like art, craft, stitching, embroidery, cooking etc. During the year through references The Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women participated in INDUS international, Gandhi Smarak Nidhi and other exhibitions.
Sophia Shetty who works with Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women arrived in Ernakulum junction and attended 55th International Deaf Day in Kochi city (Kerala State) on 29th September, 2012. On this picture, Nizar Moideen is the General Secretary of All Association of the Deaf and Ex-Committee Member of All India Federation of the Deaf. She felt that it would be a great place to bring the deaf women and their families together.
They also take part in competitions in different parts of India, write, direct and act in skits and perform folk dances.
Due to the good quality of stitching and craft products our stall provides great attraction to the consumers but also generates sufficient funds for the members salaries. Over the years our Navratri Program has become a great success encouraging our members to participate and polish their skills.
The Members also participate in exhibitions and selling handicraft goods made by themselves. In this way we strive to encourage, inspire and uplife hearing impaired women through and array of regularly organized activities. Arti Umrotkar joined the new member of Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women in March, 2011 after the training programme from 11th Duskin Leadership in Japan, Tokyo.

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