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The online PhD in Educational Leadership programs, online doctorate in education degree, will enhance educators or scholars’ knowledge and skills for managing and improving complex higher educational organizations in the areas of policy budgeting, teacher management and educational administration.
The online doctoral students may specialize in Post Secondary Administration, Community College Administration, Human Resource Development, Educational Administration, Special Education Leadership, Education Policy, or other related educational areas.
Below is list of some core and specialized courses of doctorate in educational leadership online programs. There are a number of accredited universities in USA offering online PhD education programs, EdD degrees or Doctorate degrees in educational leadership programs.
View more details in particular doctorate in educational leadership programs and accreditation from the university’s websites. Search details of online education accreditation for an educational leadership or school you select. The mainly university offering Online PhD in Educational Leadership, offer financial aid options, covering Federal Financial Aid Plan, Federal or State Direct Loans, student loans, private loans, fellowships, scholarships or grants with specific conditions.
Graduated students with online doctorate in educational leadership programs pursue career in consulting firm, corporation, local and federal government, four-year colleges, university and nonprofit organization. Career positions for graduated educational leadership doctorate students may be in student services, higher education administration, enrollment management, academic support leadership. Below is list of average salary in USA 2013 for people with doctorate degree in educational leadership. Find more details of the Online PhD in Education Programs or related information cover doctorate educational leadership, Ed.D.
Online PhD in Psychology Programs Browse Online PhD in Psychology Programs. We strive to provide information on this website that is accurate, complete and timely, but we make no guarantees about the information, the selection of colleges, school accreditation status, the availability of or eligibility for financial aid, jobs and employment opportunities or education or salary outcomes. Online master’s degrees in educational leadership and administration serve a very specific purpose in the academic industry.
See below for some of the most affordable, best online master’s degrees in educational leadership, administration, and supervision. Capella University works with students to help them pursue their dreams to become teachers by offering affordable online educational leadership programs. This nationally recognized program in education boasts a credible curriculum that the Educational Leadership Constituents Council (ELCC) approves. This completely online graduate degree in educational leadership caters to the needs of both professional administrators and teachers. California State University – Northridge offers accredited online educational leadership degree (masters). For a look at one of the best online master’s degrees in educational leadership available, students should check out CSU Northridge.
Listed as the 35th best online graduate program in education online, Lamar University offers accredited online educational leadership programs for prospective teachers.
Take online educational leadership degree (masters) at Nicholls State University for a career in education. This two-year program in school leadership combines innovative class lectures with practical, hands-on learning.
Bridgewater State University offers online education leadership degree programs at affordable rates for students looking into becoming a teacher. One of the benefits of attending Bridgewater State University is the option to choose between multiple specialization options in the online master’s degree in educational leadership program – four, to be exact. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette describes its education department as “innovative,” “interdisciplinary,” and “research-based.” The graduate program in education offers three specializations, one of which is educational leadership (the other options are curriculum and instruction and gifted education).
Take online education leadership degree programs at Ottawa University for just under $11,000 a year. Ottawa University offers a number of graduate programs in education, including an affordable online master’s degree in educational leadership and administration.
Kennesaw State University houses one of the prestigious education departments approved by the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education. Take online educational leadership programs at Northcentral University from any computer with access to the internet. The educational leadership program at Northcentral covers all aspects of K-12 education, emphasizing current trends in school systems and exploring diverse learning communities. Students have to complete certification based on the requirements in their state, and can usually find information through their local department of education.
The University of Texas of Permian Basin offers online education leadership degree programs at affordable rates for students that want to make a difference in our communities by teaching. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin offers an education graduate program that asks its students to answer just one question: “Are you ready to be a leader?” Students who are willing to put in the effort and have a lot of ambition will love the master’s degree in educational leadership online, which prepares learners for jobs as school principals, district superintendents, and everything in between. Western New Mexico University offers online online educational leadership programs at affordable rates for our future teachers. Western New Mexico University’s online master’s degree in educational leadership and administration features full NACTE accreditation, superior professors, and a comprehensive virtual learning system. Work towards a career in education or teaching at Western Governors University by taking education leadership degree programs for less than $7,000 a year. Professionals who are looking to advance their careers through a popular, accredited, and affordable online program will find everything they need at Western Governors University.
Chadron State College, being noted for its affordable prices and low-stress environment offers online educational leadership programs for less than $6,000 a year (in and out of state). Chadron State’s online master’s degree in educational administration offers a slightly different option for professionals interested in learning more about leadership. For under $6,000 a year, work towards a career in education at the American College of Education by taking education leadership degree programs courses. The American College of Education is the perfect choice for students who want to attend an entire institution devoted to their field of study. Iris Stone began her writing career when she started working as a freelance writer and researcher in 2011.
The study costs are the estimated average costs over the duration of the doctorate programs. See financial aid plan for higher education doctorate students in each university websites. The salary may be vary in different cities in the United States and may be increased annually. Our original search for programs in this area produced over 50 results, but not all schools are created equal. Capella’s entire professional educational unit has approval from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, which includes the online master’s degree in educational administration. Students move through the program in cohorts, a method that allows them to get to know their classmates and enjoy a greater level of academic support. Students do much of their studying under the guidance of a mentor, who can help them develop the leadership skills they need. News and World Report as one of the top universities, the innovative University of Louisiana offers online educational leadership programs at affordable rates for future educators. Online classes use the popular “Moodle” system, which makes it easy for students to log on and complete coursework at their own convenience. At less than $11,000 a year, students can obtain a private school education for a price comparable to most public institutions. News and World Report as having one of the best educational programs, Kennesaw State University offers an educational leadership degree online.
Like many distance education majors, the online master’s degree in educational leadership operates in a cohort model.

Because the degree does not include certification or licensure, it is available to students in every state and even those abroad. The program has garnered approval from the Teacher Education Accreditation Council, and nearly 90% of student reports on College Prowler indicate their academic experience was worth the investment. WNMU’s long history of academic excellence (starting from when it first opened its doors in 1893) lends itself to continued merit in the 21st century. The incredibly cheap online master’s degree in educational leadership and administration also boasts full NACTE approval and a top ranking from the National Council on Teacher Equality. All ACE majors have some relevance to education, which includes the affordable online master’s degree in educational leadership. Her freelance business soon took off and she now owns and operates a writing and editing firm that works with clients all across the country. These costs can vary based on schools or universities, transferred credits, and the number of credits for concentration. However, some programs do require applicants to already hold a teaching credential in their home state.
Using low tuition as the primary factor, we narrowed the list to this selection of the 15 cheap degrees. The School Leadership specialization prepares teaching professionals to work as supervisors and principals, focusing intently on the skills necessary to articulate, develop, and implement important objectives in the school system. The program generally only lasts about 15 months, allowing online learners to invest minimal time in their education while still maintain a full-time job. In addition, includes it on its list of 25 top online master’s degrees in educational administration.
The accredited online master’s degree in educational leadership actually comes with multiple specialization options, including higher education administration and technology leadership, in addition to the K-12 concentration. Potential classes include “Introduction to Educational Leadership and School Reform,” “Research Applications for School Leaders,” “’Technology for School Administrators,” and “Curriculum Improvement.” Bridgewater is the largest producer of educators in the state of Massachusetts, holding a Title II first quartile ranking (the highest available). Most of the professors in the department are former K-12 teachers themselves, which puts them in a superior position to disseminate personal experience and targeted advice to future education professionals. Online learners benefit from small class sizes and a community atmosphere – qualities that many students miss when choosing distance education. Students work together to build dynamic leadership skills and tackle the issues most important to school administrators. News for its master’s degree in education, earning special acclaim for its student services, technology, accreditation, and community engagement.
The department is committed to helping students earn not just a quality education, but also save serious cash. The entirely online degree pushes students far beyond the typical bounds of the education field, requiring them to also study governance, law, finance, strategic planning, process management, writing, and measurement and analysis. At approximately $5,500 a year in tuition fees, this university fills the #1 spot for cheap online colleges.
Despite the time it takes to run a business she still does much of the writing herself, and her work has included a variety of content related to education policy, colleges and universities, academic programs, and graduates’ careers. Either way, students who pursue a master’s degree in this field can significantly widen their career prospects, finding work as principals, department heads, district supervisors, and more.
To confirm that these schools are truly a great value, we then confirmed that each one offers a reputable education and useful, relevant courses.
Students also learn basic leadership skills that allow them to promote others’ success, share their vision, and foster an effective learning culture. The specific emphasis in technology allows teachers and administrators to train for the inevitable increase in internet usage and computer systems in the classroom. The two-year program is entirely online and offers training at every grade level, from preschool to senior year.
Both programs live within the department of Educational Leadership, which also offers a PhD program for the truly ambitious. The curriculum focuses on helping professionals manage operations in schools, improve curricula, and create a motivational environment for others. Its education program has a long history and holds a prominent position in the teacher preparation community. Note that this class is NOT available entirely online; students must live in or near Lafayette and be able to attend certain face-to-face sessions. With Ottawa, students push past the foundational theories of leadership and also explore communication, supervision and assessment, diversity, and other topics essential to being a well-rounded leader.
The program consists of five total modules, which include both synchronous and asynchronous courses. Required classes include “Professional Development and Assessment,” “Legal Aspects of Education,” and “School Finance and Budgeting.” Students also complete two internships as a way of gaining valuable hours of supervised fieldwork. These additional skills can help students enhance their credentials and become more appealing to employers. The program closely adheres to Educational Leadership Policy Standards and requires an immersive internship experience. Her interests actually span far beyond writing, and she is currently studying to be a physicist!
Educational leadership is the process by which these leaders work alongside teachers and other educators to guide them toward the overall improvement of educational processes in elementary, secondary and postsecondary academic institutions.Professionals in educational leadership roles are people who work to do more than simply manage and complete administrative tasks. Start with the relatively more expensive universities, and then scroll down until you see which college offers the cheapest degree! Multiple publications recognize SDSU’s quality, including Money Magazine, The Daily Beast, and the Carnegie Foundation.
Graduates find jobs as principals, administrators, directors, superintendents, and even deans. The administration-focused track takes a more traditional approach to leadership training, while the technology track predictably focuses on more contemporary methods of curriculum communication. In 2014, the university earned a “College of Distinction” rating both nationally and in the state of Kansas, and also boasts a “military friendly” label.
Current teachers benefit from a schedule that coincides with local public school calendars, ensuring that learners don’t have to sacrifice their work commitments. Ideally, applicants to the program will already have a teaching certificate and so will be in the best position to build on their foundational skills. Classes cover assessment strategies, supportive learning environments, diverse learners, research methods, and much more.
They are leaders who are educated in the most effective ways to improve educational systems as well as drive and institute better educational policies. Another benefit of the program is the cohort model, which encourages students to form a “tightly knit community,” engaging in thought-provoking discussions and sharing pertinent experiences. News gives NSU the #42 spot on its list of top public schools, plus the #87 spot on its list of top regional universities (south).
News both praise ULL’s quality, and the school even earned a spot on the 2014 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.
College Prowler survey participants recognize CSU for being both affordable and low-stress.
The college even helps applicants to the online master’s degree in educational leadership determine what the specific requirements are in their state. Those individuals who earn their online Doctor of  Education (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership are typically found working as school principals, superintendents, departmental chairpersons or academic deans. Although online doctoral programs in educational leadership are a relatively new phenomenon, these ten programs stand out as the best of many. The online learning format used in this program is designed to accommodate the various learning styles of many adults and provide a cooperative cohort for advanced thinking and problem solving.

The program is comprised of a problem-based curriculum, experiential dissertation projects, and individually designed concentrations that allow for a customized degree. The focus of this program is critical thinking, scholarly research, writing, and an education within a Christian worldview. The Doctor of Education in Advanced Educational Leadership was created for students who currently possess an administrative endorsement or who have no desire to pursue endorsement through the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). This means that the program is more customized and prepares students for careers serving as educational leaders in a variety of positions.
Upon graduation from this program, graduates can pursue positions such as superintendents or other executive leadership and supervisory positions within educational organizations both public and private, educational consultants and practitioners, educational policy designers, or international educational reformers. Students complete 18 concentration hours from the K-12 School Leadership course list in addition to the program’s required courses.
Students enrolled in this program have the opportunity to earn their Ed.D in Educational Leadership in as little as eight semesters in an online environment. This doctoral training program is designed to meet the needs of full-time professionals; therefore, the convenience of online classes is a key priority. Each year, faculty members evaluate the applications that have been received and choose a cohort of students to begin the 60-hour program in the spring semester. Each concentration area prepares educators for advanced professional responsibility, leadership, and accountability for effective leadership in a variety of school and learning communities. This program provides working teachers and administrators with the ability to complete a top-notch doctoral program in education on their own schedule.
The online learning format features the Innovation and Education Reform Emphasis, which is designed to prepare informed, intuitive and critically-thinking educational leaders who can implement and study educational change in the rapidly evolving modern educational system. The focus is on betterment of students’ understanding of leadership and policy development and analysis, ultimately culminating in the dissertation. The doctoral dissertation is meant to contribute knowledge of a critical issue in educational leadership. The coursework is completed largely online, with five single-day courses delivered in Loveland, Colorado during the first three summers. Students’ doctoral dissertation defense must also be presented on campus during the final semester of enrollment. This program outlines the breadth and depth of educational administration and leadership by marrying theory with practice while emphasizing a solid practice and research program. The program is designed for busy professionals, offering opportunities to refine existing skills while building an advanced knowledge base. While enrolled in this program, students have ample opportunities to share ideas and experiences regarding leadership, educational issues, law and research. The program uses a cohort model, which further supports a collaborative learning environment. USU’s online program accepts a maximum of twenty students in each “cohort cycle.” This means that the same group of students begins, advances through, and completes the program concurrently. The Doctor of Philosophy in Education with a Concentration in Curriculum and Instruction prepares teachers and administrators to make noteworthy contributions as leaders in K-12 facilities or as faculty members in teacher education programs at the collegiate level.
The online format offers high-quality, faculty taught courses that are broadcast to specific RCDE campuses and centers throughout the late afternoon and evening hours.
All students enrolled in the Ph.D in Education program must fulfill required Research Core and Curriculum and Instruction Specialization Core coursework. This program also offers coursework across four disciplinary areas for completing requirements for the student’s chosen area of concentration. Students enrolled in this program spend a large amount of time developing and advancing their professional skills and gaining supervised practical experience through practica, internships and rotations.
The degree program is offered largely online and GWU is very proud of the high level of academics offered in their online degree programs. Additionally, students are offered all of the benefits and job prospects that come with a degree from GWU. Graduates from this program receive an excellent return on their investment, having acquired the knowledge and skill set needed to become leadership experts and implement change in their organizations.
During the first on-campus residency (at the start of the program), students meet their classmates, instructors and assigned advisors. During the second on-campus residency, students follow up on these leadership activities and defend their dissertation. This program is designed for those people who are currently education administrators and are dedicated to the advancement of the field through quality teaching, research and service.
The curriculum in this doctoral program was chosen to fulfill the licensing requirements in the state of Indiana for school superintendency. In addition to those required courses, flexibility has been built in so each student can customize a program that meets his or her unique needs.
The on-campus portion of the coursework must be completed on Ball State’s main campus in Muncie, Indiana. All students are required to complete a dissertation on a topic approved by their dissertation committee.
Students submit applications several months in advance and the admission board chooses a cohort group of students to begin their studies the next semester.
Courses are offered largely online, with the requirement of attending up to three weekend meetings per semester held on the UF campus in Gainesville, Florida. Students must submit their GRE scores as well as proof of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees before they are considered for entrance into the next Ed.D LEAD cohort.
All students must fulfill a minimum of 12 credit hours to meet the college-wide requirement for preparation in research methodology. All students must complete the credit hour minimum, complete a doctoral dissertation, and pass the Doctorate Qualifying Exam.
The Office of Online and Distance Education at the University of Nebraska offers students two excellent options to pursue a doctoral degree in educational leadership.
Both programs are designed to prepare students for advanced positions as faculty in education leadership and higher education or for positions that require knowledge of educational leadership or higher education and extensive research preparation. There are two unique doctoral programs in educational leadership currently offered by the University of Nebraska: Doctor of Education in Educational Studies with Specialization in Educational Leadership and Higher Education This fully online doctoral degree program was created to prepare students for advanced professional practice and to develop the leadership and analytical skills needed to tackle problems facing practitioners in P-20 education, higher education, community colleges, or other educational institutions. This degree program is a good fit for those who intend to pursue or continue a career as a practicing administrator in an education or education-related organization. The program also benefits practitioners working in P-20 educational settings, higher education, community colleges or other education-related organizations throughout the world. Whether you are someone who would like to shape the educational policies of the future or you see yourself as someone who could lead a school toward success, this degree can help you achieve those goals. A doctoral degree in this field prepares you for a number of employment opportunities, including: teacher, principal, provost, academic chair, superintendent or dean. With options ranging from a Doctor of Education to a Doctor of Philosophy in a number of specializations and concentrations, each student can choose a degree to best suit his or her individual academic and career goals.
Earning an online doctoral degree in educational leadership is a major step toward becoming a force for positive change in the field of education.Learn more about University of NebraskaAbout the AuthorAfter earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rutgers University and then a Master of Science in Clinical and Forensic Psychology from Drexel University, Kristen Fescoe began a career as a therapist at two prisons in Philadelphia.
After a few years in the field she accepted a teaching position at a local college where she currently teaches online psychology courses. Kristen began writing in college and still enjoys her work as a writer, editor, professor and mother.You are welcome to use the award badge from the article in your own promotions or publications.

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