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Professional Spanish TeachersOur Spanish teachers are all educated, professional teachers with many years of experience. Learn Spanish online in live, one-on-one classes taught by professional Spanish teachers in online virtual classrooms. Our online Spanish classes are based on interaction and communication, not memorization and repetition. All online Spanish classes are conducted in virtual classrooms, equipped with audio and video, a whiteboard, a chat box and a near infinite range of multimedia resources.
Once matriculated, all students are given credential that provides access to our online campus. Most students rotate Spanish teachers as they progress through the levels so that they can experience different accents, regionalisms and teaching styles; our teachers come from both Latin America and Spain. Our Online Spanish program is a perfect business solution for businesses who want employees to learn Spanish at the office. Learning Spanish online allows you to take classes wherever you have an Internet connection and whenever it is most convenient for you. Contact usA to schedule a free, no-obligation introductory class in one of our virtual classrooms, where I will introduce myself and our school, assess your level and give a sample class. Visit our Why page to learn m0re about our teaching methodology and how our online Spanish classes are conducted.
We use communicative and task-based activities to teach grammar and vocabulary without having to give boring lectures or mindlessly turn pages of a language textbook.

The online Spanish lessons utilize the world wide web as fun and compelling learning tools.A  All students are given passwords with which they can enter the online campus where they can enter their classroom, participate in group activities, view videos of past classes, read school news, and collect and submit assignments. A Once logged in, students enter a private area where they can enter a classroom if they have a scheduled class, view videos of past classes, submit and receive assignments, and participate in a range of group activities open to all students.
A They are professional teachers, not accountants or journalists, and they work together and teach as a team.A We are not an assortment of independent tutors, we are a language school with a cohesive program and established faculty.
The teachers meet regularly to discuss students’ progress, exchange material, and to continually train in our methodology in teaching online Spanish.
A We have students who take Spanish classes online from their office at lunch time and before and after work.
A You do not have to waste time driving to and from class locations, and you do not have to fit a set class schedule into your routine.
Online Spanish classes can be purchased below, however it is not necessary to purchase classes before scheduling a free introductory class.
A For more information about the online campus and classrooms, see How and WhatA (after you’ve read the rest of this page first). A We believe that private classes are an efficient way to learn Spanish fast, but learning collaboratively makes language learning richer and more motivational. We have a team of highly educated, credentialed and experienced professional teachers who work and teach together as a team. Tutors who are not trained, educated professional teachers can really only hold conversation sessions, which is why we only hire credentialed professionals.

A We can also put together small group Spanish classes online, so that workers from the same site or workers from anywhere in the world can participate in the same online Spanish class. A Students can take online Spanish classes while traveling, at work, from coffee shops, anywhere there is an internet connection or cellular signal. A This is why we encourage all students to take part in the forums, free group workshops, and conversation groups we offer within the online campus. Our hiring pool extends across the globe, so we are able to be extremely selective and hire only those who fit our high standards and who have great personalities and positive attitudes. All of our online Spanish lessons are prepared by the teachers and customized for every student, and is based around the Lima Linguas methodology and basic curriculum. A This way workers can learn Spanish online without having to leave their office, and can have class with colleagues they may have never met in far away locations. Lima Linguas Online Language School offers the community and vitality of a brick and mortar school, but the unique resources, the convenience, and the flexibility that only online Spanish courses can provide. A I work with every student to develop a unique lesson plan based on that students level, goals and learning style. A Other language schools make you fit into their online Spanish program, we fit our online Spanish program around you.

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