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There’s an old Indian saying that says you cannot understand a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins. It follows that one of the most important skills of effective leaders and sales people is that they adapt their style to that of the person they are trying to influence. Would you like to communicate more effectively with your supervisor, your customers, your colleagues, your kids and your spouse?
For example, let’s say you are communicating with a person who is dominant, which means he or she is ambitious, forceful, decisive, strong-willed, independent and goal-oriented. On the other hand, how would you vary your delivery if you were talking with a person who is more patient, predictable, reliable, steady, relaxed and modest? You will find that you have to be flexible and vary your communication style based on the person with whom you are interacting.
Individuals and organizations that have a higher understanding of behavioral science end up with more effective communication. The Award-Winning Book Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream provides a step by step planning process and tools to implement the fundamentals of strategy and talent into your organization. The creator of Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream, Steve inspires and educates business leaders on how to differentiate their business through the fundamentals of strategy & talent. Has your industry become so price-driven, it's becoming impossible to lead with anything else?
Policy updates – At times, every company needs to update its people on changes that affect everyone. Apps that distinguish urgent messaging from everyday information will serve this need especially well. Distributed workforce – Group messaging systems are gaining appeal among large companies with distributed workforces.

For this network of staffers out on the road daily, group messaging apps like Thinbox make perfect sense. Weather Sensitivity – The need to for weather preparedness is shared by sports leagues, event marketers, and companies with outdoor projects, and a great many other kinds of organizations. By categorizing messages into topics, Thinbox lets organization members know at a glance how important a message is and what the message is about, all the while resting assured that the message content is somehow valuable to them. Since users subscribe only to the topics that apply to them, they’re not getting useless messages, which keeps them engaged and communicating happier. Find out how Thinbox can help your improve organizational communication by finding the service plan that’s right for you. For some people, this is an innate skill and happens automatically and for others, they have to learn it.
Are they outgoing?  Reserved?  Detailed Oriented?   What is their pace?  Their body language?
Are you missing out on new customers because they don't see the very unique benefits you bring? Across the board, and with few exceptions, leading businesses have systems and strategies in place that ensure effective communication flows smoothly both up and down the organizational chart.
When a company-wide meeting is unfeasible, or when updates occur frequently, it makes sense to share information through a channel that you know your people are paying attention to, and one that will reach them no matter where they are, ergo, group messaging. They’re the simplest way to get critical information out to everyone in the company without spending man hours on phone trees. It is a proven fact that people hear more of the content when it is delivered in a way that they want to receive it. Here’s the good news: the more you practice identifying someone else’s style, the better you get at doing it.

Begin by asking “how?” questions to draw out his or her opinion, and make it a comfortable situation.
Communicating with style can be the first step in improving the relationships of those with whom you live and work. As you approach meetings and social functions, think of the people you are going to see and develop a mini communication plan in advance of the interaction. Have your products and services become little more than commodities in a crowded marketplace? Managers communicate tactical information to their direct reports, middle management keep entire departments abreast of progress toward company goals, and top-level executives have an important internal marketing task: to ensure collective alignment with the corporate mission and vision.
Email, telephone, and intranets are the legacy choices and are comfortable organizational standbys. The most effective way to interact with someone is to figure out how they want to be communicated to, not how you want to communicate to them.
Try to determine the other person’s behavioral style and how you can adjust to them in your interactions. However, companies from small businesses up through enterprises are exploring the value of group messaging systems for their workforces, especially in a world which is increasingly dependent on mobile technology. This is an important style to know how to effectively communicate with because it is often found in entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders.

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