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People hold back in asking questions because they fear that their questions will seem intrusive or suspicious. Perhaps we view questions this way because we’ve experienced, first hand, that being asked a question can lead to some discomfort.
It’s true that the person asking the questions has the upper hand and that perception of power may feel intimidating to others. After you’ve signaled your intent and opened up the conversation, be careful not to accidentally trigger alarms by asking vague questions.
So in addition to signaling your intent, you need to get clarity about what it is you’d like to know before you start firing away with questions.
The best way to get lots of information without asking lots of questions is to craft your questions as open-ended instead of closed-ended. If you want to open up conversations and get more information, don’t use the helper verbs at the start of your questions.
When you want to get a particularly detailed or thoughtful answer, use a command statement instead of a question. By asking well-crafted questions, thinking first about what you really want to know, and explaining your intent, you will be in command of the conversation AND the other person will be much more comfortable, too. Author of the DISCOVER Questions book series, Deb has worked as a sales productivity specialist and sales researcher since 2000. Eroca Gabriel posted on: April 3, 2013Inquiry is the paramount communication approach of the 21st century. CareerSidekick posted on: September 4, 2013These tips are very helpful for every-day business conversations.

Communication in classrooms is more complex and unpredictable than in many other situations. Then we’ll look at some tips and techniques for asking quality questions that yield good information.
As a result, they avoid asking questions altogether or they water down their questions so as not to seem too direct.
In movies, questions are used to entrap a suspect, indict a witness, interrogate a prisoner, bully a victim or otherwise attack someone. Job interviews and interpersonal conflicts seem to be comprised of others asking questions that you struggle to answer correctly.
It seems that a lot of people misunderstand that a question is a way of seeking information, not a personal attack. So in order to be effective in communication, we need to be thoughtful about how we ask questions.
These are those pesky little words that creep into our questions far more often than most people realize.
Instead, use one of these open-ended question words – who, what, where, when, why, how, which. Moore posted on: April 1, 2013Deb you made some great points throughout this article and the key is definitely preparation. I retweeted this on Twitter because I'm a recruiter and a lot of my followers are looking for tips on how to communicate and interview more effectively. As a teacher, understanding the unique features and functions of communication in the classroom is very important.

This will eliminate the feeling that they’ve been ambushed, minimize any defensive responses, and lead to a productive conversation.
If you ask open-ended questions, you invite more sharing and will get more complete responses. They dilute the power of good questions and signal that the person answering should be brief in the way they respond.
This free online course will help you to discover these functions, and how they impact on each individual in the classroom. You seldom see conversations with an exchange that includes questions that follow a natural course of genuine interest in others. But the defensive response you might get to this question will make it clear that the report writer heard it that way.
If you open with a question, the other party is likely to wonder where it came from and where this conversation is going.
When you put these words at the beginning of a question, that question can always be answered with a yes or no.
This online course will be of great interest to teachers who wish to improve their communication within the learning environment.

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