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The tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut will raise many questions about school safety and gun control.
As television viewers, we see the coverage, but most people don’t realize that such a crisis immediately brings 500 media outlets and approximately 2,500 people to your town and to your front door, all with questions they want you to answer now.
Such a fill-in-the-blank statement should acknowledge to the world and the media that the event has happened and that you are gathering more information which you will share within the second hour of your crisis. The second hour statement is a more detailed statement that fills in the blanks to many of the facts that were not given in your First Critical Statement. Please realize that the question should not be if you should have a Crisis Communications Plan, but how soon can you have one. Amid the heartbreak of every tragic shooting we always hear, “No one every thought it would happen here.” The “never happen here” attitude creates huge problems, leaving schools, businesses and communities unprepared – whether it is a tragic shooting at a school, a theater, a mall or your workplace. It is heart breaking to have to address these concerns during this holiday season, but such is the reality of our world today.
CommPro.Biz has asked global crisis communication expert Gerard Braud to offer a free conference call and conversation to guide us through the steps every school, community and business should be prepared to take when the unthinkable happens. Please share via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail with your child’s school leadership, with community leaders and with leaders in your organization.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Oreo do not rely upon mass media & the linear communications model stated by Schram 1955.
According to my observation, designers throughout the world pay much heed to their aesthetic communication skills and efficiently engage themselves in improving and refining this ability. Although effective communication is vital for salaried designers as well, however, being able to communicate effectively is extremely crucial for freelance designers as they often find themselves in situation where they have to directly deal with professionals like clients, vendors and fellow designers etc. I would also suggest to keep your personal contact information separate from the professional one. Your pattern of communication may include; the way you want to address the receiver, your response time, the response time you expect from the receiver and an alternative medium of communication etc.
One of the characteristics of professionalism is to put everything in writing as much as possible. Moreover, when you are particularly engaged in email communication with your client, one of the best practices is to document every step of communication in a thread of emails. Note: Try to keep all your communication regarding a certain topic or subject in one email thread.
As I have heavily focused on email communication throughout this post, here too I would like to point out the importance of ‘Netiquettes’.
Note: Take your time putting together a proper and well-written message and read it over several times before you hit ‘Send’. It is totally understandable that while working in a flow, designers tend to communicate in their typical industry jargon.
If in some case, your communication requires you to write certain design jargon, try to put its meaning in brackets beside it. Professional communication had always been fuss for creative fellows, and same goes for the designers.
I am a young, passionate individual with an enthusiastic attitude who thrives in creative environments.
There are a variety of reasons why the failure rate is so high, but a critical factor is often insufficient communication.
Due to the complex variables in the acquisition process (external market conditions, size of the companies involved, company profitability, leadership, redundancies, status of employee morale) every acquisition is unique.
Sandra can work with your leadership, legal, financial, IT, marketing, communications, and HR teams to ensure the required communications strategies and tactics are in place and executed effectively. Arizona did observe DST in 1967 under the Uniform Time Act because the state legislature did not enact an exemption statute that year.
If you are the leader of a school or company, or the designated spokesperson, examine whether you are prepared to flawlessly and effectively communicate amid chaos, trauma and grief. You have an obligation to speak to them within one hour of the onset of the crisis, regardless of how tragic and personal the event is. Denial means many will never take this step because they don’t believe they will fall victim to such a tragedy, although they may spend money for all sorts of security measures and text messaging systems. Furthermore, their comments should only be about the crime, crime scene and the investigation. That is why all communications decisions and all words that will be spoken should be determined on a clear sunny day.

Each team member is running their own team, be it emergency response and incident command or communications.
The plan must be written in chronological order so that in one hour or less you can successfully gather all of the facts known at that time, confer with fellow decision makers, then issue your first statement to the media and all other stakeholders.
This statement should be written on a clear sunny day, when you are not under emotional distress. During the Virginia Tech shooting, the university had a woefully inadequate Crisis Communications Plan, which is sadly still used by an enormous number of universities. As a communications vehicle, social media is a tool and it should never be substituted for talking to the media, talking to employees, posting to the web and communicating to stakeholders via e-mail.
Twice this year I was contacted by organizations that wanted to write their Crisis Communications Plan “within the next 6 months.” Both had shooting fatalities in the workplace before they “ever got around” to writing their plan. He has developed a unique workshop that allows multiple organizations to write and complete an entire Crisis Communications Plan in just 2 days, using his proprietary message writing system. They have moved furthertowards an interaction model, allowing 2 way communications with consumers through digital channels. On the other hand, when it comes to the point of professional communication, even the most expert of the designers cut a sorry figure and turn out to be bad communicators towards their business.
Therefore, for all my designer fellows who are deficient in effective professional communication, here are a few Effective Communication Tactics for Designers to help you deal with it better. For instance, if you are using email as a medium of communication, create a separate email address for business communication purposes. Similarly, for effective communication, set patterns or policies for your communication activities.
It is always good to prepare the receiver about your communication patterns beforehand in order to avoid any confusion.
Especially when it comes to designers who have a number of clients and many different tasks to deal with, writing everything down makes communication far easier and much more organized.
This will enable you to provide written references of their communication with you in case of any issue. This will enable you and your client to immediately catch up with the history of the conversation regarding that topic.
It doesn’t matter if your communication is verbal, written or electronic, it is important generally for every professional and particularly for a designer to mind his manners in communication. Netiquettes are the etiquettes of communication via email and comprise of a number of things to take care of while writing professional emails. These words are the basic etiquette of communication and are potentially influential on the sender’s image. It is not a problem when communicating with other professionals from the same industry, however, when it comes to communicating with your clients, it is suggested that you avoid the particular design jargon.
I hold a solid understanding of the design process and display a keen interest in emerging technologies and innovative products.
In March 1968, the DST exemption statute was enacted and the state of Arizona has not observed DST since 1967 (however, the large Navajo Indian Reservation, which extends from Arizona into two adjacent states, does). The Sandy Hook shooting will likely not raise any discussions about effective crisis communications, although it should. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine if you had a personal relationship with any of these victims. Your text messaging system may save lives on a college campus when you can warn students to take cover from an active shooter. For that reason, on a clear sunny day you should write the statements you will say to the media, parents, employees or any other stakeholders. Ignorance means they simply think that having a text messaging system, a public address system and a plan for a fire drill are enough.
Most Crisis Communications Plans state only vague policy and procedures without definitive timetables or job assignments.
Meeting in person is best, but you should never delay meeting because you are not all physically present. Your plan must be so perfect and thorough that no steps are left out, yet easy enough to execute that in the worse case scenario, it can be effectively executed even by an untrained communicator. Furthermore, when the first two students were killed, school officials were slow to communicate. During your drill you can test your skills, your Crisis Communications Plan and your pre-written statements all on the same day. One experienced a triple shooting with a double murder and suicide within 12 hours of calling me. The first refers to the type when a designer communicates with its audience via his designs.

No matter what design domain do you belong to, you cannot undermine the importance of effective communication at any stage. These mediums range from email, social media like Facebook and Twitter, phone calls and even a text message! Also, once you have set a pattern, make sure you let your receivers know about it as soon as you start the communication process.
Things like contact details, meeting time, date and place, pending payments and billings and even the client feedback, all these things are good to be preserved in writing. Always keep in consideration your client’s level of interpretation towards our work and make it a habit to communicate as simply as possible. With a little concentration and attention to the details any designer can conduct an effective communication and pave the way for progress and success. This is in large part due to energy conservation since the temperature in and around Phoenix and Tucson is hotter than any other large U.S. Now imagine trying to talk with parents or loved ones to break the bad news, then respond to hundreds of media calls, while dealing with your own personal grief.
But when those texts are going to parents, a text sent too soon will lead to panic with potentially thousands of parents attempting to reach the school. You must successfully use three types of sentences in such a pre-written statement, which would include 1) fill in the blank statements, 2) multiple choice statements, and 3) declarative statements that are true today and will still be true on the day of the crisis.  I’ve successfully used this system in every Crisis Communications Plan I’ve ever written.
Your job is to be the face and voice of comfort to those you know so well and with whom you share a bond and grief.
Most Crisis Communications Plans fail to have a bountiful addendum of pre-written statements and news releases.
To achieve this you must successfully use three types of sentences in such a pre-written statement, which would include 1) fill in the blank statements, 2) multiple choice statements, and 3) declarative statements that are true today and will still be true on the day of the crisis. YouTube should be your first social media option, followed by links on Facebook and Twitter to your primary website and your YouTube videos. Such is called the ‘aesthetic communication‘ and is carried out in a very subtle, indirect and artistic manner. However, in order to organize your communication habits, start by selecting one particular medium that is suitable for you and with whom you are communicating. However, any issue can be handled without losing your temper and that’s what constitutes effective communication.
But few if any schools or school systems will do anything to prepare for the day when they might have to communicate with parents and the media about a tragedy at their own school. By my standards, if I can identify 100 potential crisis scenarios, then on a clear sunny day, I can and will write 100 pre-written and pre-approved news release templates.
The university, meanwhile, had still not communicated the events and dangers from the initial event.
My experience and research shows that Twitter is especially problematic, because well meaning, yet ill informed people, will re-tweet old tweets as though the shooting is still under way, causing undue panic. However, the second type concerns the communication which a professional designer carries out while dealing with professional matters. Once you have selected a medium, you should stick to it throughout the process and don’t hop from one medium to another from time to time. An extra hour of sunlight while people are active would cause people to run their cooling systems longer, thereby using more energy. This message should then be shared simultaneously with all audiences, including communications to the media, e-mail, the web, social media, employee meetings and with all stakeholders.
The first statement gives only the most basic information and is void of many of the hard facts, which are usually not yet known in the first hour of a crisis. In addition to the sad deaths of 32 people, extensive fines and court damages have been levied against Virginia Tech for their failure to adequately issue communications that could have saved lives.
Once a shooting is over you must tweet an all clear message repeatedly for several hours, complete with links to your primary website where you must post the latest information.
This type of communication is termed as ‘professional communication‘ and is more direct, complex and verbal. The State Senate Majority leader at the time owned drive-in movie theaters and was nearly bankrupted by the practice.
Movies could not start until 10 PM at the height of summer and this is well past normal hours for most Arizona residents.

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