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The landscape of marketing to communicate with your customers has evolved specifically over the last decade.
Organizations continue to experiment with the design and execution of effective marketing communication.
Digital era (1981 to 2003) brought back benefits of one-to-one marketing through cost-effective options such as e-mail, search and e-commerce.
Patient Centricity – how should Pharma companies make it real by use of inter and trans-firewall analytics? Advent of social media enables C2C conversations and has tilted the balance in favor of the customer.
Over the last century, globalization and demassification have changed the landscape of marketing. Customers expect the marketers to deliver a unified and personalized customer experience in real time, regardless of the channel and time they choose to engage. C2C conversations are the emerging channel of communication, but not all marketers are leveraging it.

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Need for real time communication using technology has made the process of decision making more complex for marketers. Then came the industrial revolution and with it, the transportation boom and an opportunity to cover a much larger customer base. The tech-savvy customers, today, prefer to interact with fellow customers and businesses through various channels before making purchase decisions. Looking at the evolution of marketing, the time taken for a new channel to reach its peak has drastically reduced from decades to just years and now months. Print media was extensively used to market to a larger customer base, especially in the case of mass manufacturing.
Let’s consider the case of Coca-Cola a global leader in the beverage industry, to prove the point.

But not many organizations understand that the design and execution is incomplete without the voice of the customer. It’s high time that marketers start to evaluate where they stand today and what steps need to be taken to stay relevant in the future if they were to acquire new customers and retain valuable ones.
They share experiences – good and bad - through social media, accessible to existing customers and prospects alike. We believe that a big part of this was achieved by co-creating share-worthy and authentic content, with interesting and compelling stories so that the fans effectively become part of their marketing.
Due to this paradigm change, the age old marketing funnel is evolving into a customer hourglass. It is recommended for marketers to instill this sense of belonging and ownership on their customer’s mind.

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