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Leadership is always linked to the spirit of change, harmony between the leader and followers to get rid of the impasse and to make success on the ground. Being a leader doesn't mean you're perfect in management or issuing decisions.A better leader is a good learner at the some time.
To write my essay discussing qualities of a good leader, I would first like to specify what the term “leadership” means. As a leader, you must update your team on business strategy and results, Talk about key goals and plans, Listen to your team's concerns..
Do you want ask yourself as a leader what last time when you take a coaching in leadership ? Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.

A leader should be able to convince others by his words so that he can make a good business. What do you think are some abilities and skills that  people need to be identified as effective leaders ? The third key communication skill necessary that all ignored is listening .Great leaders prepare to listen to others in any situations. These leaders and other inspiring leaders have a sense of the creative picture  and how their part fits it. They motivate  others to see their contribution to the bigger picture " the future of business ". The first and foremost quality to be a good leader is, one should be able to manage the resources so that there is a fruitful outcome.

Remember that your followers  want to find a sense of purpose in their work and value of their sacrifices. The reward comes when you give with your heart, when you are of service others at any time, when you offer to be there always to help you gain their trust.
Leaders must have a keen sense to understand that his team members are happy and satisfied.

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