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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The most successful leaders realize that the Evangelists are their primary customer, and they realize that they are responsible for empowering their Evangelists to fight for their organization.
Effective leaders inspire their employees to become Evangelists. Effective leadership without inspiration is like breathing without air.
Now, creating cultural systems that inspire your employees to become passionate Evangelists is a topic for another post of its own (actually more like a book). When you concentrate on helping your Evangelists grow and managing that culture I just mentioned, you’ll find that your Evangelists are so much more motivated to excel at their job. You should never offer a position to someone who you aren’t 100% committed to supporting.
When you care for your Evangelists it shows in the experience your customers receive (and ultimately in your profits). Path-goal theory is how a leader motivates the followers to achieve a goal (Northouse, 2013). The trait approach and the skills approach are both important pieces of the leadership process.
I think that for leaders to be successful they have to understand both the followers and the situation, meaning leaders must be able to identify what response the situation invokes in themselves and their followers. I think that leader-centric leadership approaches are a good start and combined with other theories leader-centric approaches are very effective. So how do you make your employees SO happy that they want to give the best customer service?
Where it may not be the ideal situation for everyone and every company is different in their styles and beliefs, for Wegmans, this style of supporting and motivating their employees works for them.
I think this video pretty much sums up everything from both an employee perspective and a customer perspective. Note: This year Wegmans is ranked as the 4th best place to work according to the Fortune 500 Magazine. They are magnetically drawn to the most successful leaders, or they are created by successful leaders. Let’s take a look at a typical small company (this will of course be oversimplified to get the point across).

When you embrace these changes – and go out of your way to show it – you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck out of your leadership.
Combined they show that many successful leaders start out with desired traits (trait approach) and that those traits can be developed and behaviors can be learned to make the leader more effective (skills approach) (Northouse, 2013).
Leaders who look to be effective in many situations must be prepared to identify the needs of their followers in a specific situation and adapt accordingly.
However, leader-centric approaches like the trait and skills theories can never and should never be the sole leadership theory applied in producing leaders. First of all, during the second phase of the interview process, your interview consists of finding out which department best fits your interests. Well, while I read the chapter on the Path-Goal Theory, the very first sentence made me think of my time at Wegmans. Their success in the mid-Atlantic speaks for itself as well as their reputation with Fortune 500. Effective leadership cannot exist without the consideration of the leader, the follower, and the situation. This is a key step because if the aim is to keep employees happy, then what better way than to match them up with a job that they are happy with?
Northouse (2013) notes that the path-goal theory is about leaders motivating their subordinates to accomplish a goal.
In addition, I know a lot of my coworkers from the store (and I am still friends with all of them) have many positive experiences to share as well. These two leader-centric approaches can only be a piece of a bigger puzzle because leaders are only a piece of the leadership process. As I nervously awaited to be given further instructions a woman with bright red hair and an attitude like no other approached me. The focus on employee motivation is thought to heighten employee performance and satisfaction (Northouse, 2013). A leader cannot be a leader without followers no matter what they have for skills and traits.
I followed her through the produce area…I followed her past the tremendous produce section, the deli and the butcher area. In the path-goal approach the leader determines his or her behavior depending on the characteristics of the follower and the characteristics of the task being performed (Northouse, 2013).

Again, the trait and skills approaches are missing a major factor in the leadership process–context. If only the leader’s traits and skills are taken into account two entire sections of the leadership process are ignored.
In the little coat room on the front end of the store each day we could find how many items per minute (IPMs) we rang up on our previous shift. For example in the path-goal leadership diagram below, taken from Northouse 2013, there would be no way for a leader to reach the level at which he or she can motivate subordinates to reach their goals and be productive without insight on the characteristics of the subordinate and of the task being performed.
We were rewarded for quick service as we were a very busy store and the faster you can move your customers through, the happier they are. Because of my positive experience with the company as an employee in addition to other people’s positive experiences (coworkers and customers), I think that the path-goal theory is my favorite thus far. There are some situations in which one person is the leader and there are some situations where a different person is the leader.
There were pens on the table and a stack of paperwork that I would no doubt have to sign throughout my very first shift as a Wegmans employee. The leaders of the Wegmans company provided a supportive leadership for their subordinates in which they went out of their way to make work a positive place for their employees (Northouse, 2013). It was in this room that I began to learn just why Wegmans has been on Fortune 500’s top companies to work for since 1998. I can tell you from first hand experience that this was the best place that I have ever worked because of their focus on the employees. It was hear that I learned that the company I was about to work for was determined to make their employees happy. I can also tell you that they have deserved all of the recognition that they’ve gotten from Fortune 500 Magazine. After all, isn’t the primary goal of a thriving business in customer service to make the customers happy first?
I can also tell you, after being a military spouse and moving around a bit, I have definitely noticed a different quality and standard in every other grocery store I have been in.

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