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Just say no… to the hand wringing, arm flinging, fly swatting, hand slicing (think Tony Blair) gestures.
So not only does the lovely use of gestures help the audience, it helps you as a speaker too! Here are Ginger’s eight ways to use gestures to create a serious impact when you speak.
A gesture you return to time and time again whenever your main message shows up in your speech.
Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is a popular speaker on confidence and inspiration, an award winning social entrepreneur, founder of Ginger Training & Coaching and author of “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” (Pearson).
Eye contact is when you look another person in the eyes as they look at your eyes.Eye contact is an important part of communicating when talking and listening to other people.
Palm cards are small pieces of cardboard on which you can write the key points of your speech. Constant hand flailing as you desperately try to make your point can totally distract your audience.
Now thatwe’ve seen some of the expert evidence, are you asking how you can improve your gestures as a speaker?
Clapping your hands or snapping your fingers at a key point in your speech can create a layer of drama and energy in your speech.

Open palm, held upwards, and then act as if you’re throwing a card to an audience member. Think of the most important bits of your message, the ones your really want your audience to remember, and find gestures that fit. As you give your speech, maintain eye contact with different sections of the audience to engage everyone.Some cultures consider maintaining eye contact is not appropriate when speaking to others. It allows the audience to follow your structure and remember what you said (also the rule of three).
Don’t overdo it however, slip it under the radar as to be an accent to your words not overpower them.
It allows the audience to involve themselves in your speech, mentally or even by answering questions. The greatest speakers can mould and shape the space around them to create amazing props for themselves. Look at them as little as possible so that you are able to maintain eye contact with your audience.Hold your palm cards in one hand so that you are also able to use gestures when appropriate. It gives the impression of you picking out a very specific point and handing it right over to those listening. If you’re telling a story about a tiny puppy, how hard is it to open your palm and refer to the cute little pooch sitting on the palm of your hand?

Hand gestures help us get our point across more than you think, AND they also help YOU think. Gesturing allows the audience to better understand what we’re trying to say, and we’re seen as friendlier and warmer than people who don’t talk with their hands. When I gesture down-left to the imaginary Rainbow Unicorn, that is where the Unicorn will be in the minds of the audience.
I can come back to them, move them around, and even play with my space putty Unicorn and Bunny whenever I like. It’s a great way to allow your audience to use their imagination and visualise your points.
It could be a starburst, closed fist to open hand, or holding your arms out to your sides in a magnanimous pose.

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