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There are times when a single, definitive, and passionate message needs to be delivered from the pulpit for those under my care. In this series of posts (yes, this is a series as well), I will present and review some of the series I have found most helpful in teaching and feeding the flock at Tanglewood.
This entry was posted in Featured Articles, Teaching & Study and tagged Bible lessons, Bible series, Preaching, Preaching Suggestions, Preaching Topics, Sermon Series, teaching Bible by Richard Cravy. Robert Hatfield is the pulpit minister for the North Charleston church of Christ in South Carolina, and is the director of The Light Network, a network of Christian podcasts designed to encourage your soul, enlighten your mind, and empower your faith. Having a deep personal interest in the land and culture of the Bible, I am always on the lookout for new resources useful for teaching in these areas. Each set is available in either VHS or DVD, and consists of six to ten 15-20 minute videos recorded live at significant archeological sites connected to the Scriptures.
Here is a link on YouTube showing a 2 minute segment from one of the videos with Ray Vander Laan emphasizing the race we run as Christians.
Visit the Follow the Rabbi website and sample some of the written and audio lessons available there. Adam, we have also used the Faith Lessons series in our small groups as well as in Sunday evening church services. Your college chemistry class or your corner bar is no longer the “in” place to search for a true love. And when you find your soul mate, that perfect match, you must be in for a happy ending with the wedding bells ringing, right? Paul says past research around online dating has focused on marital relationships and whether people who meet online stay married. 1) Online dating has been shown to provide individuals with too many options to choose from that leads to a lack of exclusivity where individuals find it difficult to be locked into one particular dating partner when they know that hundreds of other potential dating partners are available. 2) Relationships initiated online take more time to develop compared to relationships initiated offline.
3) Online daters have also shown to take more time to develop relationships purposefully in order to increase the level of trust with their partners, given some of the negative stigma associated with online dating. It seems that couples might not be walking down the aisle because they’re having so much fun dating multiple people in the online world. Walk with me for a moment – to about 30 years ago.  The setting is the 1980s sitcom Growing Pains and Mike Seaver’s teacher had found – after the conclusion of an exam – that Mike had written out answers to the test on the bottom of his sneaker. In pleading his case to his parents, Mike claimed while he admittedly planned to cheat on the test, he didn’t have to actually cheat.  In other words, during the process of writing out the answers on his sneaker, he had internalized the answers and could recall them from memory.

It’s not merely that those content marketers with a written strategy feel more successful – they also seem to have a better rhythm to publication – and a better handle on ROI. In the overall study, just 16% of respondents said they publish content on a daily basis – yet those with a documented strategy were about seven percentage points higher (23%). The bottom of a shoe may or may not be the best place to write down a content marketing strategy – but there appears to plenty of evidence to suggest it is worth writing down somewhere.
About Sword and the Script Media, LLCBased just outside Atlanta, Georgia, Sword and the Script Media, LLC is veteran-owned public relations agency immersed in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace. In today’s competitive economic climate, it is essential that organizations do more with less.
The design, delivery and facilitation of effective training, education, and awareness raising can deliver incredible results.
While not entirely followed, my general plan is to alternate a study from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and then a topical study.
Gradually I am posting the audio files of these lessons under the FREE RESOURCES section of this website; CDs with the MP3 files are also available for a small charge. I first purchased and showed many of the lessons during a summer Sunday evening series about 5 years ago where I preach.
I am confident you will appreciate the insight and increased knowledge Ray Vander Laan brings to the Bible’s background. This also leads to delayed commitment to the person with whom they ultimately choose to date and start a relationship. Eighty-six percent of online daters have reported being concerned about falsification of personal information and deceptive self-presentation of their dating partners. Online dating might not create lasting relationships but it does create situations where you can easily meet and date new people. You might consider asking your mom (or dad) for some tips on how people used to do it in the olden days.
It’s not necessarily that daily publication is the right content marketing answer but it does suggest rhythm is also characteristic of success.  I have found that rhythm tends to lead to higher quality content while also conditioning a community to expect that content.
About one-fifth of marketers overall reported success at measuring a returned, yet those with a documented strategy had much greater confidence – to the tune of 35%.
Writing down a strategy provides a road map you can follow and helps establish a more effective way to measure things.
Improving an employees performance and effectiveness is a key to achieving objectives, reducing risk and improving efficiency.

This is already true in our Bible classes where a study guide or Bible book provides weekly lessons for a quarter or more.
At least one series each year focuses specifically on Jesus – perhaps a gospel or his miracles or his teachings. Sets 3 & 4 cover the Gospels at sites like Caesarea Philippi, Jerusalem, Masada and the Sea of Galilee. The length of the videos allowed 10 to 15 minutes following each showing for more teaching and application. All the materials can be purchased on the Follow the Rabbi website, or at Christian Book Distributors at about 25% discount. If your true passions are badminton, milk shakes and car camping, then you can probably find someone with that profile — or something close.
This is because online daters know that they can easily look for other potential partners from the dating sites or SNS if the current relationship does not work out. Why get married when you can dive into a fun and exciting new relationship every couple months? I work Monday thru Friday at the Sunset International Bible Institute; I preach and shepherd at the Tanglewood Church of Christ every weekend.
So well received were the video lessons, that repeated requests have been made by various members to re-show the series. Finally, Sets 6 & 7 shift focus to what it meant to be a disciple in New Testament times.
Put on a little something that smells good, and head for your local coffee shop, watering hole, hey, even the library. The church can be led to see the cohesive nature of revelation and its grace and truth for us.
Say hello to your neighbors as you never know, the man (or woman) of your dreams might be living upstairs.
Oh, and don’t forget to brush your teeth because, well, things can move rather quickly when you meet someone offline.

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