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Learn more about how 4C services can aid your business or organization in cultivating a trusting and productive workplace. Hiring the right staff is a crucial step to create a business with a strong reputation and quality products and services.
Giving staff direct and meaningful feedback on their performance is necessary to maintain a high level of both internal and external customer service and competent task completion. 4C can assist in the interview process, creating and delivering questions designed to learn more about the applicanta€™s communication and interpersonal skills.

When performance reviews are effective employees can feel appreciated, focused and motivated. The disputants are rarely brought face to face in a setting that is structured for constructive communication and problem-solving. 4C can help you create a performance review process that encourages staff to give and receive feedback, and to improve.
Professional mediation, especially when used early in a conflict before parties are polarized, can repair and often strengthen strained relationships.

When valuable employees have access to objective and effective conflict management, they are more like to stay on the job and stay focused.

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