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Competence:Building Trust is a combination of spiritual gifts, values, attributes, knowledge and skills working together to provide the leader the ability to perform specific tasks. Well, despite having read the book and even watched some of his videos, I didn’t do anything with the knowledge and wisdom he was imparting to me. Until one day when I got an email offering me a free ticket to one of his live 4-day seminars in Santa Clara.
And that feeling of knowing that someone – this expert – cares, was truly transformational. All of this is to say that there is a vibe when you meet a coach or a trainer or a leader in person. But if we were in a room together, and we did those three things together, and you could ask questions, and I had a chance to elaborate – and we felt each other, and you saw and sensed that I really cared whether or not you did these things and got a job … don’t you think you’d progress faster on your job search?

Joshua WaldmanJoshua Waldman, author of Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies, is recognized as one of the nations top authorities in Social Media Career Advancement. His teaching will include Four things that work together to make lasting values in ministry are Calling, Character, Credibility and Competence. He’s the author of Life’s Golden Ticket and he tells the story of how he was in a car wreck and almost died. At first, I saw all the people dancing around and cheering and, I’ll admit, I totally rolled my eyes at them.
If you read articles you like in this career blog, research the author and find out where their next gig is.
If I write an article telling you to do three things to help your online reputation for your career, you may or may not do them.

But a part of me began to pick up on the fact that despite his fan-boys and fan-girls, he really genuinely cares. You might think they were all great ideas, and then read the next article, and then the next one, eventually forgetting my words.

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