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We live in a fast moving, hi-tech, digital world and many of our chosen schools offer the latest, highly dynamic and up to date learning methods.
As you would expect all the schools we feature allowA  you choose courses that enable you to achieve internationally recognised English language qualifications. Our Embassy CES school is in the centre of the city close to shops restaurants and accommodation. Located in the heart of the shopping and business districts, our Brisbane school is for students who like to be in the of thick of things.
Our Group programmes combine an English course + homestay or residential accommodation + afternoon cultural visits, half day excursions and full day trips. Please call or e-mail us with your request, specifying your age, the kind of course you would like to take, the date, duration and destination of your choice and we will reply with the most appropriate proposal for you! VIC Organization has a long-standing experience in offering a wide range of cultural programmes and destinations abroad. Grammar Club – бесплатные дополнительные занятия в помощь начинающим обучение.Подробнее -->Клуб общения без языковых барьеров! Speak-up Club - дискуссионный клуб для общения на иностранном языке и встреч с интересными людьми. Movie Nights – увлекательные походы в кинотеатр: просмотр фильмов на языке оригинала, обсуждения, дискуссии и не только. StreamONLine – интерактивный образовательный проект для пользователей ВКонтакте, Facebook и Twitter.Подробнее -->Английский на каникулах! This is to confirm that OISE Oxford (Oxford Intensive School of English) works regularly with Ms Natalia Baranova, Director of UniStudy Ltd. Kings had the pleasure of working with UniStudy for the last 4 years, and I have always been impressed with Natalia's professionalism and passion to provide the best opportunity for each and every their student. ATC have been working with UniStudy for the last 4 years and I am delighted to confirm that I have found them to be very professional and efficient in all our dealings with them. Everyday language, Expat-friendly links on communication, education, companies, government and entertainment in Germany. All of our chosen schools offer a Certificate of English and a Certificate of English for Beginners.
For example the excellent BEET school in Bournemouth and all our Embassy CES schools use interactive whiteboards in their classrooms.

Wonderful parks, many restaurants, great art galleries and theatres and a city centre location to learn English at our Embassy CES run school. From this central location there is easy access to transport, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.
The staff and I will work hard to ensure that you make the most of your stay, practising your English with students, teachers and local people, and visiting the beautiful sights of one of the oldest university towns in the world. Natalia is always acting in the interests of the student and never stops until she finds the most suitable program for the student.
They have been very successful in providing students for ATC and I look forward to a continuing and mutually successful relationship. Embassy in Port-au-Prince and enroll in the warden system (emergency alert network) to obtain updated information on travel and security in Haiti.
These courses give you immersion in the English language and allow you to progress in all the key areas.
Baranova due to her close attention to detail, the accurate advice she gives to students pre departure and her professionalism. I believe this is why our cooperation has brought such outstanding results - both Natalia and we here at Kings believe that all students are different, and good is not enough, that is why we are always trying to find the best possible pathway to fit the student's needs.
They also offer immediate in class access to all sorts of digital resources, internet, TV etc which enables the whole class to participate in every aspect of the lesson. Kings are very proud to say that one of our students from UniStudy, Angelina Gorbaseva, who started with Kings at On Campus Plus Program is now studying at the University of Southern California ranked 25th in the USA! This type of teaching encourages the students to be far more proactive, motivated and dynamic. Baranova shows true care about all of the students she has sent to OISE Oxford, many of whom have been her clients for a number of years. She also works hard to maintain close relationships with the school's Administrative and Education teams, ensuring that there is clear communication between the school and her client before, during and after their stay in Oxford. Baranova sets high goals for her students to succeed and OISE Oxford delivers intensive and personal bespoke courses to ensure that the students achieve their goals.

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