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This is an Employee Time Sheet Manager for Excel which should be useful for any¬† Human Resources, Project Managers or Small Business Owners to record, manage and monitor their employee’s presence in their company that apply a time duration as a reference to calculate their wages. This tool is created using Microsoft Excel to ease any people to use this software directly in their computer or laptop without a new installation or additional software, except Microsoft Excel itself. This feature will ease you calculating each employee working time by entering their start and end working time. In Individual Employee report, you will have features which will allow you to print and evaluate employee’s working hour based on your selected preferences. AboutxlmasterWe are bunch of people love to learn and create useful and easy to use Excel Templates for daily activities.
ClickTime Web Timesheet is designed to save you the time and energy you need to make the most out of your workday. Our time entry interface includes an option of a drop-down selection menu or a type-ahead selection menu, both designed to streamline the time entry process.
Manage time your way — our flexible customization model lets you work the way you want so you can save even more time for other important tasks. This feature is especially useful for businesses where accountability is emphasized, such as a consulting firm.
Enjoy the benefits of flexible Single Sign-On (SSO) built right into your web time tracking solution. Get the latest information from ClickTime on timesheet and expenses directly to your inbox. Send me an email, and I will see the possibility to custom the software based on your requests. There is features in this spreadsheet that will allow you to custom your working days and holidays where it will help you differentiate the working and non working days. You can easily do the same in Microsoft Excel program by using employee attendance tracking template. With our web-based timesheet app, you can enter time from any supported web browser through our clean and simple time entry interface.

Our intuitive and flexible interface is filled with easy-to-use features such as drop down and type-ahead menus to make entering time a breeze.
The drop down menu gives you the list of your previously defined tasks alphanumerically so you can quickly choose the right entry to enter time. ClickTime Web Timesheet boasts one of the most flexible timesheet models in the web timesheet software industry. Other kinds of firms will find this feature to be helpful in training employees and reviewing their work progress. By choosing our Day View time entry interface, a user who performs many different tasks daily can easily record detailed notes on each specific task.
As part of Microsoft Office suite, you can also easily summarize any information or move the report among other office suite program, for example copy and paste the record into Microsoft Power Point or Microsoft Word for reporting purposes. If you are creating timesheet per employee and calculating their working time manually, this tool should cut your job processing time.
This feature brings convenience to companies or divisions with a small list of tasks that all employees enter time to.
Although comments are optional by default, managers can easily make them mandatory through the company preferences page.
Our Week View time entry interface allows users who perform a couple of different tasks every week to quickly enter their time; they will love the simplicity! We've made it easy for you and your team to automatically record any meetings or other events scheduled in Google.
If you are not satisfied with whatever reasons, just drop me an email, and I will send your money back. The type-ahead feature automatically matches the task name you input to your tasks database and returns matching results. Time Tracking in GCal is the most effective way to ensure that employee hours are recorded quickly and accurately. Start using the lite version to evaluate this spreadsheet where you can objectively assess how this tool can ease your tasks.

As you enter text, type-ahead selection filters your company's task list so you can choose from a shorter list after typing just a few letters and then swiftly enter your time. These and other customizable options make our timesheet application personalized to you and your company. This optional feature can increase accountability and improve your firm’s time management considerably. This tool is a very good alternative tool to other stand-alone software which is offered in more expensive price with limited function. This significantly decreases any learning curve associated with moving to a new timekeeping method by providing familiar time entry options, and will save you valuable time from day one! Unique to this system is the capability to directly interface with the customers existing database in real-time. This version is worked with Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 and it is created without macro which reduce incompatibility issues between Microsoft Windows and Office version.
It is worked also under Microsoft Excel 2011 and Mac environment, but you’d better test it first to make sure it is working well. The Lobby Track Employee Attendance Software Advantage Verification Images and other visitor information is displayed at check-in with Lobby Track Employee Attendance Software. Instructions are provided to the attendant regarding the course of action to be taken, should an alert occur. Logs can be printed or exported and are easily accessible by other internal systems such as the payroll system. Employee, Visitor and Equipment TrackingTrack employees, visitors and equipment entering and exiting a facility.

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