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Eighteen individuals are enrolled in the first paramedic program Upstate has offered in several years.
Backed by the resources of Upstate, the paramedic program enables students to work alongside leading faculty in the field, as well as train in Upstatea€™s advanced Emergency Medicine Simulation Technology and Training Center, a dedicated human-patient simulation lab for emergency medicine with hospital and pre-hospital environments. A highlight of the course is the opportunity it provides trainees to experience life-safety situations in a variety of settings, from the rural countryside to urban environments. Recently, the class visited the Syracuse Fire Department training academy at 312 State Fair Blvd. Sandbrook said the Syracuse Fire Department is a key partner in the Upstate programa€™s success.
Syracuse Fire Chief Mark McLees said his department is pleased to be involved with training the paramedic students at Upstate.
Central New York boasts more than 35 agencies certified by the state health department to provide paramedic-level care. An intensive 15-month program is training Central New Yorkers for critical life-safety positions. The study could make cancer history and help researchers better understand the lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors that cause or prevent cancer. The Syracuse-Medical Legal Partnership sees rising need of service for people coping with a faltering economy.
Upstate Online is published by the office of Public and Media Relations at Upstate Medical University.
As a member of the Physician Response Team, the fellows will have the opportunity to interact with multiple Fire and EMS agencies during MCIs and other challenging calls. Participation in EMS Medical Direction (CQI, education, field response, administrative and medical oversight) of Rural Metro Medical Services. Participation in National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) Medical Directors Course and Practicum and Annual Meeting. Participation with Communication Center operations, training and quality oversight activities.
Participation with the administrative functions of the SUNY Upstate University Police Physician Response Team. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our program and to discuss SUNY Upstate Emergency Medicine and life in Central New York.
Brian Kloss, DO, JD poses in front of the Onondaga County Sheriff's Air Medical Helicopter during his EMS rotation. Locally, many of our physicians serve as medical directors for local EMS and Fire services. Our outreach efforts extend overseas with our medical personnel exchange of physicians and nurses and training programs with China. Education and Administration Building (EAB)The New York State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) is a multi-discipline complex operated by the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES). Rosterfield Motel, Sherry Hotel and Tower, and McCarty Engineering These three scenario-based training venues are located within the EAB on the second floor and lower level. Field Operations Building (FOB)The newest building at the SPTC is the FOB, which sits near the center of the complex. Emergency Vehicle Operations Track (EVOT) Approximately 3 ? miles of decommissioned runways and taxiways have been specially re-surfaced, striped, marked and prepared to support emergency vehicle operations training for use by all disciplines.
The EVOT is used for general emergency vehicle defensive driving, law enforcement pursuit driving, pursuit intervention technique (PIT) training, and various other specialized emergency vehicle-related training for law enforcement, fire service, EMS, and others.
The Campgrounds and Boom TownThe Campgrounds: Located within The Woods, this venue is an extremely flexible setting, with the potential for up to 3 campsites to be set up in several configurations (depending upon training needs).

Boom Town: Located within The Woods and a safe distance from The Campgrounds, is Boom Town.
The VillageThe Village is a training venue comprised of eight (8) 2-bedroom mobile homes designed as a post-disaster trailer park that has been devastated by an extraordinary weather event (tornado or hurricane) or explosive incident.
The Hide-awayThe Hide-away is a venue that is situated on a knoll on the northwestern edge of the SPTC. Open Field VenuesThe SPTC has a select variety of open field locations that can be used for various types of training. USAR SimulatorThe Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Simulator (often referred to as the rubble pile) is located on a hard-surfaced area. The EstatesThe Estates is a venue comprised of 8-10 two-bedroom mobile homes that are organized into a trailer park community. Building 3Building 3 is a large (>20,000 square feet) hangar space that affords an enclosed open area for training. Bob's HouseBob's House is a large maze style structure in Building 3, designed primarily as a shoot house for Simunitions® based weapons systems. You are invited to attend the upcoming Citizen Preparedness Corps Training taking place on March 21st at the Times Union Center.
Mira Krendel was one of seven researchers who received a total of more than $1.7 million from NephCure as part of the 2009 Scientific Research Grant Program. Roosevelt by local artist and Upstate Medical University employee Susan Keeter was unveiled Sept. Be sure to check out the HealthLink on Air, link, Upstate's new blogs What's Up at Upstate, and With Distinction, and our Twitter feed for more information about Upstate.
To submit news & calendar items or story ideas, contact the editor: Doretta Royer, Fourth Floor, 250 Harrison St. Susan Schreffler is the Medical Director of Prehospital Medicine at Duke University and a graduate of the SUNY Upstate EMS Medicine Fellowship. The program offers a full-spectrum curriculum with many unique international and operational components and has recently gained ACGME continued accreditation after hosting one of the first site visits in the country. The fellows will work directly with SUNY Upstate faculty to prepare for all types of prehospital scenarios, including training to provide important field surgical techniques.
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Residents have the opportunity to participate in aeromedical flights during their first year of residency.
In Onondaga and adjacent counties, we work hand-in-hand with local EMS organizations training Emergency Medical Personnel. Located at the former Oneida County Airport in Oriskany, New York, the SPTC affords the DHSES and other state, local, and federal agencies a complex of training venues that can be used for the entire training spectrum.
It is a short 2 ? miles from Exit 32 of the NYS Thruway and is within minutes of Griffiss International Airport. As the result of extensive renovations, this former terminal and air traffic control tower now houses administrative offices, classrooms, and several specialized training venues. The Rosterfield Motel and Sherry Hotel and Tower are outfitted to simulate motel rooms, hotel meeting rooms, a sales office, and tower suites. The FOB is used to support training in the many outdoor venues at the SPTC, but is especially designed for the Emergency Vehicle Operations training program. The track is actually a series of smaller training venues including serpentine precision driving courses, urban setting streets and roads, special driving skill development sections, and a high speed road course.

To support skid control training, the SPTC is in the process of acquiring skidcar systems that can be used on a variety of vehicle types.
A trail (passable by foot or ATV) leads to these venues from two different directions in The Woods.
Some of the trailers have been moved from their foundations, while others have been tossed and have landed in various types of angles and positions.
The trailers can be configured in a variety of ways depending upon the specific training needs. Cars, buses, and other types of props can be organized within Building 3 based on the specific training need. Bob's House is used mostly to train law enforcement officers on the basics of room clearing and tactical movements within a multi-room, multi-hallway setting. The event is free of charge, and everyone that attends receives a “Go Bag” filled with all sorts of preparedness items (photo below). 22 as part of a ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of President Franklin Roosevelt's laying of the cornerstone of what is now known as Weiskotten Hall. Frank Young, MD, PhD, will discuss opportunities for entrepreneurs in the biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare services industries. Our program offers a wide range of clinical, research, and administrative opportunities and includes both ground and air medical transport training with a variety of different agencies. From classroom lectures and discussions to skill development lanes and high performance scenario-based training, the SPTC offers unique opportunities for dynamic emergency first responder training. These venues are great facilities for room clearing demonstrations during active shooter trainings, and triage and treatment areas during EMS trainings. Special observation towers, weather shelters, and related structures are situated around the track for instructor and student use. These systems will allow instructors to place vehicles in predetermined spins, skids, and turns to allow student training in an environment that is safe for the student, instructor and vehicle. The Campgrounds is used in all weather conditions, ranging from the upstate New York winter cold and snow to the spring, summer and fall rains and every weather element in between. Vehicles have been carefully positioned in various postures that emergency responders may encounter such as overturned or wedged into or under trailers.
The Simulator provides rubble, tunnels, voids, and various other types of configurations including a 3-story vertical space. The venue is also used extensively to train EMS personnel in various high performance skill development lanes.
Five of our faculty members have completed EMS Fellowship training (at four different programs) and are committed to providing a robust didactic experience. The area gives students a realistic training environment with long corridors, stairwells, and a restaurant and bar area, Patty's Bar and Grill. The trailers can be powered by generators and are useful for depicting extremist, terrorist, or other clandestine settings for law enforcement, EMS, explosives, or drug interdiction training.
Schreffler’s CQI and educational projects still have a positive impact on the CNY EMS system to this day. The faculty have varied areas of focus allowing the fellows to explore different facets of out-of-hospital care.
Our fellow participates in the EMS Medicine Live national webinar series and is featured as a presenter.

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