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I guess I ultimately have The Mayans to thank for helping remind me how much life is preciously fragile. Having battled cancer and having a son with a life threatening rare chronic illness, allows me the luxury of embracing every new day.
These images and videos are found in various and very cheerful websites all over the net during a boring working day and made us happy. There is absolutely no proof that there is anything good (Heaven?) or bad (Hell?) at the end of the tunnel.
Anne, although I do not fully agree with everything, I thank you very much for your response. The metaphor i intended was that the tunnel represents the dark moments of our lives dealing with trajedies and major setbacks. Michael Josephson is a noted radio commentator and the founder of the nonprofit Josephson Institute of Ethics and CHARACTER COUNTS!.
Resuscitation medicine grew out of the mid-twentieth century discovery of CPR, the medical procedure by which hearts that have stopped beating are revived. Parnia discusses his work in the new book¬†Erasing Death: The Science That Is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death. If someone dies of a heart attack, for example, and it can be fixed, then in principle we can protect the brain, make sure it doesn’t experience permanent cellular death, and re-start the heart. Wired: Are you talking about bringing people to life days or weeks or even years after they’ve died?
When I looked at the cardiac arrest literature, it became clear that it’s after the heart stops and blood flow into the brain ceases.
Not just my study, but four others, all demonstrated the same thing: People have memories and recollections. Wired: One of the first after-death accounts in your book involves Joe Tiralosi, who was resuscitated 40 minutes after his heart stopped. When Tiralosi woke up, he told nurses that he had a profound experience and wanted to talk about it. The point that goes against the experiences happening afterwards, or before the brain shut down, is that many people describe very specific details of what happened to them during cardiac arrest.
Wired: Couldn’t the experiences just reflect some extremely subtle type of brain activity?
These observations raise a question about our current concept of how brain and mind interact.
There may be something in the brain we haven’t discovered that accounts for consciousness, or it may be that consciousness is a separate entity from the brain. Parnia: Throughout history, we try to explain things the best we can with the tools of science. Scientists have come to believe that the self is brain cell processes, but there’s never been an experiment to show how cells in the brain could possibly lead to human thought. It could be that, like electromagnetism, the human psyche and consciousness are a very subtle type of force that interacts with the brain, but are not necessarily produced by the brain. Parnia: All the evidence we have shows an association between certain parts of the brain and certain mental processes.

On the question of consciousness, I’m interested in understanding the brain-based modulators of consciousness.
But also for the challenges, difficulties, and tests I’ve experienced, and will inevitably yet experience. If we violate any copyrights please let us know on cheers at zupampa dot com and we'll make them disappear from our site! The notion wasn’t intended to mean the light was the end of your life or the afterlife but the great bulk of your life. Subscribers and regular visitors to this blog will find written and audio versions of radio commentaries, plus printable posters, observations and videos. Your responses will form the basis of a report to be published soon by Josephson Institute. In other words, he helps bring people back from the dead — and some return with stories.
Originally effective for a few minutes after cardiac arrest, advances in CPR have pushed that time to a half-hour or more. At the same time, experiences reported by resuscitated people sometimes defy what’s thought to be possible. Parnia, leader of the Human Consciousness Project’s AWARE study, which documents after-death experiences in 25 hospitals across North America and Europe, is studying the phenomenon scientifically. If doctors can learn to manipulate processes going on in cells, and slow down the rate at which cells die, we could go back and fix the problem that caused a person to die, then re-start the heart and bring them back. If someone dies of cancer, though, and that particular cancer is untreatable, then it’s futile. I found that 10 percent of patients who survived cardiac arrests report these incredible accounts of seeing things. There’s no blood flow into the brain, no activity, about 10 seconds after the heart stops. Combined with anecdotal reports from all over the world, from people who see things accurately and remember them, it suggests this needs to be studied in more detail.
We’d been working with the emergency room to make sure they knew the importance of starting to cool people down. Different cultures see the same thing, but their interpretation depends on what they believe. Maybe people misremember thoughts from just before death, or just after regaining consciousness. Do these memories occur when a person is truly flatlined and had no brain activity, as science suggests?
They describe conversations people had, clothes people wore, events that went on 10 or 20 minutes into resuscitation.
Or it could indicate that human consciousness, the psyche, the soul, the self, continued to function.
Or experiments in which scientists can tell what someone is seeing, or what they’re dreaming, by looking at brain activity? But it’s a chicken and egg question: Does cellular activity produce the mind, or does the mind produce cellular activity?

I mean, if this were my last day on earth, I should probably say something deep and profound. Not just for the things I can feel and see, but even for the things unbeknownst to me, yet I recognize are still there. It is by way of the hard times that makes me stronger, and allows me to feel even greater appreciation for all that I have, all that I am, and all that I may become. Finding it hard to find my way back, but I have to be honest and say, you have inspired me.
I meant this more as an encouragement for people going through tough times.but I enjoyed and learned from the dialogue.
Their tales could help save lives, and even challenge traditional scientific ideas about the nature of consciousness.
They claim to have seen and heard things, though activity in their brains appears to have stopped. Until fifty years ago, when CPR was developed, when you reached this point, you couldn’t come back. In a sense, death could become reversible for conditions for which treatments become available. He told me that he felt incredibly peaceful, and saw this perfect being, full of love and compassion. That may no longer be correct, because we can demonstrate that those processes don’t go on after death.
Just because something is inexplicable with our current science doesn’t make it superstitious or wrong.
If you accept that theory, there should be no reports of people hearing or seeing things after activity in their brain has stopped.
To hold my wife and two little girls just a little bit closer today, and thank God for them and giving me this opportunity at life.
When people discovered electromagnetism, forces that couldn’t then be seen or measured, a lot of scientists made fun of it. If people can have consciousness, maybe that raises the possibility that our theories are premature. And I figure if I’m spending all this time overseeing some drastic changes on my website, and learning how best to keep in touch with all of you better, it would be a shame to let it all go to waste by not even POSTING something before our time was up here.
We know now that when you become a corpse, when the doctor declares you dead, there’s still a possibility, from a biological and medical perspective, of death being reversed.
The mere fact that my heart continues to beat on its own.¬†How I was granted my time on earth right now, with so many amenities of ease and comfort. By doing CPR and cooling him down, the doctors managed to fix him and ensure that he didn’t have brain damage.

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