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I think I'd call it The Happy Beginning -- or maybe that would be the table of contents. No, I counted the number on one page and multiplied by the number of pages, so it's approximate. To celebrate the release of The End of Your Life Book Club in paperback, the book club has gathered once more to read Howards End by E.M. In anticipation of the release of Will Schwalbe’s The End of Your Life Book Club on October 11, we launched our very own Two Roads Book Club, choosing our reading selections from some of the many books Will and his mother loved. In the sixth meeting of our Two Roads Book Club, not only did we have a book that had been on many of our ‘to read’ piles for years, but we FINALLY had the inspiration behind our book club, Will Schwalbe, in the room with us. This is a novel that didn’t exactly have me guessing, but it was fun to see how the plot would eventually play out. This was a special book club, in that it was a discussion between Two Roads Publisher Lisa Highton and Will Schwalbe, author of The End of Your Life Book Club.
We've just acquired the rights to indie film-maker Whit Stillman's novel of Jane Austen's novella LADY SUSAN, a singular Austen heroine and the most accomplished flirt in England.

In November we'll be publishing the biography of Dalton Trumbo, screenwriter of such classics as Roman Holiday, Exodus and Spartacus. And I feel that particularly keenly with this book, because Mom and I read it and fell in love with it for the first time together. And others where we weren’t entirely board until the end – On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan was such a book. Read about our discussion (and overall Royal celebration) here, and let us know what you think.
She wanted to talk about her friends and about the Afghan library and about the grandchildren and about real estate and about the books we were reading and about music and movies and the traffic and funny stories and old times and about my business and – the list was huge.
In fact, play seems to be the operative word, because there’s a great deal of acting and pretending in the novel, along with lying and covering up.
Both Lisa and Will  published The Last Lecture in the UK and US, respectively, so their discussion sat in a unique context. Whit Stillman's film of this witty comedy of manners starring Kate Beckinsale, Stephen Fry and Chloe Sevigny, will release in mid-2016.

An enthusiastic young clerk told me how much she had enjoyed it, could hardly stop talking about it.
For example, we're told that the prayers of a heathen are even more effective than the prayers of true believers.
What better monument to his mother whose life closed with a huge effort to build libraries in Afghanistan. This is one of those books Mom and I kept coming back to in our discussions, again and again.
If it affects you as it affected us, I suspect the same will be true for you — that your conversations about this book go beyond the hours and bounds of your club. He was the 19c Brighton preacher who enjoyed preaching to the English working class about Wordsworth's poetry.

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