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MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. If you don’t express the passion inside you – the ideas and deeds that make you feel alive – you will die one moment at a time without ever having lived.
Remember, you are never too old, too young, too busy, or too educated to find value and joy in new, unexpected opportunities.  So stay on the lookout, because with each step down the road of life you take, a fresh supply arrives. How far should you go in the name of true love?  Until you can’t physically take another breath.  Read The Mastery of Love. Interesting, this is actually the third article I’ve read today that deals with the questions about nearing death. I feel I’ve got points 1-5 down pretty well, but that thought may change in the future.
You have the positivity in your genes and it is quite evident from the fact that your grandmother had thought about these things a few years back. Great article, I’m going to use this title and some of your thoughts for an up and coming speech. This post will help me write a letter to a friend who is nearing the end and very consumed with guilt and anger over his life. Good questions and food for thought, but I think everyone might have slightly different questions to ask.
As for #7, I wrote my story, literally, and a person in my life badgered me until I was convinced it was worthless and I burned it all, all the years of writing the stories in my soul.

I visit your website every day simply because your beautiful words of wisdom never fail to inspire me. Really, these questions should be posed early in life so awareness can help us provide better answers when we get near the end. The best part is you have skilfully fitted maximum wisdom in each paragraph with words rightly chosen. It is a best practice to always remind ourself that today maybe is my last day try to do thing perfectly. Mike Swanson 18 October, 2013Recent80%Zipbuds Slide Review: is the Slide still as much of a novelty without the zip?
James Altucher, I think, proposed an interesting idea of figuring out if your life up to this point would be able to fill up 30 chapters of an autobiography.
I also often ask myself whether I’m tolerating things in my life that are unnecessary burdens, as well as what do I have to celebrate right now and what am I looking forward to. From that point, I can smile and set up new goals to keep focusing on what would bring me to an even higher level of happiness. That?s a little insight for my Friday morning – to realize that even if it is not our fault, we have to own the life circumstances we find ourselves in and once we do, we accept them and are not victimized.
When you’re on your deathbed, you can reflect on these questions and know you did your best and lived a full life.
Now I am writing several things, none of them are my story but all tell it by expressing my life’s learnings.

Thank you for inspiring everyone with this message and for giving up your time to write these amazing articles. Thank you for insisting that I am not dead after all and that any time is the right time to begin again.
But as long as we don?t take responsibility, we will continue to be stuck for as long as it takes to make that shift and accept.
In a palpable blackness where I fought for survival by myself, your posts have entered and are challenging the dross with the light of your compassion and wisdom. Verizon is in the process of phasing out some devices that many of you picked up over the years and might still be loving. Not that we are too surprised to see this, it is still sad, almost like losing a pet.The list outlines all colors of the Samsung Galaxy S III 32 GB variant, Motorola DROID 4, Motorola DROID RAZR (16GB, all colors) and HTC Rezound are all retired. Beyond Android, I love playing games on my PC, camping, hiking, fishing and just anything outdoors.

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