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Over the next two years, Will and Mary Anne discussed the books they were reading in conversations that strayed beyond the pages and into more personal territory. Although The End of Your Life Book Club inevitably ends in death, it’s a celebration of a life well lived. I found The End of Your Life Book Club to be a really enjoyable read about a man’s relationship with his mother, the beauty and importance of literature, and the value of discussing the important things with the ones you love. I won a free copy of The End of Your Life Book Club from the Devourer of Books giveaway in exchange for signing up to participate in the Nov.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Mary Anne Schwalbe dedicated her life to helping the oppressed and imperiled all around the world, from observing elections in the Balkans to hosting refugees for Thanksgiving dinner.

It appealed to me on many levels: my love of memoirs, my interest in travel and foreign countries (many of the books they read were about life in war-torn countries or written by refugees), and, of course, my love of books. I'm Leah, a mid-twenties Buffalonian with a penchant for offbeat literary fiction, outdoor adventures, and making as many Hamilton references as possible. Spending hours together at a time, their conversations drifted naturally toward one of their favorite topics: books.
In sharing their thoughts and insights, this son and mother grew to know each other better, and Will got to know Marry Anne in a new way.
Even during her final months, she worked as hard as she could to open a national library in Afghanistan. Of course it was very sad that Will’s mother was diagnosed with an incurable cancer, but I think the book focused more on the journey they took together through their reading and discussions than on the sadness of her impending death.

There are great passages about why reading is important, the love of books as physical objects, and the different types of serendipities in bookstores. She raised a family, traveled the world, and gave so much of herself to the causes she supported. I think this is kind of the point, that we are all going to die, but what matters in the end are the lessons we learned, the discussions we had, and the people we loved.
She lived a full live and made a difference in the lives of so many people, and this book is a lovely ode to the years she spent on this earth.

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