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Bombastic words can be used instead of too-simple vocabulary to underline your knowledge and status.
Spoken English in Indore is not a miraculous task nowadays, most degree holders and even street traders in Indore can speak basic phrases of English.
English-speaking conversation in Indore is fruitful for business and personal wealth today. English speaking performance, express your thoughts in spoken English in a different manner and make changes in people’s minds and attitudes. I’ve learnt English from the Espresso English since last November and gotten into the habit of doing it every morning. Espresso English has helped me so much that even some of my buddies were asking me if I got a new teacher for myself because we were having a tutorial class on English. During my exams I found it easy for me in English because of the help Espresso English has provided. Even the way I speak, communicate, use tenses in everyday use and so many things. Espresso English the best I have ever come in contact with so far!
I was looking for a website that teaching English with a specific approach, fewer lists of vocabulary words, and more whole sentences and appropriate phrases with collocations, and I found here everything I needed to improve faster and automatically. These courses have helped a lot in my development, my reading, my audition, understanding of another culture and also in my writing because I write down a lot. I have been studying your books quite carefully, and I must say that your spoken courses have helped me a lot.
You are a very good teacher and I want to send you all my best wishes and hope we can continue our teamwork!
When I started using some Espresso English e-books, at that time, I was not very comfortable with English and I preferred not to speak.
I am using  your lessons, courses and books almost every day for more than one year and they are helping me a lot of in my English-learning goal which is speaking English. Espresso has affected my English in many different ways – it linked me to the day to day English through phrasal verbs and idioms, I use the given information on a certain topic or a theme on my English broadcast at school, I also downloaded once your free grammar e-books, moreover I like your writing style. I don’t remember how exactly I came to know Espresso English, but I do remember how cordial and lovely my first experience with you was. I am very happy to learn a lot and improve my language knowledge with the help of your wonderful courses.
Your English audio lessons have had a valuable use for me, because I’m learning a lot with all of them. You have facilitated learning the language for us in such a creative, useful, simple and very beneficial way. The English Teacher at Espresso English, Shayna – the founder of this program, is very helpful and nice. I’ve been using challenging things like idioms on different topics to juice my lessons. Taking You Beyond Language TrainingYou will use a range of contemporary texts and listening materials around your specialist needs and interests so that you hear "Good" models of English in natural and realistic situations.

View CoursesIntensive Courses In HerefordDiscover the rich heritage Hereford has to offer whilst learning English in a relaxed informal manner using a blend of teaching techniques.
View CourseIntensive Courses in LondonDiscover the wonderful landmarks and culture London has to offer whilst learning English with Jacquie on a one-to-one basis. View CourseIntensive Courses OverseasThis course is 5 mornings (3 hours each morning) making 15 hours of one-to-one tuition. Your weaknesses and objectives are assessed through a needs analysis interview (Skype or telephone) and grammar test.  A course is designed which includes linguistic aims, cultural and professional interests and the results of testing. Read MoreSKYPE Sessions30-minute SKYPE sessions can be arranged to focus on specific aspects of grammar, pronunciation, interview and conversation skills. Read MoreOne Day CoursesThis is 4 hours of one-to-one tuition at a time and place to suit you. Read MoreVoice CoachingThis is a specialized one-to-one pronunciation clinic during which a thorough analysis is made with follow-up exercises in phonetics to improve voice projection and articulation. Privileged Access to Britain English is the international language and because of advances in technology, it has become a viral means of communication in our globalised world. On our intensive courses, you will be accompanied to plays, lectures, films and exhibitions of interest to you as well as be welcomed to informal gatheings in people’s homes.
Read MoreMethodologyYou will use a wide range of contemporary texts and listening materials around your specialist needs and interests so that you hear "good" models of English in natural and realistic situations.
It helps me to broaden the range of knowledge, especially in spoken English, which helps me become more confident. I think you have a natural gift to teach, a nice voice and the lessons’ content is very, very interesting, especially the videos, which have helped me a lot with my English studies. Shayna is amazing, the method she uses is perfect and for who wants to learn English there is no better course!
The most important thing for me is that you include the most important details in English grammar. They are clear, short and well to understand.  Espresso English helps me to improve my English, especially, by learning different expressions and use of words from the American daily conversations.
They are carefully created to cover diverse aspects of the language in an entertaining way, the lessons are full of interesting tips and teach the real language used every day, from the unique American perspective. I gained the extreme benefit and confidence in practicing the language especially in everyday spoken English and phrasal verb courses.
During this period I have widened my vocabulary to a great extent and have the best explanations of everything that is taught. Espresso English has helped me with the concise and clear grammar and usage information of English words and constructions. Throughout the course, you are guided in self-study techniques which increase confidence and enable you to become a more effective communicator.
Intensive tuition is followed by cultural and social activities in the afternoon or evening.

However, you may not only need to develop skills in the language itself but will also need to learn more about nuances, culture, history and way of life in UK.
Jacquie Solehas had 25 years of experience teaching in UK, Germany, Canada, Pakistan and the Middle East. So why speaking commonly and leaving the “mango people” impression instead of sounding professional, well-educated and smart? During the every working day I find a few minutes when I can regular learn and relax with your English.
Not only do you get a chance to improve your language skills, but you also get an insight into real-life English. It?s a pity I did not found her website before and I endorse it to everyone who wants to study in an effective course. I can listen to you and learn how to pronounce many different words and sentences in English correctly. I love reading, listening and practicing all the materials produced by Espresso English and I feel like got addicted to it.
Even though I have been living for years in the USA where English is an official language, I experience that Espresso English courses are very helpful for all people who need to learn English. Espresso English helps me with my vocabulary and my pronunciation Espresso English makes me desire learn more and more because to be honest I’m just starting to enjoy learn English now.
I only have tried your free lessons and examples and I must say that I found your work very good and helpful for people like us, I mean immigrants in Anglo-speaking countries who need to improve speaking, listening, writing and reading.
I have also recommended your site to my students so they can see different ways of studying some of the subjects dealt with in our classes. It helped me a lot to improve my word power and grammar knowledge – so I’m indebted to you!
Exclusive English will arrange for you to meet British people to gain a better insight into many aspects of everyday life.
Espresso English offers many different courses that cover wide ranges to meet all your needs for learning and practicing English. Thank you so much for your email lessons that you send often, it broadens the scope of my understanding of English. Astonishingly enough, she gave me inspiring tips that have helped me in learning and improving English language skills. The courses are offered at very good prices, good organization that helps you learn it easily.

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