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As some of you might know, one of the big initiatives the Spoken English Practice team is working on for 2015 is the launch of the Spoken English Practice center in China. With this in the background, today we wanted to chat with one of our Chinese students, Wei and learn more about the process of learning English living in China .
Question – What do you see as the biggest challenge for improving English speaking skills of Chinese students? Answer – I would say the biggest challenge is the lack of opportunities for us to practice with native English speakers.

Answer – The biggest thing I like about Spoken English Practice is that I speak 90% of the time during lessons.
This is both an exciting and challenging project given the amount of English learners in China and the potential for growth in the region overall. Wei has been a member of Spoken English Practice since January and is an electrical engineering student by day. I have found this approach much more effective and makes student confident to speak in English. From differences between American culture and Chinese culture to going to graduate school from cooking to gardening. But without the opportunity to speak in English often, we don’t have a way to put that in to practice.

If you are in an English speaking class in China, the teacher will be speaking most of the time and that is not helpful. I have taken English speaking classes in Shanghai and I have found their level to be more suitable for beginners.
I want to learn English so that I can speak with people from native countries without making mistakes.

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